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Hi everyone!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been insanely busy with my personal life and didn’t feel like updating the website since the series ended.
I’ve tried for a long time to stay up to date with anything and everything related to Teen Wolf and its cast.

Unfortunately, due to recent events regarding the whole “Black Lives Matter”-movement, I’ve felt hurt and felt deeply disappointed by Teen Wolf’s social media manager.
While I don’t condone racism and discrimination in any way, shape or form, I’ve been very annoyed, but mostly disappointed with the way they fight against racism and discrimination.
Teen Wolf’s social media manager AKA the person who’s publishing posts and tweets has recently shared a document with a headline literally saying: “Anti-racism recources for white people.”
While I absolutely support any helpful recourse, I don’t support racism and discrimination as mentioned above. Therefore, I am no longer supporting Teen Wolf.

It’s all on our shoulders to be better, to be kinder and to spread love instead of fueling an already burned home.
It’s all on us to fight for equality, and we do that by fighting together, to change our hearts and minds, to learn from our mistakes and to educate the next generation to be better.

I sincerely hope and wish for racism and discrimination to end.
I sincerely support and love the “Black Lives Matter”-movement.
I sincerely support and love the “All Lives Matter”-movement.

Spread love, not hate.
Unite, don’t divide.
Treat people how you want to be treated.

I want to thank each and every single one of you for giving me the opportunity to share anything and everything about Teen Wolf and its cast.
It’s been an amazing run! Almost 11 years! Teen Wolf Online was founded and launched back in 2011, less than a month since the Pilot’s airdate, which was June 5th, 2011.
I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have met amazing people online and offline since the launch, and I am forever grateful to have met part of the cast.

Thank you!


I am NOT sharing their source. If you want to know which source I am talking about, check Teen Wolf’s official social media accounts. I am aware that Teen Wolf’s social media accounts did not write the article, yet they are sharing it on their official accounts.

June 4, 2020

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