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Upfront New York sat down with Teen Wolf’s Andrew Matarazzo to talk about Teen Wolf, Youtube and more;

upfrontNY: How did you get your start in acting and when did you know that this was what you wanted to do?
Andrew Matarazzo:
I had always found a reason to be on stage since I was little; talent shows, school plays, singing for my parent’s and their friends. In middle school I joined drama class and I was lucky to get some big parts in musicals and plays which is where I got a hang of all the basics. It wasn’t until around 14, 15, when I watched the film Stand by Me and realized River Phoenix was only 15 in that film. His performance blew me away. I didn’t realize I could start being serious about acting NOW. I always thought of it as something I could grow up to be. That was really the shift for me.

upfrontNY: Can you tell us about your role as Gabe in Teen Wolf?
Andrew Matarazzo:
Gabe was introduced as a student at Beacon Hills High and right away you get a sense that he’s going to be problematic. I think with a lot of aggressive and stand-offish characters, its really a facade for something deeper within. Fear, insecurities, lack of sense of self. So Gabe had all these things that made him an easy target for manipulation. In season 6 Monroe, who poses as a guidance counselor at the school, but is in fact a Hunter of werewolves, converts Gabe to join her and their plan to basically cleanse the world of supernaturals. Gabe then becomes a major issue for the werewolf pack and the school itself. He’s very impulsive and trigger happy because he just wants to prove himself regardless of the consequences.

upfrontNY: What was the best part of being on this show?
Andrew Matarazzo:
Other than getting to do what I love the most every day, with a great group of people, it was more the aftermath of the experience. The people I met and became friends with, the incredible fandom that came with it, and getting to travel the world representing Teen Wolf on panels and comic cons. It was a dream.

upfrontNY: Do you have a favorite memory from being on the set of Teen Wolf?
Andrew Matarazzo:
Definitely when I was told that I was going to be written into more and more episodes as the show progressed. It just made me feel validated for the hard work I was putting in and I got so lucky to keep exploring my character.

upfrontNY: You have many other credits including Jane the Virgin, Speechless, Criminal minds. What would be your dream role?
Andrew Matarazzo:
I would love to do a period piece. I played him before on stage, but I’d love to play a character like Amadeus Mozart, or someone in iconic in history. I just love the research part of playing someone real.

upfrontNY: You also have a YouTube Channel filled with wonderful covers including Senorita and Bad Guy. How do you choose the songs you want to cover?
Andrew Matarazzo:
I feel like I’m never looking for my next cover, it always just hits me when I hear it. I have a very specific sense of what my vibe is in music and what resonates with me so when I hear a song I just know right away. Its not always the most popular song, sometimes its an old song, sometimes its something that no one would guess I’d try. But I just know.

upfrontNY: What songs have you not yet covered that you want to and is there an artist that you would love to feature with you on your channel?
Andrew Matarazzo:
I’ve been meaning to do a version of ‘Bennie and the Jets’ by Elton John but timing hasn’t worked out just yet. As far as artists I want to collaborate with, of course I’d love any of my musical influences who are way beyond Youtube covers, but also I just started using Youtube not too long ago so I’m getting a feel for who is out there in that space. I’d love to start cross pollinating with other singers on Youtube who inspire me. I have to explore more. Just recently I messaged a girl I heard singing on stage at a mall, and she blew me away. I’m always open to collaborations with musicians who inspire me.

upfrontNY: I noticed on your Instagram that you have done a lot of traveling. What has been your favorite location that you have visited and what is on your travel bucket list?
Andrew Matarazzo:
Paris and Rome hold special places in my heart but my favorite places I’ve been are Venice, Italy and Bahia, Brazil. I really want to make it to Greece and Japan.

upfrontNY: You were recently in NYC. Can you describe your favorite thing about the city?
Andrew Matarazzo:
I lived in Philly for some time and spent a lot of time in New York and I find myself there more and more for work these last few years. I always felt my personality was more east coast so when I’m in New York I always feel recharged and inspired. I don’t know that I can live there because its a bit chaotic but I love visiting.

upfrontNY: What is next for you?
Andrew Matarazzo:
Both projects I’ve been working on have brought me such anxiety because I can say very little about them! But one of them is an animated show and my first voice over job. The other is…its TV, but anything else I say I feel the fan-detectives are going to be onto me! There’s also some cool music stuff in the works, including a collaboration with one of my Teen Wolf co-stars, Arden Cho.

September 7, 2019

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