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While I’m stuck at home with a stupid stomachflu the cast of Teen Wolf (Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, Ian Bohen, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden and Ryan Kelley) are in Brussels, Belgium to attend WereWolfCon, an event for Teen Wolf fans, on September 26th and 27th. Even though this stomach flu is killing me, I’m here to keep you up to date! This post is a sticky. Scroll down for more/newer content! This post will also be updated during this weekend (September 26th and 27th!) All photos belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement is ever intended.


Spoilers and information (fun facts etc.):

  • Tyler likes Belgian chocolate very much. Especially on a waffle with a banana.
  • One of Tyler’s favorite on set moments was shooting the last episode of season 1.
  • Tyler wants to be a white walker on Gane of Thrones.
  • “I’m not like this person, but let me try to know what it feels to be like this person.” Best thing about being an actor. – Tyler.
  • Auditions are the worst things ever in Tyler’s opinion.
  • They’re calling passes to queue, everyone starts getting up, Tyler is like wtf. He looks at the screen “Group Photo? But I’m not there!”.
  • If the nogitsune had possessed Derek, it wouldn’t have been good. He would have hoped to be as good as Dylan was.
  • For one day, Tyler would be a professional baseball player.
  • Tyler’s favorite character is Stiles;
    “Favorite character?”
    “Does anyone know the answer to that one?”
  • Tyler feels like Derek was a different character every season, which for him as an actor was good and he felt lucky.
  • Tyler says that a good part of him is true to himself when he’s at cons, except maybe when it’s personal or when he’s tired.
  • Tyler’s biggest dream life wise: be happy and make others happy.
  • Tyler’s biggest dream work wise: play a character that no one thinks he can play.
  • Traits he (Tyler) identifies himself with Derek: loyalty, determination and persistence. He smiles a bit more.
  • Plans for the future: work wise is to keep doing movies, life wise is to be happy
  • Tyler’s favorite season was the second, it was a lot of fun because they knew each other better. First season was a lot of fun too.
  • The audience is singing happy birthday to Ian. Ian turned 39 on September 24th. “Enjoy the last year in your 30s!”
  • Ian would marry the Kanima because of Colton, kiss the Jennifer and kill the Nogitsune. (Kiss/Marry/Kill game)
  • Ian just said that he and Tyler are essentially brothers and family.
  • The scariest thing Ian has a ever done was crossing a dast moving river, jumping out of an airplane, bunjee jumping.
  • Ian doesn’t know if Peter is coming back but he would be surprised if he didn’t.
  • Peter appreciates anybody who’s manipulative and smart, he’d probably use Theo to get to Scott.
  • Ian reads pretty much all our tweets. He scrolls when he’s in bed, that’s why he accidentally follows some people.
  • Daniel Sharman crashed Ian’s panel.
  • Ian ships Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) and not Marrish (Parrish and Lydia).
  • Ian is flattered that fans miss Peter.
  • Peter hates getting his ‘alpha throne’ taken away from him.
  • Ian loves to play Peter. Says it’s fun.
  • Ian didn’t know that he would have burned marks on for his first Peter scene (scene at the hospital with Derek)
  • Ian’s hardest scene to play: Peter in the hospital with Meredith, losing his mind.
  • Ian’s most important things in his life: family, food, wine, laughter and the ability to be alive, vibrant.
  • Ian thinks Peter isn’t linked to the Dread Doctors.
  • Peter would save Lydia if she was in trouble. He’d save Lydia from Eichen House if he was in season 5[A].
  • Ian would like to play Iron Man from the Avengers.
  • DC or Marvel. “I realize this is a big deal… Whoever has Batman.” – Ian.
  • Awkward moments for Ian: when fans start crying and become hysterical. On one hand it’s adorable but on the other he doesn’t know what to do.
  • Ian feels less pressured on the Teen Wolf set than other shows. He has a lot of fun on set.
  • Daniel loves Isaac, he “built him with his own hands”, but some characteristics are messing with his head, like claustrophobia.
  • Daniel wants to know where Isaac went and what he became after he left.
  • Daniel loves Brazil and would love to go there.
  • Daniel’s biggest pet-peeves are people who walk slowly, aircrafts chairs with no space for his legs, mosquitos, sharks, etc.
  • Daniel would watch ’50 shades of grey’ with Ian, because it’s “not that far from reality”.
  • Daniel says Teen Wolf cast is like his family, they became really close friends of him. He loves them to pieces.
  • Daniel says the hardest scene to play was the ice bath.
  • Crystal wanted Allison to turn into a werewolf if she didn’t die.
  • Crystal would want to be Donald Trump for a day to know how it feels like how to be so arrogant.
  • Crystal would love to play an evil character, because it would be really fun to create such a charater.
  • Crystal prefers Scallison (Scott and Allison) to Scisaac (Scott and Isaac) because it was longer and the plot of season one.
  • Crystal on Eaddy Mays: “she makes you feel warm & like you’re the only person in the world” and that she’s an amazing mom & woman.
  • Teen Wolf was the first series Crystal’s done and she was really nervous about shooting the pilot but meeting the cast helped to relax.
  • Crystal’s life motto: to choose love at all costs.
  • Crystal would say “the size of your feet don’t matter” to her 15-yr-old self.
  • As a kid, she (Crystal) thought she had really big feet, so she would try small shoes. Right now she loves her feet.
  • The support fans have been giving her (Crystal) is so overwhelming and she’s thankful fans don’t hate her for leaving.
  • Crystal thinks she and Holland are much closer now that she’s not in Teen Wolf, she loves her to bits.
  • It was Crystal’s choice to leave TW. She felt a bit held back, plus she’s 30 and Allison is 17.
  • Crystal thinks that grandmother Argent was the love of Gerard’s life, his heart broke and he turned cold and evil after she died.
  • Crystal cried a lot before and after she left Teen Wolf. It was bittersweet.
  • Crystal’s favorite scene with Holland is the scene in the car of them talking about the boys, a simple female conversation.
  • Crystal’s dad taught her how to use a bow when she was little.
  • Crystal: the most difficult scene to play was the death of Allison’s mother. It was hard to get out of that headspace.
  • Real honest relationships make Crystal really happy. Also small things like clouds, children laughing, places that inspire you.
  • Crystal would like to come back for one episode.
  • Crystal ships Stiles and Lydia.
  • Crystal doesn’t think Allison was jealous of Kira and didn’t have any regrets of breaking up with Scott.
  • Common points with Allison, she’s stubborn, loves her family, trusts people too easily and ends up getting hurt.
  • For Crystal, the most difficult part in Hollywood is to love herself and focus on that.
  • Crystal loves Belgium, but she’s gluten free so she can’t have waffles or beer. Yes to chocolates though!
  • Crystal: “I’m sorry I don’t speak French or Spanish, I’m an uneducated American!”
  • Tyler loves how fans make him think deeper about the character. Even with Derek gone, he loves that he keeps inspiring fans.
  • Crystal loves Italian food, Tyler – sushi and Mexican, or anything spicy.
  • If Tyler could change one thing in the world, it would be intolerance.
  • Tyler’s theme song would be Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.
  • Crystal doesn’t like people taking photos without permission. She appreciates when fans respect her and ask first.
  • Tyler hates people who think they’re above others.
  • Favorite Disney movie:
    Tyler: Pirates of the Caribbean and he had a crush on Jasmine
    Crystal: Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.
  • There was meant to be a love triangle between Allison, Scott and Derek originally on the show.
  • Crystal loves talking with fans, especially one on one. It makes her feel human.
  • Tyler loves the stories from the fans and how the show changed their lives.
  • Crystal would want a funny moment between Derek and Allison. Tyler thinks they would be a great team.
  • Crystal doesn’t think Allison is really gone because the fans still keep her alive. She inspired a lot of us.
  • Ryan Kelley loves the support of fans. “The TW fans are the best thing I ever experienced”.
  • Ryan used to run around his house as a kid pretending to be Wolverine.
  • A fan asked what Ryan does when he’s having a bad day: “Go back to bed!”
  • Ryan says that Parrish’s true form was hinted on the last episode of season 5A.
  • Ryan loves acting, he doesn’t have bad experiences.
  • Ryan would set Parrish up with Coach (Orny Adams).
  • Ryan’s birds are his babies.
  • Ryan said everyone on Teen Wolf is on a great performance level. Everyone is always there for everyone on their scenes.
  • Ryan yan would want to do an episode about Parrish’ background story.
  • Ryan just said that Coach is one of his favorite characters.
  • Everyone in the cast believed that Parrish was gonna die, except Linden. Orny would go to him everyday and say “Oh you’re not dead!”
  • Ryan’s favourite couple on the show is Scott and Stiles. “They have great chemistry”.
  • Ryan loves working with Linden Ashby. He makes him feel like family. He feels blessed working with him.
  • Last lies the cast have told:
    Tyler: “I told Ian he looked young the other day.”
    Ian: “It was probably smth like Hmmm this is delicious.”
  • Ryan does’t know if Orny is coming back to Teen Wolf, he says Orny is busy with his stand-up comedy.
  • Ryan loves asking questions to the fans.
  • If he (Ryan) could change the relationships on the show, he would go back to the start and keep Scallison (Scott and Allison) and Jydia (Jackson and Lydia).
  • Tyler would be Derek if he could choose who he is on TW, cause he loves Derek. Ian would like to be Chris or the Sheriff.
  • Tyler’s idols are his family and his father.
  • Ian’s idol is his uncle cause he has an incredible moral base.
  • Ian would like to rob a bank if he could commit any crime he’d wanted and give it to his charity.
  • Tyler, Ian and Daniel telling that they don’t read fanfictions, but Ian did see the fanpics of him and Daniel.
  • Tyler is a fan of the Game of Thrones series.
  • Tyler’s fav GOT chars: Danny and Snow. Ian’s: Tyrion and Arya.
  • Question about fanfic….
    “What exactly is fanfic?” -Daniel
    “Boy with Boy.”
    “Boyd with Boyd?!” -Daniel
  • Peter is obsessed with becoming the Alpha because he wants power.
  • Ian thinks Peter only wants to be powerful, he likes the struggle more than the result.
  • Tyler says his fav european football team is Barcelona.
  • Describe your friendship in one word.
    Ian: trurstworthy
    Daniel: familiar
    Tyler: Shocking
  • Sharman would fangirl over Anthony Hopkins, Ian over Daniel Day Lewis, Hoech over Robert Downey JR.
  • Ian thinks the biggest problem in this world is bad parenting.
  • If Ian could swap bodies with someone, he’d do it with Obama to know how it feels to live in that world and make decisions.
  • On set, he’s (Ian) focused on his work. At cons he’s more focused on what’s around him, fans etc.
  • Ian and Tyler talk a lot about a Hale spin off.
  • Ian didn’t know that Malia’s mom wants to kill her. “She does? That’s rude”.
  • Some fans have proposed to Ian. He’s still deciding.
  • Peter in a sense is proud of Scott, but not ready to let him overpower him.
  • Since we only see the manipulative part of Peter, Ian tries to imagine the rest so it’s a more interesting character.
  • Peter likes Stiles a lot and wants to protect him.
  • When Ian comes to cons, especially with young people, he thinks about how he can make a difference and help them regarding bullying and stuff.
  • Ian would cook pasta, sallad and wine for his first date. He loves Italian.
  • Fav scene with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) for Holland: comedy scenes, awkward scenes, serious scenes… Basically all?
  • If Holland was asked to play Ariel for a live action movie, she would totally say yes!
  • Holland loved the cup from Beauty and the Beast, and the Charlotte’s Web.
  • Fan asks if Holland would ever dye her hair. Fans shouted NO. She would do it for a role or a wig.
  • Holland and Colton were obsessed with Ed Sheeran during the first seasons on set.
  • Holland says that Jeff Davis talked about building first a friendship between Stiles & Lydia. She doesn’t know if they’ll get together.
  • Holland teased about something good in season 5B for the Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) shippers. She can’t say more.
  • Fav season for Holland: season 3B.
  • Holland wouldn’t change her name. Sometimes she gets asked if her parents had sex in Holland or if she speaks Dutch.
  • Holland wanted to be an astronaut when she was little. She wanted to go to space camp.
  • Holland would love to marry a guy named Spain, so she could name her child Ireland.
  • Teasers for season 5B: it’s literally a continuation of 5A, it picks right up. It’s also told in the past.
  • Holland’s beauty tips: it’s not always really the good skin, but also lightning! Light helps!
  • “Be present and be happy. Embrace everything.” Holland about giving beauty tips to girls.
  • She doesn’t own most of the clothes she wears in red carpets. She has to return them.
  • Holland doesn’t believe on spending too much on clothes. Only on things that compliment you or colors that are always handy.
  • Holland’s favorite kiss: she liked the one with Stiles because she knew fans would like it, but also felt bad because it was misleading.
  • Most funny kiss was with Colton. It’s also funny to kiss Ryan because they (Holland and Ryan) have known each other for years.
  • Holland would love to move to the Netherlands, loves Amsterdam, Paris.
  • Most beautiful thing Crystal has learnt is to let go of the things you can’t control.
  • Crystal loves Arden and thinks Scott and Kira are cute together.
  • Crystal’s best moments with Holland were the Comic Cons they did together.
  • Holland can’t put her own makeup on, Crystal is teaching her. Crystal says she’s doing great herself.
  • Barbara Vasquez (Teen Wolf’s costume designer) is great at working with the cast on outfits. ‘If you have to debate it, take it off’.
  • Crystal would listen to Florence and the Machine before scenes.
  • The Orphan Masters Son is a recent book that Crystal has loved.
  • Crystal would love to play Clare Danes character in Homeland.
  • Crystal used to want to be a child psychologist.
  • Crystal golfs a lot in her free time.
  • In a fight between Kira and Allison, Kira is great in close contract, but Allison would win from long distance.
  • Crystal dances jazz and hip hop and beginner ballet in her free time.
  • Cutest gift Crystal receives are the fan books. The weirdest is the fan that drove to her parents house with a letter.
  • In school, Crystal was captain of the dance team, president of drama club, in broadcasting community and in Spanish club.
  • Crystal was never the popular girl. High school was lonely and she felt ostracised by the other girls.
  • The mean girl in the school went around all of the ‘vote Crystal’ posters in high school and drew moustaches on them. She was devastated, but the next day printed out moustaches to hand out to fight back. She won.
  • Crystal: “screw oppressive people!”
  • Crystal loves Avenue Q, and Grease.
  • Crystal on feminism: it’s open to interpretation. Extremism is dangerous, and it taints what people think of feminism. It means she embraces her body and thoughts.Women are exploited in Hollywood, and she fights against it every day. (paraphrased)
  • Fashion wise Crystal is inspired by the cities and cultures she’s in. She thinks Michelle Obama, Diane Keating has amazing style.
  • Crystal: “it would be really fun to come back as another character. Maybe like a villain.”
  • Actors in 1 word by Crystal:
    Tyler H: genuine
    Tyler P: optimistic
    Dylan: energetic
    Holland: inspiring
    Ian: intelligent
  • Holland loves Australia, it says it’s very vibrant and clean.
  • Holland once trapped a squirrel in her tree house because she wanted it to love her. She’d feed it nuts.
  • Ryan briefly thought he’d want to be an architect. Holland wanted to be an astronaut.
  • Holland likes dark comedy musicals. She loves Kinky Boots.
  • Ryan doesn’t like musicals. He can watch them but they don’t immerse him.
  • Holland thinks MTV did a good job of having Lydia not being stereotypical. It makes Teen Wolf different to other high school shows.
  • Holland puts Meet the Parents on for Fievel while she’s working. She’s probably seen it over 1000 times now.
  • Holland says the cast doesn’t do pranks anymore.
  • Holland and Colton pranked Jeff (executive producer) saying that she was pregnant in season 2. He was not impressed.
  • Holland says her favorite body part are her knee caps. She asked Ryan what was his… He was shaking his head and blushing. He ended up replying that his favorite body part are his eyes.
  • Ryan thought JR hated him. He wouldn’t talk to JR because he looked too serious when he saw him.
  • Holland just told the fans some on set gossip. Max said a girl on set was really cute to a series regular. The girl was the series regular’s girlfriend.
  • Ryan found it hilarious to play the Lydia+Parrish gross-y kiss scene.
  • Tyler said he belongs in the Stark house without any hesitation. Ian said he’d probably be in the Lannister one.
  • Tyler would love to be the kanima (not to wear the costume), Ian would love to be a banshee, he loves the banshee’s power.
  • Tyler and Ian would love to go 500 years into the future.
  • They keep teasing each other about their age. Tyler to Ian: “you’re going to be a grandpa Peter soon”.
  • The most difficult scene to play: Tyler – Boyd’s death, Ian (second time I’ve seen this question around for Ian) – in the hospital with Meredith.
  • The favorite place to be: both agreed on ‘home’.
  • A fan asked Ian and Tyler to dance macarena again. They said Daniel is better at dancing.
  • Who would you go on a date with from Beacon Hills: Tyler – Braeden (he asked who was 18+ first), Ian – Jennifer Blake.
  • Inspirational speech by Tyler about the religions that people choose. People need to be more tolerant.
  • Hoechlin’s parents never told him to get “a real job” always supportive and his biggest fans.
  • If Tyler couldn’t be in the GOT, he’d be in the House of Cards.
  • Tyler’s favorite movies – The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Night.
  • If Derek would find someone to marry he’d have a private intimate wedding. He’d probably cry, Scott would be his flower boy.
  • Tyler would be in Gryffindor and Derek in Slytherin (talking about Harry Potter)
  • Ryan would love to be Spiderman or one of the X-Men.
  • Ryan auditioned for Spiderman.
  • Ryan hates it when people won’t listen and he hates bad drivers.
  • Ryan hates spiders. Ryan would rather die than stick his head in a box full of spiders.
  • Ryan about Lydia and Parrish:
    “I think they’ll get together. There’s such a strong connection. they have a lot in common.”
  • Ryan’s parents weren’t fully on board with him being an actor, his mom wanted him to go to college, but they supported him.
  • Daniel would kiss Allison, marry Davina (The Originals) and kill Lydia.
  • Tyler described Ryan as heartfelt.
  • Tyler described Tyler Posey as a free, open and loving person and he loves him very much.
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    Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien can currently be found running like crazy in ‘The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails” and the movie is racing past ‘Black Mass’;

    A busy weekend at the box office saw a slew of new openings and some solid debuts, as Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials easily won the weekend with an estimated $30.3 million.

    Although most expected Scorch Trials to earn about $35 million, it actually fell short of the original Maze Runner’s $32.5 million debut. Still, it’s a strong opening for the adaptation of James Dashner’s young adult novel, which earned a B+ CinemaScore and stars Dylan O’Brien as a teenager struggling to survive in a scorched wasteland.


    September 24, 2015

    I have added photos of Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho looking stunning as always during a photosession. Photos are added to our photo archive!


    September 21, 2015

    Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho attended the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30 and I finally have added the photos to our photo archive!


    September 20, 2015

    MTV is bringing two of its heaviest hitters — well, a heavy hitter and a soon-to-be heavy hitter — to New York Comic-Con next month;

    First, the cast of Teen Wolf (specific attendees TBD) will assemble Friday, Oct. 9 at 5:45/4:45c on the Javits Center’s Empire Stage to discuss the insanity parade that was Season 5A and offer a sneak peek at the madness still to come in 5B. (Did I mention the panel will be moderated by yours truly?)


    September 19, 2015

    Earlier this week there were rumors saying that Tyler Posey would leave MTV’s Teen Wolf. Fans were completely freaking out when show runner Jeff Davis suggested that someone might take over Tyler Posey’s lead role on the show starting in season seven.

    Of course Tyler’s not leaving Teen Wolf! He slammed down those rumors with this epic tweet;

    So, Teen Wolf fans… No worries! 😉

    September 12, 2015

    When you watch ​Teen Wolf​, you know you’re sitting down for an hour of high-stakes plot twists. But even for ​Teen Wolf​, this week’s mid-season finale (recap here) was just asdlkfjdalkj A LOT.​

    Executive producer Jeff Davis talked to TVLine about what exactly went down during the season 5A finale, and what you can expect to see when season 5B airs in January.

    One of the finale’s major surprises was that Parrish is actually a hellhound. But it turns out that if you paid careful attention all along, you might have figured it out.

    “I’d heard that several people online had guessed it, and I was really happy to see that,” Jeff said. “We laid out quite a few clues, so we were hoping the clever ones would get it… The first clue was the Wild Hunt in 501, which was known to be connected to black dogs and hellhounds.​​”

    Parrish’s story also made headlines because he held hands with Lydia, which is one of the first times they’ve connected outside his hallucinations.

    According to Jeff, “That first moment where Lydia takes his hand in the jail cell is her acknowledging she has feelings for him as well.​”

    Sounds exciting! Not to mention ~*romantic*~.

    One of the most heartbreaking moments of the ep came when Stiles destroyed his beloved Jeep, unofficially dubbed Roscoe by fans. (Which is crazy, considering that ​actual people​ died, but whatev.) But if you were sad about the demise of the car, don’t worry! Jeff promises that Roscoe will eventually return.

    As for Scott, remember, he was technically dead for 15 minutes. So, will that affect him next season?

    “He’s going to come back a different person,” Jeff says. “A lot of this season was about Scott failing as a leader, and how he’s learned from those failures. We’re going to see an older, wiser Scott in the second half of Season 5.”

    Speaking of 5B, Jeff confirmed the theme of the second half of the season will be Scott’s pack vs. Theo’s pack, saying, “They’re definitely going to be up against each other.”​

    And finally, WHAT was that cryptic drawing the Doctors discovered at the end of the episode? If you study French, you might have a chance at figuring out the mystery.

    “There’s a French word that the Doctors are repeating over and over,” Jeff said. “I can tell you that Season5B is a clash of titans, and both of the titans in that [drawing] are… well, one of them is somebody you already know. The one surrounded by fire.”


    September 7, 2015