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Fans have been speculating about seeing a familiar face this season on Teen Wolf, and in a sit-down with PEOPLE, the cast and executive producer Russell Mulcahy teased that there might be an “appearance.”

Could it be Allison (Crystal Reed) in a flashback? Jackson (Colton Haynes) visiting from London? Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) stopping by Beacon Hills?

“As far as actors coming back, there’s always so many different forms in which they can come back, but that’s all I’ll say,” Holland Roden, who plays Lydia, told PEOPLE at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, on Sunday.

“The people that didn’t die, there’s a chance they may come back. But I don’t think we raise from the dead,” Mulcahy said before being corrected by his stars – Peter! Kate! – and joking, “What happened to my mythology?”

“As long as you have your head on, you’re fine,” he clarified.

Season 5 means senior year for Lydia, Scott (Tyler Posey), Malia (Shelley Hennig) and the rest of the gang – sorry, pack. The new school year is going to expose a lot of insecurities for the characters beyond the daily battle of good vs. evil, and it brings to the forefront a dreaded question every teen TV show eventually faces: What to do after graduation?

Posey, 23, said he’s excited to see how everyone handles the transition.

“It’s such its own character in the show, the high school. It’s been there since the beginning, and most of our scenes are in the high school,” he said. “It’s definitely their home. But I think it’s going to be cool. I don’t think it will hurt the quality of the show at all. I think it opens doors. We can do different things. Maybe we can go to college. We’ll just transfer high school to college. We’re not going anywhere.”

But first, Mulcahy, 61, promises the season 5 premiere – which is told in retrospect with time jumps – is “probably one of the scariest, action-packed episodes we’ve done,” as well as “one of the most emotional episodes we’ve done for a while. It really deals with the characters’ hearts and emotions and the trials that they’re going through.”

“The first episode feels like a finale,” added Hennig, 28. “And you don’t get bored after, it’s just more information and action-packed stuff.”

Here’s what she, Posey and Roden had to say about what’s happening with their characters when the series returns:

• He’s going to be okay without Derek.
“Toward the end of Derek’s time on the show, he really realized that Scott turned into an alpha. Derek was thinking, ‘He doesn’t need me anymore.’ And I think that’s kind of what ignited Derek to want to leave – his time was served,” Posey said.

“There’s always stuff to learn, and there’s always a good ally in Derek, but I think Scott knows that he doesn’t need him anymore and he can handle stuff on his own. He’s definitely sad and bummed about it, as I am, but I think he’s good.”

• There’s a bump in his relationship with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) – but that’s normal.
“They’re best friends. I mean, Dylan and I, I love that man so much. We’re pretty tight, and we’ve had a couple of arguments along the way. Because you know, we lived with each other,” Posey said. “But literally only two arguments, and then later we talk about it and we’re like, ‘I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry, dude.’ ”

As for their characters?
“Best friends go through things, and Stiles and Scott are very different in their beliefs and their ability. Scott’s a werewolf, Stiles is a human, and it gets in the way a lot,” he said. “Scott is very stubborn about his beliefs, and sometimes Stiles isn’t able to do things the way Scott can.”

“Or to understand,” Hennig chimed in. “It’s hard for Stiles to understand what Scott’s mentality is.”

In the end, “It’s just normal friendship. I like the fact that they are doing it, and it shows true colors and friends,” Posey said. “Dylan and I have some great stuff coming up this season.”


• She’s kicking butt like never before.

Roden, 28, amped up her fighting skills with the help of the stunt coordinator, but she said it remains to be seen what happened to Lydia.
“You will find out later in the season if this is a supernatural aspect or if this is just a human-learned-skill aspect,” she said. “So that’s to come.”

• She’ll learn to control her banshee powers more.
“Yes, I think so,” Roden said coyly.


• There will be some growing pains with her and Stiles.
“First we need to see if Malia can even make it into her senior year. That is something you learn a little bit about in the first episode. As you know, she struggles with math and probably other classes, probably all of them, but she’s working really hard because she wants to stay with her pack,” Hennig said.

She continued, “As far as their relationship goes, I think every relationship is going to be tested this season, with the human side, it just being senior year. What are Malia’s plans? What are Stiles’ plans? Who knows. And Scott’s been there before Malia, so I’m sure Scott and Stiles have their plan, and Malia’s just trying to follow along the same path, but it may not be possible for her. I actually have no clue.”

• The season will explore Malia’s family and heritage.
“The Desert Wolf is something we mentioned at the end of season 4, and it’s definitely a story line that will continue,” Hennig said. “You’ll learn more. I can’t tell you when, or how soon.

“Malia, she’s got so many parental issues. Who’s ya daddy? Who’s ya mama?” she added, laughing. “She never knows.”

“It’s like a good old Maury episode,” Roden quipped.

June 9, 2015

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards will be held on a Sunday, August 16 at 8/7c LIVE on FOX, and the website released its first wave of nominees;

Choice Movie:
Furious 7
Kingsman: The Secret Service
San Andreas
The Maze Runner (starring Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien as Thomas)

Choice Movie Actor:
Ansel Elgort – Insurgent
Dylan O’Brien – The Maze Runner
Paul Walker – Furious 7
Taylor Lautner – Tracers
Theo James – Insurgent
Vin Diesel – Furious 7

June 9, 2015

Tyler Posey will be hosting Teen Wolf’s Wolf Watch which means we get to enjoy Tyler more after each Teen Wolf episode!
Tyler Posey confirmed the news on MTV’s snapchat page. Hypable also confirms;

Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) will be hosting the Teen Wolf after show Wolf Watch for season 5.

Posey took over MTV’s SnapChat today (username: MTV) to make a special announcement: The Teen Wolf star will be the new host of Wolf Watch.

Wolf Watch will be going into its third year as the Teen Wolf after show. The first two years were hosted by Kate Argent actress Jill Wagner, but this year Posey will be taking over the show, and we’re sure to get some great moments as he interacts with his fellow cast members.

Posey has been on Wolf Watch as a guest several times, and he even had his own segment called Posey’s Poll that resulted in some hilarious antics with his co-stars.

This year, though, Posey will be front and center! This isn’t the first time Posey has been a host, having done the gig for the MTV Teen Choice Awards in 2014.

Posey is a funny, charismatic guy full of energy, and we have no doubt he’ll bring something unique to the table for Wolf Watch.

If you’re unfamiliar, Wolf Watch airs after the show each week, bringing cast members and special guests onto the set to discuss that week’s episode in detail. They also often play games, have fun stats, and even bring on fans of the show to ask questions to their favorite actors.

Teen Wolf’s fifth season starts June 29th on MTV at 10pm and the second episode will air right after the premiere of the series Scream at 9pm, so be sure to tune in!

June 8, 2015

On television, they might still be teenagers. But in real life, the cast of Teen Wolf is over 21. Which means EW didn’t break any laws when we got Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, and Holland Roden together a couple weeks ago for Three Rounds of socially lubricated conversation. Below, an excerpt from the beginning of our conversation. (Teen Wolf returns on June 29.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Drinking with Teen Wolf would’ve been illegal a couple of years ago. Did you celebrate your 21st birthdays together?
TYLER POSEY: We all went to Vegas for my birthday!
DYLAN O’BRIEN: One of the darkest weekends of our lives.
HOLLAND RODEN: I was the only girl.
POSEY: Do you remember when I hit on you?
RODEN: Tyler makes every girl feel really beautiful, because he’s always hitting on us.

Dylan, has Tyler ever hit on you?
O’BRIEN: Me more than anyone.
POSEY: I kiss him all the time.
RODEN: They’ve seen each other’s butts probably more than I’ve seen either of their butts.
POSEY: [to Dylan] I don’t think I’ve ever seen your butt before.
O’BRIEN: I’ve seen yours multiple times.

Get more fun with the cast of Teen Wolf in the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now.


June 5, 2015

Even though Teen Wolf’s fifth season is almost here – JUNE 29th! – we can enjoy the gag reel of Teen Wolf’s fourth season;

June 2, 2015

Here are some Teen Wolf season 5 character details;

Teen Wolf Season 5A Description:
On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation. New villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.

SCOTT MCCALL (Tyler Posey) – Ever since the fateful night when he was bitten by Peter and turned into a werewolf, Scott and his pack have taken on any threat to come to Beacon Hills, be it Darach, Alpha Pack, deranged hunters or a thousand year old Japanese spirit. Now their greatest challenge lies before them: senior year. With his pack behind him, Scott prepares for the struggle of Senior Year, unaware of new threats gathering around him.

STILES STILINSKI (Dylan O’Brien) – Going into his Senior Year, Stiles remains hopeful for his friends to stay together well after graduation. Ever a thorn in his father’s side, Stiles continues to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Sheriff Stilinski knows that Stiles always means well and will do absolutely anything for his friends.

LYDIA MARTIN (Holland Roden) – Despite being eligible for an early graduation, Lydia has decided to remain with her friends so they can be together for their final year of high school. She continues to hone her Banshee powers, with plenty left to learn. After years of hiding behind a false veneer, the true woman beneath has emerged to take her place in Scott’s pack. She has also grown closer to Deputy Parrish while trying to help him wade through the mystery of his emerging powers.

KIRA YUKIMURA (Arden Cho) – Kira has finally found the group of friends that she’s always wanted. She, Malia and Lydia couldn’t be closer and her relationship with Scott is just about perfect. Both her Kitsune abilities and her sword remain sharper than ever. While she could not be more excited about Senior Year and the prospect of graduating with the group of friends she cares about so deeply, the Kitsune spirit inside her may have other plans.

MALIA TATE (Shelley Hennig) – To say that high school has been a struggle for Malia is an understatement. Having spent more time in the woods of Beacon Hills than out of them, Malia constantly feels the pressure to be normal. Surrounded by her friends and with Stiles at her side, Malia has found where she belongs in the world and is always ready to take on whatever comes her way – especially a fight.

LIAM DUNBAR (Dylan Sprayberry) – The newest member of Scott’s pack and his first true Beta, Liam still struggles at times with the whole ‘being a teen wolf’ thing. But with Scott as his leader and mentor, they have continued to tame Liam’s anger. This proves to be difficult at times since his best friend Mason has no idea what Liam is and what he’s been up to with Scott’s pack. To make matters worse, a familiar face from Liam’s past resurfaces at the start of his Sophomore Year.

MASON HEWITT (Khylin Rhambo) – Ever at his best friend Liam’s side, Mason is ready for his sophomore year. But he knows there’s something weird about Beacon Hills, something lurking just under the surface. After he and Lydia were attacked by a Berserker, Mason is ready for more than just a glimpse of whatever is really going on. He wants to dive right in. Unfortunately, he may get his chance sooner than he expects.

JORDAN PARRISH (Ryan Kelley) – After being mysteriously drawn to Beacon Hills, Parrish has settled into his role as a Sheriff’s Deputy. He is determined to prove to Sheriff Stilinski that he’s worthy of his trust despite his recent assignments consisting mostly of paperwork. With Lydia’s help, Parrish continues his search for the meaning behind his supernatural powers, each of them unaware of the danger creeping ever closer as their lives become more entangled.

HAYDEN ROMERO (Victoria Moroles) – Starting her sophomore year, Hayden never expected Liam, her grade-school enemy, to step back into her life. Now she has to juggle work, school, a sister in the Sheriff’s department, and the vengeance she seeks against Liam.

THEO RAEKEN (Cody Christian) – Theo never thought he’d ever return to Beacon Hills. When he learned that Scott McCall, his grade-school friend, was not only a werewolf, but a True Alpha, Theo knew that the time was right to come home to find a pack. When Theo seeks out Scott, he’s automatically considered an outsider by Stiles. Now Theo must prove to Scott and the rest of the pack that he’s worthy of their trust as well as their friendship. ​


June 2, 2015

Only 27 days left and then it’s finally here: the Teen Wolf season 5 premiere! Here are some season premiere spoilers;

Teen Wolf‘s fifth season promises to change all the rules for Scott and his pack of supernatural misfits. And after getting a first look at the June 29 premiere (MTV, 10/9c), I can promise it’s worth the wait.

And while I can’t give away any major spoilers — the wrath of MTV is far more terrifying than any “Doctor” in Beacon Hills — I’ve been given the thumbs-up to share some of my first impressions from the episode, five to be exact. Ready? Let’s do this:

* Long-suffering Lydia fans, especially those lamenting the scene-stealer’s lack of meaty material in seasons past, will love what the premiere has in store for everyone’s favorite banshee.

* At least one new ‘ship will likely be born when fans watch the premiere — while another existing ‘ship will get some much needed wind in its sails.

* Derek may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten. He of the Legendary Eyebrows is mentioned several times throughout the premiere, along with another fallen favorite.

* Cody Christian fits effortlessly into the world of Teen Wolf, though it’s unlikely your final opinion of his new character will be formed by the end of the hour.

* Lastly, as always, pray for Stiles.


June 2, 2015

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