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Chris Gann - Teen Wolf s05e03

Chris Gann confirmed on Twitter that he is guest starring on Teen Wolf’s season 5; episode 3.

May 7, 2015

Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden, Ryan Kelley, Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen, Charlie Carver and Max Carver were in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, last weekend to attend WolfCon. Thanks to fans and this MEGAPOST I can share a bunch of info as well as photos. I have added a few to our photogallery;

Credit: Twitter; Holland Roden NL on Tumblr; A Beta In The Sterek Pack on Tumblr

Teen Wolf’s Ian Bohen, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Kelley, Max Carver and Charlie Carver are in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) right now (May 2nd) to attend WolfCon 2015. Jamie Christlow is hosting the event. The event takes place on May 2nd and May 3rd. I will be updating this post filled with Teen Wolf spoilers, photos and more whenever I can;



  • Tyler Hoechlin would want George Clooney and Max Carver in his celebrity pack.
  • Tyler Hoechlin is dancing like a total dork.
  • Charlie Carver would like to play the son of matt damon together with max in a movie: the born twins.
  • The raveparty in Derek’s appartment took 8 days to film while normally it takes 2 days to film.
  • The first day they were on the teen wolf set, they got custom made fangs and ears for the werewolf make up.
  • The werewolf make-up takes 2 hours to put on.
  • Max and Charlie used to fake die in the pool all the time, they’d like to learn how to die.
  • Max: “Holland is the sweetest girl in the world…. and a great country.
  • Max is lefthanded, Charlie is righthanded, Max is awesome, Charlie is…. more awesome.
  • Max told us to call Ian Bohen Harry Potter because he has the scar on his forehead.
  • Charlie first auditioned for Isaac, then Jeff asked them to play the twins, they weren’t sure at first but then agreed.
  • Advice from Max Carver: if you’re in a bad mood call a friend or go outside.
  • Max Carver calls Peter “Uncle Peteh”.
  • Max literally asked Dutch fans for Dutch words and he wrote them down and just called someone an asshole in Dutch.
  • Ian’s dreamjob would be James Bond, he would do that forever. Tyler would play james bond too.
  • “If you could be stuck in someone’s body, who would it be?”
    Tyler: “that can be meant in so many ways….”
  • Ian would be Barack Obama, roll down the office in his boxers and give orders. Tyler would be a pro-baseball player.
  • Ian and Tyler have such great chemistry.
  • Ian and Tyler once had a picture with someone and she grabbed their butts at the time they made it.
  • Ian said, Stiles is dynamic and interesting and noble and he hasn’t killed anybody. that’s why he is his fave.
  • Stiles is Tyler’s favorite character too.
  • Ian’s life themesong would be “Eye of the Tiger.
  • Tyler’s life themesong would be “All You Need Is Love. “So sentimental” -Ian.
  • “Daniel Sharman is going to be James Bond and then none of us is going to talk to him anymore.” -Tyler Hoechlin.
  • Ian’s favorite scene to shoot is when they tried to figure out how to get in the vault.
  • Tyler’s favorite scene to shoot was when Derek was possessed by the nogitsune.
  • Celebrity crush? Ian: all his cast mates. Eva green and a man crush on JR.
  • ian bohen and tyler hoechlin would really love to make a spin-off for the Hale family.
  • People told me i could put some make up, but i was like: i look RAD.” Ian on his scar.
  • Job instead of actor? Ian: history teacher or chef Tyler: baseball coach or construction.
  • What they learnt about their characters? Ian: focus on something specific Tyler: Derek started liking people before he knew it.
  • Hardest thing they had to do to prepare for a role? Tyler: diet and growing (and walk around with) a mustache.
  • Food they would eat every day for their entire life? Ian: pasta Tyler: sushi or Mexican.

  • Update May 3rd [Day 2]:


  • Ryan entered the panel room, screamed YEEEES and left.
  • Charlie and Max switched places in middle school in finals week and got in big trouble when they found out.
  • They also went on a double date and switched their dates bc they liked each other’s date better.
  • Ryan said it would take a while for Parrish’s storyline to reveal itself completely. We wont know right away what he is.
  • Parrish was supposed to be a hunter working undercover for Argent, but they changed his storyline after 3B.
  • There will be naked Parrish scenes. Other than that, Ryan is reallt excited about his storyline.
  • Max and Ian are really competitive when it comes to games like Pictionary things got heated last night.
  • Max almost ran over someone with his bike but he keeps insisting it was charlie, not him.
  • If Ian could write Peter’s end on the show, he would have him save scott to redeem himself and then die.
  • Ian really loves Peter and got all quiet and grumpy when a girl said she considered Peter as 100% bad.
  • Holland feels like the industry is deathly when it comes to curvier girls and is really grateful Jeff hired her.
  • Holland regrets being raised on junkfood. She feels like Europeans are a lot more healthier than americans.
  • Holland considers herself a curvier girl. She says her weight isnt considered “normal” for someone her height in the US.
  • Charlie is really afraid of heights and went sky diving to get over it. It didnt help. He almost vomited.
  • Ryan says Parrish might be getting some romance next season but maybe not with the person we expect.
  • Holland loves that the men on Teen Wolf have to look physically fit 24/7 and the girls don’t.
  • Max wants to be a Wox. A werewolf/fox.
  • Max and Charlie are saying “ik hou van jou” aka I love you to each other like a full conversation.
  • Max is stil sooooo bitter about Aiden dying he mentions it every 5 minutes.
  • No one knows how to play Lacrosse on Teen Wolf. Max does but his character (Aiden) is dead.
  • Max and Charlie were the only werewolves that were an alpha, beta AND omega on the show.
  • Charlie has a great sense of direction. He thinks it’s a superpower, but a lame one.
  • Hero they want to be? Charlie: can I say Legolas? Max: maxstic – LOL.
  • Max wants to sell Charlie for 45€ bc he speaks french loves to cook is a great stripper and can build very well.
  • Max to Charlie: “jij bent een klootzak.” (You’re an asshole in Dutch).
  • Charlie would like to have dinner with dumbledore. Max said he wants that too.
  • The twins watched Dylan O’Brien’s Youtube video on the Spice Girls’ Wannabe.
  • You can buy Charlie at the red lights because he’s a great stripper, haha.
  • Charlie makes a pillownest, grabs snacks and cries about movies.
  • Max is singing ‘steal my girl’ of One Direction hahaha.
  • All the 1D fans are freaking out bc charlie said they ‘melted zayn’s face’ at the wax museum.
  • Max had a quick and awkward romantic scene with Britt Robertson.
  • Max saw the Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 and he thinks it’s the best so far. He thinks he would be Katniss.
  • Someone asked the last question to Charlie and Max just opened his sodacan and started slurping in his mic, great great.
  • Jamie (the host) is doing a talk show to entertain the audience.
  • Ian likes physics and astronomy. Tyler loves everything about the universe and watch discovery channel.
  • Ian wants to convince Tyler to tweet more.
  • Living with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien was like watching his own TV show. He said they were like Joey and Chandler from Friends. -Tyler Hoechlin.
  • Tyler wouldnt want to work with taxes, Ian wouldn’tt want to be a truck driver.
  • Ian watched Valentino Rossi today.
  • The dumbest thing ian has heard from hoechlin is “we’ll just have ONE more drink”.
  • Ian has NO idea where Lydia got the picture of Peter she shows in season 3.
  • Embarrassing story from the set? Tyler told again the story about when he kissed Shelley (Malia) instead of Jill (Kate Argent) – and that’s how Tyler met Shelley for the first time. Shelley said it was a warm welcome and she had to go outside so her face wouldn’t be red anymore.
  • Ian is enjoying his coffee and is laughing at Tyler drinking hot coco.
  • Peter would never hurt Lydia. Ian doesn’t know if it’s a crush, he doesn’t think it’s romantic but he respects her.
  • Which character they would like to be: Ian: sheriff stilinski Tyler: he can’t see himself doing one of the characters.
  • Real life hero? Tyler: his whole family. Ian said Tyler’s dad is great.
  • Ian would like to play Sheriff Stilinski.
  • They’re proud that they help people in some way with their work.
  • Guilty pleasures? Ian: pop music like Katy Perry, New Girl and ice-cream. Tyler: A video game.
  • Ian and Tyler love doing panels.
  • Tyler doesn’t have any tattoos and Ian has one and his brother has the same on the same spot.
  • Tyler would take his friends from the set. Ian stiles’ jeep and the cameras.
  • Ian would switch with the mom of Malia so he could find her after that!
  • Someone was complimenting Ian and he got so flustered and blushed and it was so cute.
  • Ian’s spirit animal is a cat! A big exotic cat. Like a lion.
  • Ian told Tyler is a ladiesman.
  • What has Tyler in common with Derek? Sarcasm and loyalty. He’s very different from him actually.
  • Writing their own Teen Wolf episode? Ian: bodyswap Tyler: No fighting. just dialogues like a real time thing.
  • Fav tv show? Tyler: Game of Thrones and House Of Cards
    Ian: The House Of Cards is a gift.
  • Where do you see Peter and Derek in the end of Teen Wolf? Ian: Peter sacrificing himself for Scott Tyler: on a ranch with his new family.
  • Would they go to a con? Tyler: yeah one of Game of Thrones Ian: No, I would be too shy.
  • Tyler couldn’t explain baseball in one sentence.
  • They both tried to explain baseball. Tyler could do it better and teased Ian for that.
  • If your life was a movie which actor should play you? Ian: James Dean.
  • Last dream? Ian: He wakes up thinking there are animals in his room sweating and freezing so that they can’t eat him.
  • Ryan is Holland’s current favorite person to work with on set.
  • Ryan didnt see the mic and someone was asking a question and he was like “WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM? IS THIS GOD?”.
  • Ryan knows what Parrish is.
  • Ryan liked it better when he didn’t know what he was because he could gossip about it with the fans.
  • Whatever Parrish is in the end he’ll have glowing eyes for sure.
  • Holland’s hidden talent is that she can make a tongue flower. It was adorable.
  • Ryan and Holland’s off-screen chemistry is amazing.
  • Ryan’s hidden talent is that he can walk perfectly on high heels. And he has amazing legs for it.
  • Ryan hates babies ’cause he has so many siblings (14!!) and he was always around babies. When he has kids he’s gonna ship them away and they can get back when they’re toddlers – LOL
  • Ryan tells his flight story about a crying baby that seemed to be a 10 year old boy
  • Ryan would want to play Lydia if he could choose any character in any show. Holland would like to play in House Of Cards.
  • Ryan would like to be a zombie on The Walking Dead.
  • The season 5 premiere of Teen Wolf will be one of the best episode of the series.
  • Season 5 is Holland’s favorite season of Teen Wolf.
  • Holland’s favorite movies are the medical ones.
  • Holland wanted to be an astronaut when she was little.
  • If Ryan wasn’t an actor, he’d work with animals.
  • Ryan really enjoys going to set, he loves the people there.
  • Holland has been under gunpoint once. She’s also been robbed and her family was in a helicopter crash.
  • Holland believes in a higher power because there’s so many things that we don’t know.
  • Ryan did a Tyler Hoechlin impersonation, Holland tried an Emma Roberts impersonation.
  • Holland loves the French accents.
  • Holland’s favorite thing Lydia has done will be in season 5.
  • Holland can’t live without music, broccoli and ice-cream.
  • Holland is known for throwing subtle shade but she seems really excited about season 5.
  • Ryan is addicted to the internet. He wouldnt know what to do without it.
  • The first Teen Wolf actor Ryan met was Tyler Hoechlin before Teen Wolf, on set was Linden Asby (Sheriff Stillinski).
  • Holland knew Tyler Hoechlin and Ryan years before Teen Wolf.
  • Holland’s first thought about Colton was “ugh it’s one of those pretty boys”. Then he did lots of inappropriate things and she knew they would be fine.
  • Holland considers all men on Teen Wolf as brothers.
  • Ryan made an imitation of prada (Lydia’s dog) and jumped on Holland.
  • Ryan called Dylan Sprayberry (Liam) “Baby Dylan”.
  • Ryan would rob a bank if he had 1 day to live.
  • Ryan would want to be void but not the bad guy all the time.
  • Their (Ryan and Holland’s) characters would have sex with each other if they did a body swap episode on Teen Wolf.
  • Holland would love to meet Ceasar if she could. Ryan would like to meet Abraham Lincoln.
  • Ryan’s motto to stay down to earth is “i’m worth 5 dollars”.
  • Holland’s motto: “Always say yes when you want to say no. It’s never as bad as you think it is.”
  • “Thanks for making us feel like we’re at home away from home” – Charlie Carver.
  • The cast is very, very grateful.
  • “You’ve never met any nicer guys than these guys” – someone of the organisation talking about the Teen Wolf cast.
  • Holland just dropped the mic and said “peace” when it was her turn to speak during the closing ceremony, iconic.
  • Ryan said without the fans they would be nothing and they need us more than we need them and they love us & can’t thank us enough.
  • Credits:
    Samantha; JulietteGD; Lana; Tsumi

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