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I’m finally a bit recovered from the crazy weekend that was Wolfcon IV in Amsterdam! This is the megapost that will be updated every time I find something new to share.
Andrew Matarazzo, Froy Gutierrez, Adelaide Kane, Max Carver, Ryan Kelley and Gage Golightly attended the event that took place in the Park Plaza Hotel in Lijnden, Amsterdam.

My personal experience… It couldn’t have been more perfect. It was my very fist convention and the cast (and everyone else for that matter) have been nothing but kind to me.
I, being someone with Cerebral Palsy, was very, very nervous but that easily fade away and turned into probably one of the best experiences of my life. When I took the group-photo, I almost took a fall and asked for some support in order to make it back to my walker and seat without breaking my neck. Max was very supportive and sweet and was quick enough to catch me before I actually took that fall. <3 Adelaide didn't arrive until much later in the evening on Saturday due to her flight being canceled because of the very bad weather in London. She actually spent the night on a bench! When she finally arrived, she came up to say 'Hi!' when I (together with multiple others) was in the meeting room with Andrew. She quickly went downstairs to say 'hi!' to everyone else. She's been through hell and back coming to Amsterdam. Girl, you're f*cking amazing and don't let other people tell you otherwise! Click here to read more!

Panel details!

  • One of Froy’s favorite songs is Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the day”
  • Andrew hopes that Arya Stark will be the last one standing, but also thinks Daenerys has a great chance
  • Adelaide’s biggest fear is being mediocre
  • Gage gave a beautiful speech about technology; she feels like people should live in the moment and actually be present when asked for dinner etc.
  • Gage gave a beatiful speech on how one could change their mindset; your mental health does not define you; anxiety and depression does not define you, it can actually become your superpower.
  • Gage’s jam is San Holo’s “Light”
  • Andrew absolutely loves exploring musea’s and is very into mediaval things
  • Andrew can’t wait to have babies
  • If Ryan needed to pick a few songs to hear the rest of his life, he would choose Disney songs: Hakuna Matata from The Lion King and a song from Moana.
  • About tattoos, Ryan says he likes them, but he can’t commit to them. He changes his mind too often to really pick something he would want to have tattooed.
  • Ryan has been mistaken for Colton Haynes sometimes. If people mistake him for Colton and ask him for a signature, he just signs as Colton.
  • He enjoyed working with Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stillinski) a lot.
  • As for characters on “Teen Wolf”, he can relate the most to a combination of Scott & Stiles. He likes Malia’s personality.
  • Andrew LOVES Sushi and chicken. He actually ate chicken three days in a row when he got her ‘cause he felt like bars and such were so confusing: “I am loving Amsterdam, but I am very confused by the food choices here. Is it all fast food and bars?” which Froy replied to by saying “You should’ve come with us!”
  • Gage’s celebrity crush is Jeremy Irons. Not many of us there at her panel knew who he was, until she mentioned he did the voice of “Scar” in “The Lion King”
  • If Andrew could bring anyone back from the dead, it’d be Heath Ledger and River Phoenix
  • Andrew’s inspiration is Cate Blanchett
  • Andrew gets compared to Shawn Mendes a lot.
  • Gage’s first language was sign language. She wasn’t able to speak at all until she reached age 7. She was misdiagnosed with Autism that turned out to be dyspraxia and had to go to dyspraxia several times a week in order to improve her speech.
  • Gage also said that she was clumsy as a child due to impared motor skills
  • Gage can be seen in “The Last Summer” which she had just finished. She’s worked with Maia Mitchell (The Fosters), KJ Apa (Riverdale) and our very own Tyler Posey. The movie’s set to be released on Netflix during the Summer of 2019.
  • Andrew has a small tattoo referring to his 2nd favorite movie: This is England. He’s not planning on more tattoos any time soon, because he might need to cover them up for acting.
  • Andrew knew he wanted to become an actor after he watched River Phoenix in “Stand by Me” at the age of 13. River Phoenix was 14 years old, when he made that movie and this made him realize he didn’t have to be an adult to pursue his acting career. He only later found out that River died because of an overdose.
  • On the question if they (Froy and Andrew) could do accents, Andrew responded that he likes doing a British accent. Especially when he needs directions on the road: People tend to be more helpful if you have a British accent. Even at school he would pretend that he was British and he pulled it off one time. The teacher of that class thought Andrew was British, for the whole year.
  • Someone asked if Andrew had a specific skincare routine. He answered by saying he just drinks a lot of water and that it genuinely helps your skin
  • If Andrew could choose a superpower, it would be teleportation.
  • Andrew’s favorite animal is and owl. The second favorite would be a jellyfish. He also asked how to say those animal names in Dutch (Uil and Kwal)
  • If Andrew could only eat 1 thing for the rest of his life, it would be sushi.
  • Andrew loves museums. He mentioned he is a real tourist, when he visits a city or a country. Andrew mentioned he really wanted to visit the “Rijksmuseum” and the “Van Gogh Museum”, while he was still in Amsterdam and according to his Instagram he did.
  • Andrew’s favorite thing about himself is his sense of humor.
  • Andrew’s best advice is to simply follow your own path: “Don’t compare yourself to others. You might need 10 years for big success. But someone else might reach it in a year, but have very short-lived success.”
  • “Colours of the Wind” (from “Pocahontas”) is his favorite Disney song.
  • Andrew’s little brother was a big fan of “Teen Wolf”, so he had already seen a lot of it when he auditioned for it.
  • One of Andrew’s favorite scenes in “Teen Wolf” is the one where Gabe beats up Nolan (6×19) in the hospital. He says they had a lot of fun on set that day. He mentioned that he maybe had some more fun than Froy (who plays Nolan). He also loved the last episode and his death scene.
  • If he had to pick a funeral song for Gabe, it would be Glory and Gore from Lorde. (fun fact: I asked this <3)
  • When he was asked to describe his character in two words, he said: Lost & Impulsive.
  • Andrew thought a lot about Gabe’s backstory and where his anger and anxiety must have come from. He tends to do that with a lot of the roles he auditions for or lands. With Gabe he had to fill in a lot of blanks, also because they only received one script at a time, so he did not know anything about what was going to happen to Gabe. He actually thought about a whole backstory of why Gabe was the way he was. He thought Gabe’s father was a priest and always told Gabe he was good for nothing and that is why Gabe followed the huntress blindly. He just wanted to fit in.
  • When Andrew first read about his death scene, he became really nervous, because it was with Cody Christian (who plays Theo). He was afraid he was going to mess up this great story arc for Theo. What also made him nervous was that a lot of the other cast members like Froy (Nolan) and Melissa Ponzio (Melissa) were there for the scene. But Jeff Davis (director) gave him a lot of confidence by explaining that he wouldn’t give him such a death scene, if he didn’t think he could pull it off. Also during the shooting of the scene Cody Christian was very supportive and told him he was doing a great job.
  • If Andrew could be any other character from the show, he would want to be Stiles.
  • Max & Ryan played the “hat game” during their panel. They talked about how they play it with the cast of “Teen Wolf” and it always takes people a lot of time to find out how the games works. Fun fact: I still don’t know it works, I still don’t get it.



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