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Executive Producer Jeff Davis took over the official twitter acount for Teen Wolf and answered all of our questions. Be sure to tune in tonight for a new episode of Teen Wolf!

– Stiles and Lydia will be re-united soon.
– Lydia’s afraid of losing Stiles again.
– Stiles will be pissed that no one has told him about recent events in Beacon Hills.
– Derek will be back before the last episode.
– Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and JR Bourne (Argent) have some great scenes together.
– One of Jeff Davis’ favorite scenes is when Scott’s pushing through the mountain-ash in 3×12.
– Jeff would rewrite 3×20 so the subplot with Stiles’s mom worked – they had to cut it out.
– Deaton’s back in tonight’s episode (August 20th episode).
– Derek and Peter will have a bit of a family reunion.
– Dylan is taking Roscoe (the jeep) home.
– We’ll see Brett (Cody Saintgnue) one more time.
– If Jeff Davis could be any Teen Wolf character, it’d be Isaac.
– There will be a soundtrack released.
– Theo and Liam will team up again.
– Jackson has had a lot of personal growth.
– Malia begins to feel the effects of the fear tonight.

August 20, 2017

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