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This is the “Teen Wolf at San Diego’s Comic Con (SDCC)” Mega post where every update, every video and every spoiler will be posted;




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  • Teen Wolf returns in November with 20 episodes and it will be its final season, EW.com confirms
  • Ian Bohen returns as Peter Hale
  • Cody Christian returns as Theo Raeken, EW.com confirms
  • Teen Wolf’s 100th episode will serve as its series finale
  • Tyler Posey will definitely cry his eyes out
  • Teen Wolf Season 6 will introduce Ghost Riders
  • Arden Cho will not return as Kira. This has been confirmed several months ago.
  • Jeff Davis is still shocked that they made it to 100 episodes, TV Line confirms
  • TV Line confirms that Pete Ploszek (Workaholics, Shameless) will recur on the MTV drama as Garrett Douglas, a “charming” educator likely to catch the eye of several students
  • Dylan O’Brien is definitely back! And will be a huge part of this final season’s storyline
  • We will finally find out Stiles’ actual name
  • Theo has hit rock bottom. Cody says it was fun to portray the character
  • According to Dr. Deaton – yes, Seth Gilliam is back!-, not only does the Wild Hunt take people, it erases them from reality.
  • Another character might be returning
  • We’ll see the Dread Doctors again (in a flashback)
  • We’ll meet a Nazi werewolf, which is one of the villains – yes there will be more than one villain.
  • Khylin’s favorite villain is Theo as he (Theo) broke down Scott’s pack on a psychological level
  • Dylan Sprayberry’s favorite villain is the beast and Tyler’s favorite is Void Stiles. Dylan O’Brien’s done a fabulous job portraying Void Stiles.
  • Jeff’s favorite ‘bad guy’ is Peter Hale, especially during the first season
  • Holland’s favorite ‘bad guys’ are Peter and Void Stiles
  • Cody’s favorite is Void Stiles
  • Scott’s definitely single this season and will be focussing on his pack and senior year
  • Mason will definitely dive into the whole mystery even though he definitely took a hit being ‘The Beast’
  • JR Bourne and Ian Bohen joined the panel
  • We’ll see some interesting stuff between Peter and Stiles
  • If Tyler’s character had a theme song, it would be “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias
  • If Dylan’s character had a theme song, it’d be “Fireworks” by Katy Perry
  • If Khylin’s character had a theme song it’d be “Work” by Rihanna
  • If Holland’s character had a theme song it’d be “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch
  • If Cody’s character had a theme song it’d be the “Pretty Little Liars” theme song (nice one, Cody!)
  • If JR’s character had a theme song it’d be “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears
  • If Ian’s character had a theme song it’d be “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joe
  • Jeff Davis went to a Lost In Kosto concert, a band Tyler Posey used to play in
  • Cody does not have any similarities with his character. Jeff adds that they do share their charm. Cody wish Theo would have and show some empathy/compassion
  • Scott and Tyler share the love for people. Tyler would love to save the world. Tyler wish Scott had some guitar skills
  • Dylan thinks he shares the desire to make sure he’s doing the right thing. He wants to do right by his family/friends. He thinks Liam should lighten up a bit
  • Khylin says he shares the fascination of the supernatural world. Khylin would love to be as brave as Mason
  • Holland and Lydia share their love for friends. They’d do anything for her friends. Holland does not love high heels just as much as Lydia
  • JR and Argent share their strong moral compass
  • Jeff never expected the series to be running for so many years. Jeff is inspired by the actors to write certain storylines.
  • A fan cried while asking her question. Teen Wolf has had a huge impact on a lot of lives and has brought many people together which is exactly what Tyler wanted to achieve.
    Jeff Davis added to that by agreeing and said that if it wasn’t for writing, he’d be struggling a lot more during his teen years.
  • If Scott’s character had a bio for Twitter it’d be “I want to change the world”
  • Dylan/Liam: Lacrosse 4 Life
  • Mason/Khylin: “Steady trying to survive in Beacon Hills”
  • Holland/Lydia: “What the hell is a Stiles”
  • Cody/Theo: “Why should I apologize for the monster I’ve become. No one has apologized for making me this way”
  • JR/Argent: “Looking for a soulmate”
  • Ian/Peter: “Single Male Omega seeking open minded Beta’s”
  • “It’s hard to say goodbye to people you love working with” – Jeff Davis

    “I’m in a really good place, I owe a lot to this show” – Tyler Posey

    “Thank you guys, you guys are literally the reason we are on the air” – Holland Roden

    “It’s been a family affair all the way around” – Holland Roden

    “There’s nothing negative about all this,” he said of the final season. “I’m really happy. I’m going to cry my eyes out [at the end]. And it’s going to be an ugly-cry too.” – Tyler Posey

    “I know we’re sad about it and it’s bittersweet but we’re so happy to be able to come to Comic-Con and share it with you guys,” he said, before hugging star Tyler Posey. – Executive Producer Jeff Davis

    “Teen Wolf has been an amazing journey that captured the hearts and minds of fans more than we ever could have imagined,” said creator Jeff Davis. “I’m eternally grateful for the support we’ve received over these past six years and am excited to take our brave fans on one last, thrilling adventure.” – Executive Producer Jeff Davis

    “I grew up with this gang of boys basically during my entire 20s… and it’s been the craziest ride. I probably wouldn’t be acting if it wasn’t for this show.” – Holland Roden

    “When we realized this might be the last season, we wanted to make sure we brought back these relationships,” Davis said during the Comic-Con panel. “We definitely wanted Peter Hale back to see the relationship between Peter and Malia and what other trouble Peter could get into… and we also have some great scenes between Peter and Stiles. I wanted to see again and Ian and Dylan [O’Brien] have some great stuff this season so we’ll see.”

    Remember…. Teen Wolf’s final season premieres this November!

    July 22, 2016

    Here it finally is! The very first trailer of Teen Wolf’s upcoming and final season! Teen Wolf returns this November and will end with its 100th episode as its season finale;

    July 22, 2016

    Step into the wardrobe closet with Holland Roden and our costume designer as they takes us down memory lane;

    July 21, 2016

    Are you excited for 2016 San Diego Comic-Con to kick off this weekend?!

    The annual event officially starts tomorrow (July 21) and we have all your need-to-know information about Thursday’s schedule right here.

    Casts from Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix), Mr. Robot (USA), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fox), Teen Wolf (MTV), and more will be gathering for panels to talk about their respective shows.

    4:30 pm: Teen Wolf (MTV)
    TBA cast members and executive producer Jeff Davis (Ballroom 20)


    Yup! Cody Christian will be back for Teen Wolf’s sixth season as Theo, EW.com confirms;

    When Theo first arrived in Beacon Hills, he was the chimera determined to tear Scott’s pack apart. And in many ways, he succeeded. However, in the second half of season 5, his plan backfired. Not only did Scott’s pack reunite to defeat the Dread Doctor’s, but Theo ended the year by being dragged underground by his dead sister. Yes, you read that correctly.

    And yet, somehow, it seems Theo survived, because EW can reveal that Cody Christian is returning for Teen Wolf’s upcoming sixth season. To prove it, EW has an exclusive first look at Theo’s return to Beacon Hills. Now, the question is: Will he learn from his mistakes and side with Scott’s pack?

    For those who haven’t heard, Dylan O’Brien will also be returning for season 6, despite his injury on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Get the details here.

    Teen Wolf returns this fall to MTV.

    July 21, 2016

    If the first half of Teen Wolf’s fifth season was about tearing Scott’s pack apart, then the second half was about piecing them back together. And yes, in the end, they came together to defeat The Beast, but what does that mean for season 6? Is everyone still on good terms when we return to Beacon Hills?

    “Scott has a really open heart and everybody who helps him out he wants to be in his pack,” Tyler Posey says. Speaking specifically to that status of Hayden and Parrish, Posey says, “I think he feels the love coming from Parrish and Hayden and realizes they’re not evil. It was questionable with Parrish, we didn’t know what the hell he was, what he was capable of, so I think he had him on the fence a little bit. Same thing with Hayden because she was in Theo’s pack, but now, since all that is over, Scott’s realizing that he needs all the help that he can get.”

    And considering that Dylan O’Brien is officially back, Posey says the Scott-Stiles bromance, which had to overcome a major hurdle after Theo tore them apart, is very much alive. “In the beginning of season 6, they are not better than ever, [but] they kind of come back to the season 1 vibe. Everything’s laid out on the table, there’s nothing hiding between the two of them and that really creates a really solid bond or brings back the bond that they used to have.”

    Posey continues, “They’re in the same frame of mind that they were in in the first season, but they’ve gone through all of this stuff together, so they’re way more mature and wiser and more comfortable with each other, so you just see the love between Stiles and Scott grow even more and fans are going to fall in love with that. It’s a new level of Sciles.”

    Teen Wolf returns this fall to MTV.


    July 20, 2016

    It’s official: EW can exclusively reveal that Dylan O’Brien will appear in Teen Wolf’s sixth season. Despite suffering injuries while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the actor will still play a crucial role when the show returns this fall. Furthermore, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis assures EW that Stiles’ role might be more important than ever.

    “Stiles is a big part of the season because a lot of this season’s mystery revolves around him,” Davis says. “We’re going to see just what Stiles’ friendship means to Scott, Lydia, and Malia. We’re going to see why exactly he’s Scott’s best friend, what it means that he’s Malia’s human anchor, and what his will-they-or-won’t-they relationship is with Lydia.”

    EW has an exclusive first look at O’Brien in the first episode of season 6 (below), in which many fans will take note of a hand brace. However, as the photo was taken before O’Brien left to work on the third Maze Runner film, Davis says it was a completely separate injury. “That is a Dylan O’Brien injury that was written into the show,” Davis says. “You’ll see what happens with that in the first episode.”

    But looking past the first episode, Davis says that putting Stiles at the center of the season 6 mystery had always been the plan. So despite the fact that the below photo was taken before O’Brien’s accident, Davis’ season-long plan didn’t change post-accident. “When we were going into discussing this season, knowing that Dylan O’Brien had a big movie he was going off to do, we wanted to make sure that Stiles was going to be a very important part of Teen Wolf 6A,” Davis says. “So a lot of this story is about Stiles.”

    Although Davis wouldn’t spoil exactly why everyone is going to have to re-analyze their relationship with Stiles this year, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey elaborates a bit, telling EW: “Everybody has a lot of reflecting to do. It’s beautiful. It’s so cool what we do. You fall in love with Stiles every episode. It really makes you think of all the cool s–t that we’ve done with Stiles and Scott over the past few years, so it’s a really reminiscent season.”

    As for the friendship between Scott and Stiles — which was put to the test in season 5 — Posey adds, “They’re very in love with each other.”

    Teen Wolf Season 6, Episode 1 Air date 2016 Pictured: Dylan O'Brien © Credit: http://www.ew.com/

    Teen Wolf
    Season 6, Episode 1
    Air date 2016
    Pictured: Dylan O’Brien
    © Credit: http://www.ew.com/


    July 15, 2016

    WereWolf Con #2 is a fact! WereWolf Con is THE place and THE opportunity to meet your favorite supernatural creatures from Beacon Hills.
    The event takes place on October 29th and October 30th in Brussels, Belgium. Details here:


    Guests: Holland Roden, Cody Saintgnue, Ryan Kelley, Arden Cho, Ian Bohen, Max and Charlie Carver and Daniel Sharman
    Location: The Egg Gallery in Brussels, Belgium

    [Prices] [Location] [Conditions] [Other Details + FAQ]

    If you’re planning to go, make sure to get your tickets as soon as you can and feel free to contact us via teenwolfonline@gmail.com if you want to keep us up to date during the event this October – of course with credit towards you.

    The event is sponsored/hosted by KLZ Events!

    Teen Wolf’s fifth season put Scott McCall to the test: Scott lost everything when Theo divided his pack, even threatening Scott’s bromance with Stiles. But the second half of the season saw Scott work hard to mend friendships and reunite his pack, eventually defeating both Theo and the Dread Doctors. So what does that mean for season 6? EW.com has the details;

    “The first half of season 5, when Theo infiltrated his life and tried to take over Beacon Hills, that really messed Scott up,” Tyler Posey says. “He was just a little bit darker. He’s wiser, if that makes any sense.” Speaking to the new season, Posey adds, “He’s rebuilt. Everything that happened in season 5 made him stronger so when season 6 comes up, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, nothing bad has happened in Beacon Hills lately, so he’s feeling confident about that. He’s in a pretty good place. When we pick up with him, he’s somewhat happy, which is sort of unusual for Scott.”

    But one unexpected twist for many Teen Wolf fans is the fact that Arden Cho, who plays Scott’s lady love Kira, recently announced that she will not be returning to the show. In terms of what that means for Scott, fans are going to get a new side to the hero. For the first time in series history, Scott’s not going to find a new love interest.

    “When we realized that the show wasn’t going to have Kira Yukimura this season, we wanted to ask ourselves, ‘Does Scott always need to have romance in his life to be a compelling character?’ We thought this might be a season where we don’t see that side and we see him struggling a little bit,” showrunner Jeff Davis says. “He’s had two great romances: One was the very epic and tragic romance with Allison, and we wanted to do a sort of romantic comedy side with Kira. But this season sees Scott as a single guy just trying to graduate and be there for his friends while facing yet another supernatural crisis.”

    Davis continues, “This is something that we the writers have talked to Tyler [Posey] about. He’s alternately said that he loves the romance and then he also wonders what Scott would be like if he’s single and just out on his own and more of the lone wolf this season.”

    Posey adds, “It was something I’ve always been interested in because from the very first episode of Teen Wolf he falls in love with Allison and then they break up and he immediately meets Kira so there wasn’t really much single time for Scott. In my experience, in Tyler Posey’s world, it’s kind of always been that way too. This is the first two years I’m really single, so I relate to it with Scott and I thought it was something that every person has to go through in their life, grow on their own and really figure out who they are. That’s kind of what’s going on with Scott.”

    But just because he’s single doesn’t mean he’s going to be turning women away. Rather, let’s just say that Scott has other things to worry about. “I think he’s doing it subconsciously,” Posey says. “I don’t know if he’s actively trying to be single, but it’s doing good for him. He’s able to focus on what he wants and not let anything get in the way. He’s kind of a crazy puppy dog when he falls in love, kind of aimlessly wandering around, so it’s good that he’s not thinking of any girls right now. Keeps his eyes on the prize.”

    Teen Wolf returns this fall on MTV.

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