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Colton Haynes also took to Instagram to thank the fans and shared a couple of throwback photos.

My family forever. #TeenWolf #teenwolffinale

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September 25, 2017

Here are the songs that played during Teen Wolf’s series finale that aired September 24th on MTV;

Emmi – “Up ‘N Away”
VOK – “Hiding”

September 25, 2017

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September 25, 2017

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from the series finale of Teen Wolf.

In Teen Wolf‘s final hour (and change), Scott and his pack defeated Gerard and Monroe’s army. But even though they won the battle for Beacon Hills, the war had only just begun, which is why the series ended with Scott and company heading out to recruit more soldiers and continue on to the next battle.

EW spoke with Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis about the finale, its many callbacks, and whether he ever considered killing any main characters.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the inspiration behind the idea to bring in a new werewolf in the finale?
That was an idea I had a while ago, back around the fourth season actually. I’d always thought it would be interesting to see Scott out in the world somewhere meeting this new young kid who’s frightened and alone and basically speaking the words to him that I want the show to say to every audience member, which is if you feel like an outsider, if you feel alone, you don’t have to be. You’ll find your pack and you can be one of us. So the character of Alec, he represents our audience and the message of the show.

So is Gerard dead?
You can never tell with Gerard. He always seems to pop back up, doesn’t he?

All major characters survived for the most part. Did you ever think about killing a main character?
There was a time when I was thinking: Who do we kill, how do we make this momentous? And then you have to think: Is this a show where the series finale should have half the cast die off and blow up the show at the end? I thought to myself, I don’t want to see most of these people die, I want to see them off together again on another adventure. Even watching them walk toward us at the end, there were people I missed. There were people I would’ve liked to see with them, including Allison. I don’t think it would’ve been our show if we’d killed off half the characters. There was a moment I told Cody Christian we were going to kill his character off, and by the time we got to around episode 16 or 17, I said to him, “I can’t kill you.” [Laughs] I think he was hoping for an epic death scene.

In terms of the Allison references, was that an obvious choice to make her a part of this?
Yes, it was. It was absolutely necessary because she was such a momentous character in the lives of the other characters, Lydia and Scott mostly, and Argent of course. But we want to pay homage to it and a lot of a series finale is tipping your hat and giving a nod to the previous seasons.

Which you did in a huge way in that library scene…
[Laughs] Yes, yes we did. And that was one of the ideas behind it. I think it works because it’s organic, it all comes out of this creature of fear that brings out these things in you, that gets in your head. It was a way to have Scott face all of his fears in one final moment and tell this creature: You can’t beat me; I’ve conquered all these fears.

I was so excited to see Void Stiles again!
Yes! That was really fun and Dylan O’Brien was really happy to play him. I remember being on set and saying to him, “You get to play Void Stiles again,” and he was really happy about it. It’s a way of saying goodbye to these characters.

Was it the same person playing the Nogitsune?
Yep, Aaron Hendry, who also played a character called Brunski, the one who tries to kill Lydia in Eichen House. He is a phenomenal actor. And that’s his voice, by the way. That’s all him.

The moment where Theo took Gabe’s pain. Is that a step on the path to redemption for him?
Yeah, he’s on his way to redemption. He’s got a lot to pay for, murder being one of them. But when we were talking about Mason and Theo in the tunnels I remember saying, “There’s got to be a bigger moment here for Theo.” We’ve seen him trying to be a good guy. He tries to take Mason’s pain and Mason says to him, “It doesn’t work if you don’t care, you have to care.” In that moment, he cares, even for his enemy. He sees a corrupted person just like him dying.

Was the Malia-Scott kiss a purposeful callback to Stiles and Lydia’s first kiss when she helped him focus during a panic attack?
That’s entirely on purpose, that’s why Lydia says “kiss him.” She looks at Stiles and remembers [that] this is how I got Stiles to focus. It’s no magic kiss, it’s purely getting the person to concentrate on something else. It’s those little callbacks, that and Gerard whispering “mountain ash,” that makes it fun for a series finale.

Can we assume that Stiles knew about Malia and Scott? I was waiting to see if he’d react.
I think in the world of Teen Wolf, we don’t like to do love triangles and jealousy and all that. I think he’s happy that they found each other. Stiles is with Lydia now; they’re together and if Scott and Malia are right for each other, I think Stiles would be more than happy for them.

How long have you known you wanted to bring back that season 4 line to end the series?
When we came up with that line [in season 4], I pitched the writers. I said, “The last scene of the show could be Scott finding another werewolf and saying those same words: ‘You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf, like me.’” I love Posey’s delivery of the line. It was just perfect. That’s partially the message of the show: You’re something special. You’re not what those other people tell you you are, you’re something special and you can be with us.

This finale did feel different than most Teen Wolf finales. It was almost less conclusive…
That was very specific. We didn’t want a finale that said “the end.” We wanted it to be an “and the adventure continues…” I like imagining that they’re going off to continue the fight. I didn’t want to see an end where they all have children and they’re happy and at home. That felt anticlimactic to me.

I know you had an extended finale, but was there anything you had to cut or couldn’t work in?
There were a few things. There were a couple actors that I would’ve loved to have back, like Daniel Sharman as Isaac. I would’ve liked to have Meagan Tandy’s Braeden. I had been planning a whole plot line for Deaton, but the episode was getting too long and there was too much difficulty with his schedule, with getting him back from The Walking Dead. That’s one of my regrets. There are definitely things we couldn’t fit in. I would’ve loved to have a 90-minute finale but we got 50 minutes, which is pretty long anyway.

It’s finally time to say goodbye to Teen Wolf. EW was on set for the filming of the show’s last episodes and spoke to some of the cast members about what they’ll miss most and any final thoughts they had about their experience in Beacon Hills. Here’s what they had to say …

Tyler Posey (Scott): “I love Scott. He’s such a goober; he’s such a sweet kid. I think he’s the greatest. He’s inspired me a lot and motivated me to be a better person and be calmer and more zen about things and take a different approach. I just learned a lot from him. I’m going to miss him a lot. He’s a badass. He’s a cool dude.”

Dylan O’Brien (Stiles): “I loved everything about [Stiles]. You spend so much time with a character, you do get an attachment, and for me too that was tenfold because it was my first role ever.”

Colton Haynes (Jackson): “Life has changed so much since I joined the show. The biggest takeaway from being a part of Teen Wolf was: Friends are the family you can choose. I said that in a really sappy text message to Dylan and Hoechlin and Posey. The friends are the family that you can choose.”

Charlie Carver (Ethan): “What was so fun about Teen Wolf was like the first couple of episodes with my brother, getting to be the bad guys, there was that scene where we beat the crap out of each other on the lockers in the school hallway. Going from that to where we ended up, where he got stabbed by the Oni and the whole sort of last stretch of 3B, was just a blast. I felt like as an actor I just got to try a bunch of different things and work in a bunch of different genres or worlds.”

Holland Roden (Lydia): “The sass of Lydia is what I’ll miss the most. I’ll miss being a genius and knowing the answer to everything. I’ll miss magically being in perfect hair and makeup while ready to attack a creature at 3 in the morning. I’ll miss the life behind the scenes of Teen Wolf, that’s what I’ll miss the most.”

Melissa Ponzio (Melissa): “I’ll miss watching the kids grow. When you’re here from day one and you see Tyler and Dylan and Holland and just how they have grown over the last six years, and the amazing human beings that they were then and they are now. Of course, I’m going miss my friendships. And just the world we created. I think one of the best things that Jeff [Davis, the showrunner] ever did was include the parents because it gave validity and longevity made it a deeper, richer story. I thank the fans for embracing the parents and really thinking of us as vital roles to this world.”

Linden Ashby (Stilinski): “I think my character is that paternal vibe and he’s such a person of integrity and honesty. And he’s a good person and I’ll miss wearing that skin, walking in those shoes.”

This article was published before the series finale of Teen Wolf

After six seasons of supernatural showdowns, Teen Wolf will air its 100th and final episode as Scott and his pack try to defeat Gerard one last time. But before it all ends, EW talked with showrunner Jeff Davis about the show’s entire run, and, of course, what to expect from the extended series ender.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you know the show was going to work?
I first felt like we could have something special during the shooting of the second episode when Stiles and Scott go to the Hale house to dig up the supposed body. They were so good together, Tyler [Posey] and Dylan [O’Brien]. I knew if we could create some sort of magic in that friendship that we’d really have something. When they both go leaping out of the hole, it just felt really good. Another scene was when Stiles gets his dad drunk to get information out of him and we see how good Linden [Ashby] and Dylan are. That’s really the magic. You can write all the twists and turns you want but people come to TV for the characters, and when I saw the cast really clicking and becoming their roles, that’s when you knew. I still never thought it would go 100 episodes.

When was the show at its best?
I think the show’s at its best when we’ve struck a really great balance between the thriller-horror plot and character story — when Scott and Stiles are looking at each other wondering if they’re going to lose each other as Stiles is about to go into an MRI to see if he’s really sick or if he’s being possessed by a demon. The emotion rings true in that scene. Or a scene where Scott has lost Allison and she’s no longer with him and she’s been the anchor to which he’s controlled the beast within and Melissa tells him, “Be your own anchor.” It’s the mix of genre and character. It’s always got to be a good balance, and I’m really proud of those scenes that we’ve done like that where genre has allowed us to explore deep character moments.

How long have you known your ending?
There was a year or two ago where I had pitched it to the writing staff a couple different times. I had a feeling that I knew this last image or this last scene that would appear. I had thought originally that 520 was going to be the final episode and I mostly wrote it as a series finale knowing that there was the possibility that there might be 20 more episodes. But I’m glad it wasn’t because it gave us a chance to craft this ending, which feels really good. We’ll see what the audience thinks. It’s definitely not a cut-to-black like The Sopranos. We tried to craft an ending that feels right for the audience and for the characters.

It seems safe to assume we’re building to an epic final battle…
At its heart, the show is called Teen Wolf, so it’s definitely Scott’s story, and that was very important to bring it all back to Scott McCall. We had just done a season that was essentially all about Stiles even though Stiles wasn’t in a lot of it, and when we knew there were going to be 10 more episodes, we said, “Let’s tell a story about Scott McCall.” In our most literary sense, we talked about it being kind of like Prince Hal and Falstaff from Henry IV and what is Prince Hal when he loses Falstaff — Stiles as it were — so he becomes Henry V. If he has to become a king, he’s going to have to fight a war. And that’s how we came up with the idea that this is war. It was Scott being the leader of his troops and making sure everyone survives.

What do you say to fans as they sit down to watch this?
I would say hold on tight and get ready for a classic episode of Teen Wolf. It’s got all the characters back, all except for the ones who are unfortunately dead.

September 25, 2017

Jeff took over social media to talk about tonight’s series finale and answered a bunch of questions. Here’s a quick list:

  • – Jeff Davis took the needle in the neck as Jackson because Colton was too scared of needles.
  • Nolan will get his redemption.
  • Jeff Davis said Cody Christian was one of the best on the show to work with; “He’s a total pro.”
  • Greenberg is just a figment of Coach’s imagination, says Jeff Davis.
  • Linden Ashby and Tyler Posey directed their respective episodes all on their own.
  • Jeff is proud of everyone involved in the show. He saw them grow up in front of his eyes.
  • Jeff Davis’ inspiration for the different storylines are the people working with him.
  • Jeff Davis felt rushed and happy writing the final episode. He thought it was absolutely awesome to write stories for Derek, Jackson and Stiles.
  • Jeff Davis didn’t expect Colton to reprise his role as Jackson.
  • The most important aspect of Scott and Stiles’ friendship is the loyalty they have, says Jeff Davis.
  • Jeff Davis says Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey were perfect to play their respective roles. He could not imagine anyone playing Stiles and Scott.
  • Daniel Sharman did not return as Isaac Lahey because he’s working on another show (Fear the Walking Dead).
  • Jeff Davis’ favorite thing about Malia is her constant search for humanity. It allowed Shelley to be a very funny actor on the show. “She’s awesome” – Jeff Davis
  • Jeff Davis’ would’ve loved a 2-hour finale.
  • Jeff says it was strange to wrap up a series after 100 episodes, but he thought the show would end after 50 episodes.
  • Jeff says the final scene wasn’t quite how he expected, but he expected to see Scott on the final scene. He expected to see Allison (Crystal Reed) there, so that surprised him.

  • Teen Wolf’s executive producer Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Froy Gutierrez, Andrew Matarazzo, Khylin Rhambo, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley and Meagan Tandy attended Teen Wolf’s 100th episode and series wrap party on the 21st of September. Photos have been added to our photo archives;

    For the past six seasons, MTV’s Teen Wolf has filled fans’ heads with all kinds of thoughts, including the ever-popular “What is happening right now?” But with the series finale just days away, only one question remains: How’s it all going to end?

    TVLine spoke with showrunner Jeff Davis ahead of Sunday’s farewell episode (MTV, 8/7c) to find out what fans can expect from the show’s emotional conclusion.

    For starters, this being the pack’s final battle, Davis wanted to “make sure everyone got heroic moments — Derek, Scott, Stiles, everybody. Reunions were also important, like when Derek sees Scott for the first time, or when Stiles, Lydia and Jackson all meet up. That was super important to me.” (Editor’s note: Lydia’s reunion with Jackson provides one of the episode’s stand-out moments.)

    “I wanted to make sure that it was still Scott McCall’s episode and that everything felt meaningful and climactic,” he continues. “There are so many different series finales out there, and most of them tend to piss the audience off. You can’t really think about the audience. You just have to remember your own love for the project.”

    And even though TVLine confirmed that Deucalion bites the big one — you can actually click here to watch him die — you can rest assured that most of your favorites remain safe from the Grim Reaper’s icy grip.

    “I didn’t want to do a finale where half the characters die,” Davis says. “There are some finales that really treat it like it’s the end of the world, and I didn’t want to do that. A lot of times, when people sit down to write finales, they’re like, ‘OK, Who are we going to kill off?’ Not me.”
    Of course, that doesn’t mean Davis didn’t face his fair share of challenges while penning the show’s closing hour. Along with some of the emotional reunions, which he admits were “very difficult,” Davis says, “The hardest part about [writing the finale] was writing it before Episodes 18 and 19 were written. Due to scheduling certain actors to make sure they could all be there, we had to shoot [the finale] first. We had general ideas of where things would go in 18 and 19, but I was re-writing pages as quickly as possible on all three episodes. It was not easy.”

    Still, Davis enjoyed revisiting some of the friendships that made Teen Wolf such a hit with fans in the first place — including Stiles and Derek. Recalls Davis, “It was fun to go back to their chemistry, back to their love/hate relationship with one another.”

    September 22, 2017

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