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We Got This Covered is back with a new review of Teen Wolf’s recent episode “The Last Chimera” which aired January 5th on MTV;

One episode was reviewed.

Fans take a walk on the dark side in the second half of season 5, as Teen Wolf continues to push the envelope – one freakishly dangerous Chimera at a time. Relying on momentum as per usual, tonight’s premiere episode was only the beginning of a rough-and-tumble climb out of the current divided state that Scott (Tyler Posey) finds his pack in after being infiltrated by an enemy who sported a convincing smile and a few smooth lines. Season 5B will keep you on your toes as the writers lead you swiftly through the shift in power taking place as all the pieces of this bizarre supernatural puzzle start to fall clumsily into place.

Although this half of the season is undeniably tied to the first 10 episodes with an overarching storyline, MTV is more than justified in creating the distinction between the two parts. Whereas the initial episodes were all about tearing down the pack, the latter 10 episodes seem set to focus on recreating the bond that has been an essential part of Teen Wolf all along. As the season winds down, marked by the lack of high school dances remaining, the core characters are headed to the end of the road in more ways than one. The real question hanging in the air is who will survive until graduation day. With characters falling victim to new threats right and left, it seems that the only way to defeat the most recent antagonists, and to answer the beacon that is Beacon Hills, is the Musketeer approach – one for all, and all for one.

Teen Wolf has always boasted an impressive ensemble cast, but with the back half of season 5 primed and ready to go, that fact is more apparent than ever. The increasingly maturing performances have become a driving force behind the show. Coupled with witty dialogue and a winning shot list, they’ve served as the difference between Teen Wolf finding its own niche success and it becoming just another title in the oversaturated wasteland of teen dramas. Although the premiere (appropriately, given its dramatic heft) lacked any of the usual quirky one-liners from Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), which have become a staple in dissolving awkward scenes, their absence created its own sense of tension as Stiles sets the tone for an uneasy road to recovery for all the characters over the next nine weeks.

It’s no secret that creator Jeff Davis had originally intended to wrap Teen Wolf up in a five-season story arc. However, with season 6 already in the works, the exit of one or more core character is almost an inevitability. Despite Lydia (Holland Roden) hovering between catatonic and barely conscious so often lately, the most obvious suspect is O’Brien, who has received some much overdue notoriety with his recent film roles. Unfortunately, that means creating an exit scenario worthy of his character and with the added pressure of not letting throngs of loyal fans down. Stiles has been the backbone of the show since Teen Wolf premiered in 2011 – his claim to fame being his lack of supernatural abilities.

In order to smoothly transition to a post-Stiles reality, it seems that an on-screen audition of sorts is taking place over the remainder of this season. It’s hard not to notice the influx of younger cast members being paraded around these days – all of which could easily have more utility with the right storyline. It’s unlikely that Theo (Cody Christian) will make it past the season five finale, given his ties to evil and all that – yet there are plenty of other newcomers with potential to steal the spotlight.

And potential is really what this season boils down to. Teen Wolf has all the tools at its disposal to shock and awe, and tonight’s premiere was dressed to impress. The tone is more urgent, the look is a bit darker, and the characters are poised to come back strong. With the return of J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent giving Scott and his friends a much needed boost in morale, everything is finally falling into place for a resurrection of the True Alpha.


January 7, 2016

Here is the review of last night’s season finale of Teen Wolf “Smoke and Mirrors” by We Got This Covered

Teen Wolf started its season four finale off by flipping the script on the Scott (Tyler Posey) that we know and have become quite fond of over the last four seasons. Scott has always been a character who defied the odds, and even tonight when they were unevenly stacked against him, he came out swinging – literally.

Scott became the elusive True Alpha through sheer willpower (unlike the other Alphas that viewers have been introduced to over the years who bought their position of power with death, either intentional or accidental). Scott is always one of the most optimistic members of the cast, but he’s also historically the one with the largest target painted on his forehead (thus the highest amount to be paid out in the deadpool) – and was clearly number one on Kate’s (Jill Wagner) list when she laid all her chips on the table.

There’s something marginally tragic about Kate’s motivation for turning Scott into a berserker, and furthermore for pegging his own friends against him. For the most part, the writers have shied away from any mention of Alison (Crystal Reed) or her death this season. But, for a brief moment, viewers caught a glimpse of a more fragile version of Kate – one who simply avenging her niece. That’s not to say that she was justified by any means, or that anyone is going to show her mercy going forward, but Teen Wolf is definitely a series that believes in varying degrees of villains. We saw a lesser version last season with Miss Blake (Haley Webb), and we’ve seen the more extreme with Peter (Ian Bohen) on several occasions.

“Smoke & Mirrors” picked up the pace as it returned all the characters back to where it all started. In the season four premiere, most of the main characters traveled to Mexico to save Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), and they’re right back in the thick of it as Kate attempts to take Scott out in a particularly creative way. Although Peter’s master plan called for Scott to be out of the picture, he didn’t do much in the way of challenging him until after Scott managed to shed his berserker outerwear. And, even then, it was clear that Peter was no match for an Alpha.

His bravado aside, Peter’s a character who has always been blinded by his obsession with power. Even when the writers set him up to to exhibit positive traits, they almost always manage to destroy any chances of him being a good guy by implementing his own personal agenda on an endless loop. It’s always looming in the background and even though he’s a generally likeable character, despite being completely untrustworthy, he’s always going to be the evil uncle that the writers pull out to move the narrative forward.

This season hasn’t exactly been the kindest to Derek. He started off the season reliving his teenage existence (which probably isn’t something he would have done given the choice). Since then, he has regained his more mature look, but lost his supernatural powers. A gift that would probably have come in handy on this episode when he was facing a “mortal wound.” Luckily for him (and swarms of frantic fans), his natural abilities kicked in just before it was too late.

The same can be said for Kira (Arden Cho), who has teetered the line between useful and borderline weak all season long. On tonight’s episode, Kira found herself in what seemed like a no-win scenario as she became delusional after a losing battle with Scott the berserker. In this touching scene with her “mother” coaching her through the pain, Kira took a necessary step toward her kitsune inheritance, gaining the ability to heal rapidly from injuries. This is the first time since early on in season three that we’ve seen Kira exhibit any new skill, and it was refreshing to watch her take care of herself for a change.

I’d like to say that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) or Lydia (Holland Roden) did something exceptional to contribute to the group on this episode, but despite a brilliant effort, they really didn’t do much per se. However, they continue to be two characters that make the show worth watching. They both gave amazing performances throughout the season, and it’ll be most interesting I’m sure to see where their own stories lead next season.

Teen Wolf pulled out all the stops tonight, leaving fans with more of a happy ending than the writers have been gracious enough to dole out in recent memory. Yes, there were a couple of minor cliffhangers: (What’s going to happen to Peter? Will Malia (Shelley Hennig) find out who her mother really is? Will Argent (JR Bourne) catch up with Kate?) – but overall there was a feeling of finality. And, as a bonus, no major deaths.

Tell us, what did you think of this heart pounding finale to another suspenseful season of Teen Wolf? Sound off below!


September 9, 2014

Here is the weekly review by We Got This Covered of Teen Wolf’s 4×11: “A Promise to the Dead”;

Teen Wolf managed to squeeze a first date into the penultimate episode between run-ins with the berserkers, which added a little teen normalcy to the pending doom, but they had a little trouble making it through the evening at that pace.

Although Scott (Tyler Posey) and Kira (Arden Cho) skipped right past dinner and a movie (Star Wars, selected personally by Stiles), and opted for a more risque activity, their intimate evening is cut short when Kate (Jill Wagner) and her supernatural bodyguard crash the party. It looks like these two aren’t cut out for a “normal” relationship after all, and somehow that shouldn’t come as any real surprise to regular viewers of the show.

Peter’s (Ian Bohen) plan to take Scott out of the equation is almost a success story, until Kate decides to insert her own agenda in the master plan. Instead of taking him out in the loft, she decided that the death of a True Alpha deserves a little more pomp and circumstance. Season four started out in Mexico, and it looks like that’s exactly where it’s going to end: “We’re going to church.”

In the season premiere, Scott and his cohorts ventured south of the border to rescue Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) who had mysteriously disappeared during the previous season finale. When they finally found him in the basement of an old Mexican church that somehow withstood a massive earthquake, he had been transformed into a younger version of himself. Although that transformation was only temporary, the side effects attached seem to be more lingering – and possibly deadly.

Returning the characters back to this previous setting brings the narrative full circle, but also wraps up the season four storyline in a convenient bow. Whether Derek is going to succumb to Kate’s voodoo or defeat it, it only makes sense for it to be at the scene of the crime. This is also the location where fans were introduced the deadly force of the berserkers, Kate’s still mostly unexplained partners-in-crime.

Along with the change in scenery, you have to love the innate supernatural ability to heal at an unprecedented speed. It keeps the plot moving without those pesky, long-winded scenes where all the characters are bed ridden following each physical conflict (for the most part), and it allows for epic fight scenes that flow into equally dramatic follow-ups to exist. It also creates this wonderful contrast between the supernatural characters and there human counterparts. Kira may have been able to stumble about the pit o’ bones, but Argent (JR Bourne) had to muster up the last ounces of adrenaline in his system to get himself out of his life or death predicament.

It looks like everyone is heading to Mexico for round two, and not just the underage supernatural types. With the help of Lydia (Holland Roden) and Dr. Deaton, there is at least a basis for understanding what’s ahead of them. Deaton played a more active role than normal on this episode of Teen Wolf when he physically exerted himself in order to uncover background into what’s motivating the current string of threats against Beacon Hill’s supernatural entities.

As if the dead pool wasn’t enough, the more overt threat of Peter and Kate still remains – and it’s about to get more complicated. Peter has never been a man of particular honor, but asking his own daughter to kill his enemy for him in exchange for the identity of her biological mother, that’s an impressive new low, even for him. Especially after Kate has went to such dramatic lengths to dress Scott up as a berserker with the intent of having his own friends take him out.

It’s a troubled web of betrayal that Peter has weaved on this season of Teen Wolf, and there’s only one episode left for our main characters to unravel it before it’s too late. Judging by the lead up, Derek’s chances of surviving his return trip to Mexico aren’t as high as fans might hope – and neither are Scott’s.

Let us know if you think Scott and Derek are going to walk away from the season four finale of Teen Wolf, along with all your other theories, in the comments section below!


September 3, 2014

Here is the weekly review/recap of Teen Wolf’s 4×10: “Monstrous” by We Got This Covered

Teen Wolf finally revealed the identity of the benefactor on last week’s episode, but that didn’t signify the end of the excitement. Tonight’s episode, “Monstrous” started out with a fast paced game of hide and seek with two potential new victims of the deadpool and an onslaught of eager assassins, and kept the momentum going with forty-two minutes of heart-pounding excitement.

Kira (Arden Cho) returned to the screen this week, forging passed some of her weaker traits and saving the day her newly honed blade skills. It’s not that Kira is altogether a weak character, she just seems to embrace her awkward tendencies more often than not. It’s borderline adorable when it comes to her relationship with Scott (Tyler Posey), but it doesn’t extend further than that.

However, the most unorthodox, yet beautiful relationship we’ve seen on Teen Wolf as of late comes from lovebirds Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig). Fans have been waiting for nearly four season for Stiles to fall into something worth watching and here is your chance to embrace him in an all-new light. Malia may not have completely adjusted to life on two legs, but she has seemed to master what it means to care about someone else, even if she goes about it in some odd ways. And, Stiles is eager to reciprocate those new emotions. They also happen to make a pretty decent investigatory team, playing a key role in stopping everyone from becoming victims of the dwindling deadpool list.

Even before Allison’s death, Argent (JR Bourne) had become an asset to the supernaturals in Beacon Hills. His ability to see past the values that his father had instilled in him, along with his unique skill set makes him a powerful ally, even to a group of teenagers with their own impressive super human abilities. When it comes to an us vs. them situation, he’s definitely someone you want around, and not just him. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), with or without his werewolf traits, has the ability to rally the troops with his impressive former Alpha monologue tendencies, which we had the pleasure of experiencing in “Monstrous,” as well.

Lydia (Holland Roden) spends this episode in a familiar position, trying to uncover the truth. Interrogating Meredith (Maya Eshet) is a necessary evil, and unfortunately leads to an even more surprising revelation. On one hand, Meredith seems to be competent enough to enact the deadpool, but on the other hand, she’s clearly suffering from psychological trauma.

The real treat that fans got out of this episode of Teen Wolf was a look into the history between Meredith and Peter (Ian Bohen). Until now, the motivation behind the benefactor, thus Meredith, has been unknown. After watching the previous encounter between the two characters, it becomes a lot clearer what has taken place. Peter has essentially been funding his own mission of murder, and oddly enough, he doesn’t remember even thinking those thoughts. Or at least that’s the story he’s sticking to for the moment.

Peter is a complex character and it wouldn’t come as any big shock if he had masterminded the entire deadpool scenario. Granted, he does seem for the most part to have turned over a new leaf, we keep coming back to these points of contention with his character at the center. His alliance with Kate (Jill Wagner) only demonstrates more of his penchant for violence in an attempt to reclaim his former Alpha status.

It appears that the deadpool was just the first notch in Peter’s plan to take back what Scott took from him as season one wrapped up. Peter may have found his way back to the land of the living, but he’s never quite managed to find his sanity. And now, he has the help of Kate and some very impressive supernatural bodyguards to pave the way for his return to the top. Personally, I don’t think that Peter has a shot, but it’ll be interesting to see him try.

Does anyone else think that Lydia’s mom is going to freak out when she finds out about the wall at the lake house? Let us know what you think, and all your other Teen Wolf theories, in the comments section below!


August 26, 2014

Here is the recap of last night’s Teen Wolf “Perishable” (4×09) by We Got This Covered

Teen Wolf left off last week with a fairly large ‘what just happened’ moment. Lydia (Holland Roden) discovered that her grandmother was responsible for the code that the benefactor uses to communicate with the assassins, and it put a giant question mark over the entire situation. To make matters even more suspicious, Scott (Tyler Posey) realized that the person responsible for confirming the supernatural deaths in order for a pay out to happen must also be a banshee – thus working remotely. But, Teen Wolf completely blew our minds tonight when they revealed who the benefactor really was, and I have to say it, I didn’t see that one coming.

In “Perishable,” the deadpool situation gets a bit out of hand. Assassins are coming out of the woodwork for a chance at scoring the excessive paydays that come along with killing any one of the show’s main characters. It’s really startling the ease at which potential killers are finding out about the bounty on the supernaturals. The list seems to be trickling down to amateurs at this point. And, even more alarming, is the elaborate means that these people are going about their murder attempts.

The Mute and the orphans may have been more authentic career killers, but these new guys are pulling out all the stops. Burning Parrish (Ryan Kelley) alive in his own squad car? Disabling Scott, Malia (Shelley Hennig), and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) with trance music? The flair for the dramatic is a nice touch, but it also makes it that much more satisfying to watch when the good guys prevail in the end – which they almost always do.

The single greatest scene in “Perishable,” however, was watching Parrish go after the guy that tried, err, did, burn him alive. Luckily, for Parrish, his unknown supernatural powers protected him from any harm. It was a nice change to see this character portrayed with a little more aggression than we’ve seen in previous episodes. Parrish generally comes across as more docile, which isn’t necessarily a bad trait, but it also doesn’t benefit the storyline quite as much.

Once again, Kira (Arden Cho) was M.I.A. for the whole episode, which leads me to think that the writers are having some trouble pinning down exactly what her role on the show is going to be. She was explicitly brought in as part of the former storyline with Stiles and the Nogitsune, but has stuck around to fill the void in the cast after Allison’s (Crystal Reed) death as both another strong female character and as Scott’s love interest. Yet, she hasn’t really played a very active role in the events of this season and has come off a little as unintentionally neurotic. It would be nice to see her serve a more independent purpose and contribute on a more regular basis.

There’s also a general subplot this season regarding the financial troubles that both Scott and Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) families are experiencing. It’s refreshing to see an actual real world connection, since these are struggles that normal people have, but it’s a little too much of a coincidence since there’s so much money involved in the deadpool. One of the big questions at this point is exactly what Scott intends on doing with the money he recovered from the orphans. It seems reasonable that he would use it for something positive, even though returning it to Derek might be more of the “right” thing, but his mother and the sheriff could really benefit from some extra cash at the moment.

Teen Wolf has let the cat out of the bag. Meredith is the mysterious antagonist. But, it looks like Lydia’s grandmother may have played a role in her underlying motivation. How do you think this will play out in the next few episodes of Teen Wolf?

Let us know in the comments section below.


August 19, 2014

Here is the recap of Teen Wolf’s latest episode “Time Of Death” (4×08) by We Got This Covered;

Teen Wolf has created a general grey area when it comes to death. In “Time of Death,” fans watch for the second time as Scott (Tyler Posey) takes his turn advancing the narrative by faking his own. Last season, he was one of three characters who temporarily died to ascertain the location of the Nemeton in order to save innocent lives and take down the Darach. On tonight’s episode, the plan was more or less the same – draw out the benefactor and save all the local supernaturals who haven’t already been crossed off the deadpool list.

This episode had a lot of layers to it. Not only did viewers get to experience the present scenario, but they also got a peak into the lead-up, along with a few pressing peripheral plot points – Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) learning to adapt to a life without the benefit of his supernatural assets, Malia (Shelley Hennig) as she struggles to reconcile finding out that Peter (Ian Bohen) is her biological father, and Lydia (Holland Roden) discovering a family secret that may turn out to be a real game changer.

Most of the characters were tied up with the main event – luring out the benefactor. Scott doesn’t do much more than lay there really, but we get a little insight into his subconscious while he is dead (err, unconscious). Surprisingly, the only characters that are co-starring in his dreams were Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and The Mute. It was a little hard to tell what the underlying message of his thrice resetting experience was, but something tells me that Scott is going to have to embrace some of the finer points of being an Alpha to defeat whatever evil is looming over Beacon Hills this round.

Scott’s accomplices for this plan come with various degrees of approval, including both his mother and Kira’s (Arden Cho). Coming up with this idea seemed very much like something within the Teen Wolf wheelhouse. It isn’t the first time, and will doubtfully be the last time, that we see the characters put themselves in near death situations to either make a point or procure a certain response. In this case, even when viewers were led to believe that the plan had failed based on the lack of physical appearance by the benefactor, the potential sacrifice was able to move the story along in a big way, which also ties nicely into what Lydia discovered with a little help from her mother.

As far as Lydia knew, Meredith (Maya Eshet) was the only other banshee in Beacon Hills. Although it looks like she may have some company in Beacon Hills newest deputy, Jordan (Ryan Kelley), that isn’t something that the writers have really commented on yet, with the exception of his name being included in the deadpool list. On this episode of Teen Wolf, Lydia finds out some information that puts recent events into a different light. The possibility that her grandmother, who might still be alive unbeknownst to her family, may also be a banshee, and more suspenseful yet, the benefactor, changes everything.

Lydia played a huge role in unlocking the contents of the three deadpool lists, one of which included her name. If her grandmother is the one pulling the strings, which is still a very early and unrefined theory, it at least partially makes sense. However, the idea that the house is constructed with mountain ash conflicts with some of the existing Teen Wolf mythology. On several past occasions, mountain ash was used to keep werewolves out, yet in “The Benefactor,” we saw multiple supernaturals congregate within the lake house. It’s possible that there’s another reason to use mountain ash, specifically one that calls for sprinkling it across the lake, but viewers will have to wait for those new details to be fleshed out in a future episode.

Besides Lydia’s realization, Derek learning how to be a productive member of the team even with his werewolf powers dwindling down to non-existent doesn’t hurt matters. We’ve seen Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) contribute in his own way despite being lacking in the supernatural area, so it’s definitely not beyond Derek’s abilities. Plus, Derek has an underlying knowledge base that makes his invaluable. It also didn’t hurt to see him moving on after his unfortunate dating faux paz with Miss Blake (Haley Webb). Braeden may be a mercenary for hire, but she may be the most honest relationship (or, fling) Derek’s had since his teenage years.

That same sentiment may also apply to Peter and Malia’s mother. Even though Peter is a character who tends to work against the greater good whenever it strikes his fancy, there’s something intriguing about his interactions with his daughter. This episode was the first encounter they’ve had where both parties were aware of their status as father-daughter. Malia was understandably guarded whereas Peter seemed more at ease than normal. Who knows, maybe Malia is the one person that Peter would sacrifice his ego for – but that’s probably wishful thinking at best.

Teen Wolf offered up an exciting episode this week that moved everyone one step closer to finding out the truth behind the illusive benefactor. Let us know if you think the plan worked or if they’re just grasping at straws in the comment section below!


August 13, 2014

Here’s the recap of Teen Wolf’s 4×07: “Weaponized” by We Got This Covered;

Once again, Teen Wolf attempted to showcase some aspect of teenage normalcy, this time in the form of a standardized test. It isn’t the first time this season we’ve seen the writers revert back to average teen activity to anchor the story in reality. In the season four opener, the focus was on lacrosse. It took the show back to its basics and reminded viewers of where the characters started off. A few episodes back, we saw the core group head back to class after a considerable absence for personal reasons following the death of one of the main characters. Although that sentiment didn’t last long, it’s been an admirable attempt to establish some semblance of relatability within the narrative.

Two teenage boys in conflict over what to do with a gym bag full of cash reinforces this idea of normal teenage behavior. On one hand, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) mom could really use the financial assistance. But, that would also mean that Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Peter (Ian Bohen) wouldn’t be getting their money back. The benefactor has been funding his mission to eliminate supernaturals in Beacon Hills and the surrounding area with the Hales’ stolen money. Clearly, going from mystery millionaires to living without their previous resources presented a new challenge for both Derek and Peter. One more deserving than the other. Deciding whether to reinstate Derek’s inheritance without giving Peter any more of an unfair advantage than he already has in his quest to re-acquire his alpha status gives the boys one more thing to focus on.

Luckily for both Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), they have other more pressing issues to concern themselves with, like a weaponized virus threatening to kill all the supernaturals within the high school. It already took out most of the other pack of werewolves living in the area, and now Scott, Malia, and Kira are facing the same fate. Obviously none of them were at any real risk, but for a few moments it amped up the urgency of finding out who is behind all of this by creating a clear threat.

The only antagonists we’ve seen in person this season were assassins aiming to score big by crossing off names on the deadpool list, all of which acting as puppets for an unknown villain. The range of assassins has been a nice surprise this season. In “Weaponized,” the latest evil to try their hand at taking out the supernaturals tried a different tactic. Instead of picking them off one by one and increasing their risk of being discovered, they decided to take out as many supernaturals at once as possible. It’s really an inspired idea, if you think about it. Why take a bigger chance than necessary, especially if you can combine some of the highest paying names. This method is also more hands off. It relies on a different kind of solution, one involving brains not pure strength.

Lydia (Holland Roden) has proven to be moving further away from the group dynamic all season. In this episode she channels the recently deceased Meredith, the only other banshee we know about for sure at the moment, to direct her toward the cause of the outbreak which led her straight to the high school and confirmed for the sheriff what he already suspected.

The side effects of the weaponized virus weren’t just physical. Malia (Shelley Hennig) finding out about her parentage is a huge step for Teen Wolf. This opens the door for some outrageous new story arcs between Malia and her biological father, Peter. There’s been a continuous acknowledgment of Peter’s negative influence on everyone around him, and introducing him as a parent takes the show to a new level. Finding out this information was one thing, but watching it play out is another. I’d really like to see Peter interact with Malia as the truth begins to become public knowledge.

Do you think that Malia could be the one to reach Peter before he goes too far? Let us know what you thought about tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf in the comment section below!


August 6, 2014

Here’s the recap of Teen Wolf’s 4×06: “Orphaned” that aired last night. The recap is done by We Got This Covered

Teen Wolf made a big deal about Scott’s (Tyler Posey) relationship with his father in season three, but this season there hasn’t been much head way in that department. This episode turned its attention briefly back to that arena to show in what capacity his involvement in the family structure could benefit Scott’s current situation, or more aptly, his mother’s. It’s been a while since the difficulties associated with Melissa being a single mother, mostly on the financial front, have been included in the narrative, but it’s definitely a convenient excuse for Scott’s father to become a more involved member of the family.

Another convenient occurrence is Scott coming into a significant amount of cash. Talk about good timing. Garrett (Mason Dye) may have had a short run of it on Teen Wolf, but his legacy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His legacy being the enormous bag of cash he had stashed in his locker. Viewers already knew him and Violet (Samantha Logan) were cashing in on the deadpool hits, but since they’re no longer around to spend the riches, it seems only fitting that Scott should recycle it within his own household. Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) is trying desperately to hold it together, but she seems like she’s about to crack. As if finding out your son is a werewolf wasn’t hard enough, she’s been privy to a reality far beyond that over the last couple of seasons.

Discovering the orphans were the culprits for several of the recent murders only lent itself to more questions. It also led to another face off with Kate’s (Jill Wagner) groupies – the berserkers. The abnormally large and seemingly indestructible menace to society types have already proven they are not to be messed with when Scott encountered them in “117,” but just in case viewers had any qualms about that being a one-hit-wonder situation, let this episode serve as the ultimate reminder.

When Scott goes to intersect the transport carrying Violet, under duress, he comes face to face with them once again, and they make short work of everyone in the vicinity. Luckily, the only fatality is Garrett (and later on Violet), and Scott, his father, and the sheriff escape with treatable (albeit painful) ailments. Naturally this situation triggers Argent’s (JR Bourne) spidey-senses, and he shows up at the ready. We haven’t seen what the visit from the Calaveras hunters will do to his future plans, but he appears intent on ending Kate’s life if necessary – and helping his werewolf pals in the meantime.

There was always something that seemed off about the latest addition to the Beacon Hills Sheriff Department. Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) had a quizzical draw to Beacon Hills from the beginning, and now it looks like we know why. He’s some kind of supernatural being. From the looks of it, he was as surprised as viewers probably were (or maybe not, since all new arrivals to Teen Wolf seem to be inexplicably connected to the supernatural in some way or another).

Considering what we already know about the existing traits of various supernatural entities, it’s a good guess that he’s another banshee. Teen Wolf hasn’t offered up any tangible evidence to support this theory, but the writers also haven’t given away any clues to the contrary. If you think about it, banshee makes sense – and with the exit of Meredith, the cast is short one of those anyway. Parrish has found himself at several of the same crime scenes as Lydia (Holland Roden), at the same time. Yes, this could be a result of his profession, but it all seems too packaged to be a coincidence.

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Lydia are tasked with discovering the cipher which will unlock the final third of the deadpool list. Last week we saw them turn to another supernatural for assistance, but on tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf, Meredith – who is definitely one of the most unique character we’ve seen on the show – isn’t as willing to share. Apparently, she had as direct line to the benefactor, the mysterious season four antagonist. This may have come in handy later on in the story, but it turned out to be too much for her to handle in the meantime (R.I.P. Meredith).

Since obviously no one on Teen Wolf is restricted by a pesky thing like attending high school, Malia (Shelley Hennig) heads out with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) for her own adventure. This is the first time we’ve seen her play a significant role this season. Her unique way of thinking came in handy when they were searching for the other wolf pack, but unfortunately this search didn’t end the way they hoped. It seems that the deadpool is quickly dwindling as the resident supernaturals succumb to more than just assassins. Along with the victims of what looked like mass poisoning, Derek came across a familiar face. The same mercenary hired to find Kate, has found herself worse for wear, which has us wondering if this wasn’t a result of the benefactors involvement in Beacon Hills and instead may have been a message from the Calaveras clan.

Kira (Arden Cho) was noticeably absent from this episode of Teen Wolf, but she’s sure to pop back up soon. With Scott vowing to protect all the remaining supernaturals in town, and Derek possibly coming to the end of his tenure in Beacon Hills, the writers are going to have to manifest some wins soon. On the plus side, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) is coming into his own as a beta quite nicely.

We’re halfway through the season now – six down, six more episodes to go – let us know all your Teen Wolf theories about what you think is going to happen next in the comment section below!


July 29, 2014

Here is the weekly recap of Teen Wolf by We Got This Covered.com. This time they’re covering Teen Wolf’s 4×05: “I.E.D”.

Teen Wolf was firing on all cylinders on tonight’s episode, and it’s the best we’ve seen this season (maybe the entire series). The toned down look of the show that dominated the first few episodes took a back seat, and Teen Wolf made it very clear that Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) wasn’t the only thing that fans can brand as explosive. The natural reset that the show went through has opened up a realm of possibilities and the writers are taking full advantage of that by introducing us to a new, improved version of the show that we’ve already been captivated with.

Instead of focusing on recreating the wheel, the Teen Wolf writers are just adding to it. Last season fans had to wrap their minds around all the additional mythology that weaved its way through the story arc, but that’s not necessarily something pivotal to understanding what’s happening now. Although there has been the addition of new forms of supernatural creatures – the mute assassin, wendigo – the details aren’t the point of contention that they were in the past. Instead, it’s the connecting features of all the new characters that is the focus.

In “The Benefactor,” Lydia (Holland Roden) uncovered an encrypted hit list, or deadpool, of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, and the surrounding county. Those 12 names were only a third of the overall list, though. So, painstakingly, Lydia spent her weekend trying to uncover either one of the two remaining encryption codes to unlock the rest of the names.

There’s definitely something suspicious about the first key word being “Allison.” Since Allison (Crystal Reed) was killed at the end of last season protecting her supernatural friends from the Oni spirits, in hindsight it makes sense that the second password had some connection to that event as well – or at least to Allison in some way. With some assistance from the only other banshee that we’ve encountered, Meredith (Maya Eshet), who has an acute sense of timing, and a little prompting from a nervous were-coyote, Malia (Shelley Hennig), Lydia uncovers the key to the second cipher – “Aiden.” Aiden (Max Carver) being one of the twins who died the same night at Allison.

So, which name will unlock the final piece of the puzzle? Your guess is as good as mine. Since Allison and Aiden were the only characters who died that night, this one might be the trickiest to figure out. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) was possessed by the Nogistune, who was defeated in that same episode, so maybe it could be “Rhys,” the name of the evil spirit’s last host. But, that may be stretching the imagination a little too far.

The discovery of the initial portion of the list served two purposes. First, it alerted Scott (Tyler Posey) to the threat that was looming over his pack, but it also came with the realization that there are a lot more supernatural entities in the area – and even another pack of werewolves. Once the dead started piling up a little more (yes, that’s seriously morbid), Scott and Stiles start putting together the pieces. Stiles may not have any supernatural abilities, but he certainly has a knack for figuring out mysteries. Discovering that the weapon of choice for one of the assassins was a lacrosse stick – brilliant observation.

This season is rapidly becoming about what connects characters, and nothing brings people together like the threat of death. Teen Wolf is working the ‘strength in numbers’ angle, as the original targets of the young assassins were all on the periphery. They were picking them off one by one using the element of surprise, but avoiding trying to take out any member of the group dynamic. Now that the identities of the assassins – or at least the two more immediate threats – are out in the open, it’ll be harder to use the same tactic. And to top it off, Scott now has the names of two-thirds of the targets.

Keeping with the overarching theme of connecting, the Calaveras hunters kept their word and have descended on Beacon Hills. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to fans, though. The matriarch of that family didn’t exactly seem like the type to make idle threats. But, interestingly enough, her first stop isn’t to exact her promise on Scott. Instead, she pays Argent (JR Bourne) a visit. Argent hasn’t always been an ally to the werewolves of Beacon Hills, but over the last couple of seasons has come to an understanding with both Scott and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin). Partially due to his late daughter’s choice in boyfriends, and partially out of newfound beliefs.

One of the most understated things about Teen Wolf is the relationship between Argent and Scott, and contrastingly, Argent and Derek. In the first instance, Argent serves in the mentor capacity, a role that is interchangeable with Derek and Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam), depending on the circumstances. With Derek, Argent takes on more of a balance role. Their initial distrust has led them to what currently is a deep level of respect. Scenes with Hoechlin and Bourne, although not as common as interactions between other characters, are worth watching closely. Their characters often compliment each other in a similar way to Scott and Stiles, and act as a backbone to the heavily teenaged focus of the show.

In “I.E.D.” it’s the connection between all these characters that moves the story along at a swift pace. The unspoken bond that has previously been developed allowed them to make strategic, arguably intelligent decisions without the benefit of a long, drawn out conversation. Scott and his cohorts were all very much on the same page, and the lack of internal debate between the friends was refreshing. In the past, Derek and Scott have butted heads on how to handle certain situations, but that also seems to have passed as a new sense of appreciation has been established since their recent trip to Mexico.

Tell us, what did you think of the change of pace for Teen Wolf, and whose name do you think will unlock the final third of the deadpool list? Sound off below!


July 23, 2014

We Got This Covered reviewed last night’s Teen Wolf “The Benefactor”, be sure to continue reading!

The matriarch of the Calaveras family let Scott (Tyler Posey) and his traveling companions go with one stipulation,“When you take the bite of an innocent, when you make a wolf of your own, when you do that – I will cross your border and come knocking at your door.” Well, that sounded like an acceptable bargain at the time, until Scott was forced to make a choice on last week’s episode of Teen Wolf and decide between letting Liam die, and holding onto him, with his teeth.

As a result, the new kid at school is going to also have to deal with becoming the newest member of Scott’s pack. Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) spent most of this episode going through a rather rough first transition, and really, it’s understandable. Yesterday (in TV time) his biggest concern was getting injured at lacrosse tryouts and disappointing his parents, and today he’s experiencing all the joys that go along with coming to terms with being a werewolf.

Over the course of the show, viewers have seen a handful of characters experience the first transition for themselves – Scott, Isaac (Daniel Sharman), Boyd (Sinqua Walls), and Erica (Gage Golightly) – and none of them have been particularly pleasant. Although, the realization that Liam was a prime candidate for anger management classes before becoming a werewolf doesn’t help matters.

As the Alpha, Scott is supposed to be able to evoke some kind of control over his pack. Yet, in “The Benefactor,” he doesn’t seem to be able to control Liam until it’s nearly too late. In fact, Liam’s strength dwarfs Scott’s on several occasions. If it wasn’t for the welcome return of Argent (JR Bourne), who re-enters the Teen Wolf universe for the first time this season on tonight’s episode, coming back with amost painfully accurate timing, Scott may have experienced a less productive ending to his evening.

Besides simply lending a much needed hand during this scene, Argent delivers a spectacular line that adds comic relief to a tense portion of the episode: “I got your text.” A statement that carried over a joke from the previous episode, and ranks as one of the best lines of the season (so far).

Kira (Arden Cho) takes on a new persona on this episode of Teen Wolf and taps into her ‘vixen’ side – or at least tries to. We’ve seen her wield a sword like a natural born samurai, but we’ve seen very little of her feminine wiles. With the brief exception of her girl-on-girl dancing in Mexico, Kira is a little awkward when it comes to embracing her sensuality.

MTV tends to keep the racy material to a minimum within the confines of this series, and not let it overshadow the storyline, however, Kira becoming more comfortable with herself not only makes for entertaining television e.g. watching her face plant while attempting to walk down the stairs in an enticing manner, but it is moving her relationship with Scott forward. Obviously them being a couple is the end result the writers are working toward since Allison’s (Crystal Reed) character was killed off at the end of last season.

Not that watching Kira and Scott make moves on each other wasn’t fun for everyone, but the more impressive interaction on this episode of Teen Wolf happened between Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig), who bonded over her full-moon experience. Their relationship is still in the early stages and has a fair share of baggage attached, but there was something very intimate about Stiles standing by his girlfriend even when it may have been hazardous to his health. He took a chance, and it paid off.

As the sole teenage character who doesn’t possess some form of supernatural ability, it’s always nice to see Stiles contributing in other ways. Helping Malia control her transformation helps everyone, including himself. He’s always willing to put himself on the line, even when it’s evident that he is fearful, which wasn’t the case tonight, and frankly it’s a refreshing take on the hero tale. It’s also a nice distraction from all the chaos that was forming around them.

There’s a new hunter in town, and she’s a freshman? That’s right. And she’s sporting some fancy neckwear that doubles as a convenient method for killing werewolves. Judging by the Tex-Mex style, I’d say that it’s a safe bet that she’s either a member of the Calaveras clan, or at the very least comes from the same region. Perhaps the threat hanging in the air followed Scott across the border in the form of an underage assassin. Although, it appears that they are in league with the benefactor.

What does the benefactor have against the Hale family, and more specifically, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin)? Well, it looks like it’s nothing personal. Derek is just another name on the deadpool (not like the comic book character) list that someone is hoping to cross off, for good.

Let us know all your theories about this latest Teen Wolf threat in the comment section below!


July 15, 2014

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