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Here’s a 30 second preview of Teen Wolf’s 5×01: “Creatures of the Night” airing June 29th on MTV;

"They're coming for us all." Don't miss the 2 NIGHT premiere of Teen Wolf starting June 29th at 10/9c on MTV.

Posted by Teen Wolf on vrijdag 19 juni 2015

June 20, 2015


MTV and Teen Wolf’s executive producer Jeff Davis cordially invite you to the grand opening of the Teen Wolf fanart exhibit, showcasing a collection of works from Teen Wolf fans across the globe!

Join Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey on Thursday, June 25th, at the art directors club from 6-8pm!
The exhibit will remain open on weekdays from June 25th-July 2nd for your viewing pleasure.

Want to be involved?!
Apart from the works commissioned, the Grand Opening will feature a slideshow showcasing art work submitted by fans. If you’d like your work to be showcased in our slideshow, submit your art via Tumblr using #TeenWolfExhibit.


NEW YORK, NY 10001
TEL.: 212-643-1440

Space is limited.
Entrance will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

June 19, 2015

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey will be hosting the 2015 Fandom Awards on July 12th with Bella Thorne;

Tyler Posey has a very important announcement about the Fandom Awards!!

Posted by Teen Wolf on dinsdag 16 juni 2015

June 17, 2015

Teen Wolf’s official page released the first five minutes of the June 29th premiere of Teen Wolf last night;

Be sure to tune in for the Teen Wolf season 5 premiere on June 29th at 10pm and June 30th at 9pm!

June 16, 2015

I have found descriptions of the first upcoming Teen Wolf episodes;

5×01: Creatures Of The Night (June, 29 2015)
The Season 5 premiere opens on the eve of senior year: Scott and his pack deal with the arrival of a new enemy and the return of an old friend.

5×02: Parasomnia (June, 30 2015)
Stiles is suspicious of a new classmate; and Lydia helps a student with night terrors.

5×03: Dreamcatchers (July 6, 2015)
Scott tracks a new shapeshifter that’s threatening Stilinski; and Malia receives information about her mother.

5×04: Condition Terminal (TBA)

June 14, 2015

Some Teen Wolf updates would be much appreciated! Particularly Stiles and Lydia-related. –Alexandra
If you’re hoping for something romantic between the former flames, you’re sadly out of luck. But if you’re as into both characters as you appear to be, you’ll definitely be hitting the rewind button during the June 29 premiere. They both deliver insane, gasp-worthy moments that will leave you worried about them for weeks to come.


June 12, 2015

Teen Wolf Fans! Here’s your chance to with a trip to the set;

You didn’t miss a beat from all four seasons of Teen Wolf you troll the entertaining cast on their respective social acocunts, and you have the series’ MTV News feed bookmarked on Chrome. Hey, it’s not creepy and stalkerish — it’s dedication! And you could get rewarded for it BIG TIME.

Leading up to the two-part Season 5 premiere on Monday, June 29 at 10/9c — and a special episode airing on Tuesday, June 30 at 9/8c — MTV is blessing us with a “TW” Season 4 marathon where you can relive the madness surrounding The Benefactor and its spine-tingling dead pool.

Kicking off at 9am ET on June 29, the TV event will feature “100 Things About Teen Wolf as presented by the cast, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes details, personal experiences on the show, teasers for the upcoming season and much more. That’s not all — fans can actively participate in the extravaganza by testing their werewolf wits with a little game we like to call “Wolfpack Trivia.” Exciting, right?

Viewers/enthusiasts will then use their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to earn points by answering questions about the series — via mtv.com/wolfpacktrivia — as they appear on-air. (Nice try, but the game hasn’t started yet! The link will be live on June 29.) Results will be calculated in real time thanks to a televised leaderboard featuring the top five participants, giving fans the chance to see themselves on TV! THE BEST PART? “Wolfpack Trivia” participants will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a trip to the actual Teen Wolf set. No guarantees as to whether or not any spilled blood and carnage will be wiped up in advance of your trip.

+ Be sure to participate in “Wolfpack Trivia” during the Season 4 marathon on Monday, June 29th, from 9am to 10pm ET on MTV! We suggest setting a calendar reminder.


June 11, 2015

We’re less than three weeks away from the highly-anticipated premiere of Teen Wolf and we can’t wait until the pack comes back!

Just Jared JR got an early peek at the season five premiere episode and we assure you, it’s action-packed and…well, completely frightening.

In fact, it’s very reminiscent of the earlier seasons when the show was more character-focused and mythology was merely a backdrop for the drama. We are loving it so far!

Here are five things to expect from the new season:

1. Senioritis. Well, kinda.
Aside from the fact that Malia (Shelley Hennig) may not even be a senior, our favorite Beacon Hills pack is adjusting to the finality of high school and what that means for their friendships. One character in particular is having a hard time thinking about the future.

2. Scott taking charge
With Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) out of the picture, Scott (Tyler Posey) is embracing his True Alpha-ness and acting as a sort of mentor to Liam (Dylan Sprayberry). Things are coming very full-circle.

3. Lots more Parrish
The Deputy (Ryan Kelley) is determined to prove his worth at work, all the while trying to navigate his supernatural side.

4. Time jumps
If you ever felt confused after watching an episode of Teen Wolf, prepare yourself because things are about to get a lot more complicated. The premiere features some flash forwards that will have your head spinning – in a good way!

5. A surprise return!
In the first few minutes of the episode, a familiar face comes back…and that’s all we can say about that.

Don’t forget – Teen Wolf returns on Monday, June 29 @ 10PM on MTV!

June 10, 2015

I have been contacted by MCS Bracelets & More a while ago. They showed me some awesome Teen Wolf bracelets. I think they’re so adorable that I believe they deserve at least a notice from Teen Wolf Online. So if you think they’re the cutest, be sure to shop their items HERE!





Product Information:
You can change every color from the bracelet or the beads. Or you can also mix and match together all the charms you want!
Just get in contact with us, we´re happy to create a unique bracelet for you.

Currency Information:
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We´ll send the invoice in Euro, but Paypal change the currency so you can pay with every currency.

Shipping Information:
We ship worldwide via registered airmail.

Contact Information:

Teen Wolf Online is not responsible for anything related to orders and such, so Teen Wolf Online does not take any responsibility whatsoever regarding these items!

June 10, 2015

Here’s your chance to meet Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden in Malibu on June 14th! You also receive two tickets to the CMH Empathy Rocks event;

There’s no better way to kick off summer than going wild at Children Mending Heart’s annual fun-in-the-sun ‘Empathy Rocks’ charity event, taking place this year on Sunday June 14th in Malibu, CA!

Your 2 tickets get you an all-access pass to the festivities, which include delicious food, refreshing drinks, shopping a variety of brands at the bazaar, and too many activities to count!

Last year, guests were able to choose between relaxing with a massage, snagging a custom screen print Tee, or – if they were feeling really energetic – could jump on our surf simulators, climb the rock wall, or get crafty at one of our art tables.

At ‘Empathy Rocks’ we always have something for kids of all ages, and one thing’s for sure – you’re in for guaranteed fun. Of course, the most important thing about ‘Empathy Rocks’ is that everyone there has the shared goal of raising funds and awareness for Children Mending Hearts!

One of our most cherished, long-time supporters is none other than Holland Roden, star of MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf. Holland is thrilled to be attending ‘Empathy Rocks’ this year as one of our honorees, and you and your guest will have the special experience of a meet-and-greet and photo op with Holland!

Don’t miss this opportunity to raise money, have fun, and meet one of the best and brightest actresses working today!

Additional details:

  • Valid for 2 people.
  • Meet and greet will be in a group setting.
  • Experience is only valid for the CMH Empathy Rocks event on June 14, 2015 from 1pm-4pm.
  • Not valid for any other event or time.
  • Cannot be rescheduled.
  • If an attendee is a minor, the other attendee must be a parent or legal guardian.
  • Valid photo ID may be requested.
  • Meet & greet with Holland will be coordinated by on-site contact and will be at a time that is convenient for Holland during the event.
  • Interaction with any celebrities at the event is not guaranteed.
  • Other than from Holland Roden, pictures or autographs are not guaranteed for any other talent in attendance and at the discretion of the talent.
  • We ask that guests are respectful of celebrities’ personal space and time at this event.
  • Cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
  • Cannot be transferred.
  • Travel and accommodations are not included.
  • We expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must.
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    June 9, 2015

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