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Image Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr. Source: http://www.ew.com/

Image Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr.
Source: http://www.ew.com/

Pictured above: Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails.

Entertainment Weekly has the first exclusive look of Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner: “The Scorch Trails”;

Out of the maze and into the fire.

In The Scorch Trials, the sequel to last year’s YA hit The Maze Runner, the action picks up immediately where the previous movie left off—with Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and the survivors of that giant mechanical labyrinth discovering that the world outside their walls is far from a welcoming one.

“The first movie was the mystery of ‘Where are we and what is this place? And can we get out?’ But the second movie is about the repercussions of getting out and the discovery of what the world is actually like,” says producer Wyck Godfrey (The Twilight Saga, The Fault in Our Stars).

Based on author James Dashner’s 2010 novel, The Scorch Trials begins with the revelation that the maze and the grassy Glade at its center were constructed by the nefarious organization WCKD to train young mind-wiped survivors after a massive solar flare devastated the planet. “It has transformed the world into a desert with sand dunes that crawl and are swallowing the ruins of a lost world,” says director Wes Ball, who returned for the sequel.

When Thomas and his fellow Gladers escape the control labs of WCKD, they set off across this blighted landscape, fearing attacks from infected humans known as Cranks. “We don’t want to call them zombies, but they fit into that category,” Ball says. “They’re not undead, but they are rage-filled.”

As for the image above? “Our group runs into a lot of people out in the Scorch,” Ball says. “Some are friends, some are foes. In this case, they’ve stumbled onto the latter.”

March 11, 2015

E! Online sits down with Shelley Hennig (Malia) to explain why Malia and Stiles won’t say ‘I love you’ and dishes on the Desert Wolf storyline;

The last time we were in Beacon Hills, a lot happened. Scott became a True Alpha, Peter was locked in Eichen House, Chris joined the Calaveras on the hunt for Kate, Derek became a full wolf, Kira got her first tail, and Braeden let it slip that she has some history with the Desert Wolf (also known as Malia’s mother). So when we pick back up with Teen Wolf’s fifth season, what will things look like?

“It feels like everybody finished their year of school and then had a summer and now they’re back at school,” Shelley Hennig said. More specifically, they’re back for their senior year. That is, if Malia makes it there. Between struggling with her school work and having an evil father now locked up, Malia might not be as strong as she seems.

“As tough as nails as Malia can be, she’s also a teenager. Maybe [she’s] not as emotional as the other pubescent teenagers, but she’s still half human,” Hennig said. “I’m sure it’s a very confusing situation for her but I think she’s really good at compartmentalizing. And as an actor, I like to play her with a bigger intention in life, and I’m kind of playing around with like, what does Malia really want for her future? Does she want to be a part of certain people’s lives? Does she want to move on and find her own people? Does she want to be with the pack the rest of her life? I like to play around with future ideas. Hopefully Malia makes it to senior year because she’s had a rough go but she’s working really hard and I think that says a lot about what she wants in the future. I think she wants a good life.”

But that’s not to say that Malia is 100 percent good. After all, she does have Peter’s blood running through her veins. “She’s got bad blood in her and I think that’ll always be a part of her,” Hennig said. “So maybe her loyalty will be tested. I don’t know.”

As for what else is next, Hennig promised some exploration into the Desert Wolf storyline, as well as a potential look into what it means for Scott to now be a True Alpha.

“I’d imagine that there’s gotta be some sort of cause and effect of Scott becoming a True Alpha,” she said. “I just don’t know if that’s going to affect the pack, if that’s going to affect the neighborhood, the city, the other packs. I think that’s one of the most exciting things, and I personally can’t wait to read what that’s going to do to the show.”

And in regards to the Desert Wolf, Hennig expects Stiles isn’t ready to let the case go just yet. “I’m sure Stiles, being as motivated as he is and as much as he loves Malia, I’m sure this is something that he’s still trying to piece together.” And yet, she doesn’t see the couple saying the “L” word anytime soon.

“I don’t think Stiles and Malia are the type to say ‘I love you,’ to have that sweet teen moment. I don’t think that is a very Stiles and Malia thing. I think it’d be more like, ‘I hate you,’ but meaning, ‘I love you,’” Hennig said. “Malia’s a little more aggressive, and I don’t think she likes to show her vulnerability and I don’t think it actually comes very easy to her.”

But fear not, Stalia shippers. That doesn’t mean tough times are ahead for your favorite couple. Hennig continued, “She definitely knows what she wants as far as her mate goes and she is all for Stiles. But I don’t think there will be that sweet teenage moment of like, ‘I love you.’ Maybe from Stiles, but definitely not from Malia. But the love is there. I like that; it’s a nontraditional relationship. It makes a lot of sense to me, Shelley. That’s more me—I’m not the gushy, lovey type.”

Speaking of Stiles and “love,” Hennig said she’d like to get more scenes with Stiles’ ex-love, Lydia, this season. “I think they have a funny dynamic because she’s pretty put together if you think about it,” Hennig said. “Of course, we’re all kind of insane but she’s the complete opposite of Malia—the way that they look, the way that they dress, their mannerisms. She’s a lot more ladylike and I think there could be some funny interactions between Malia and Lydia. And the fact that Malia’s now with Lydia’s ‘ex-boyfriend,’ I think there’s room for some comedy there and that would be interesting, for sure.”

In general, season 5 will be one of numerous mysteries, including Parrish’s unraveling supernatural identity. Hennig summed up season 5: “It’s going to be really adventurous. There’s a lot of searching for answers in this new season. Looks like there’s going to be a lot of detecting. True Teen Detective. That’s what season 5 is.”

March 10, 2015

I am seeking any info on Season 5 of Teen Wolf. –Lisa
For those who’ve been holding out hope for Danny’s return, there’s this consolation prize: Episode 4 of the new season, titled “Condition Terminal,” will introduce the recurring character of Corey, who in the course of being treated in an operating room for a strange, painful wound dishes on his boyfriend Lucas. (Guest star Lucas, meanwhile, is described as a shy young man who has become an aggressive problem at a club.)


March 9, 2015

The cast of Teen Wolf were headed to Burbank, California for the Days Of The Wolf Convention on March 7th and March 8th 2015.
Thanks to multiple sources on Twitter (credit included!) I can share some interesting Teen Wolf season 5 spoilers with you guys, including some fun with the actors so here goes!

  • Tyler Posey literally plugged his phone into the speaker system to play us all music during the autograph session. (Source)
  • Tyler Posey is singing reggae to all the autographees “jammin for you…” (Source)
  • Tyler Posey got really ripped this season and was proud of his bod, wanted shirtless Scott for the first two eps but writers said no. (Source)
  • Tyler Posey is designing a new line for Serengeti tees to benefit lymphoma and leukemia. (Source)
  • Tyler Posey Most emotional n difficult scene to film was post Allison death with Scott at the table by himself. (Source)
  • Tyler Posey thinks Scott’s future career is in veterinary field, Scott would save animals lives for the rest of his life. (Source)
  • Tyler Posey and Orny Adams are singing “it’s not unusual” and now they are leading the ‘Friends’ theme. (Source)
  • If Tyler Posey met Scott he says “I might fall in love with him, that would be fun making out with myself”. (Source)
  • Orny Adams remarked on sleepy looking fans n Posey said to the audience “you can use me as a pillow”. (Source)
  • Tyler Posey’s fave arc with Scott is coming up he loves Scott’s character development and how he is coming into his own. (Source)
  • Ian Bohen says Peter and Malia’s relationship will be contentious in Teen Wolf’s season 5. (Source)
  • Ian Bohen thinks Peter would try to manipulate and/or work with the others in Eichen to escape (not a spoiler, B is guessing). (Source)
  • Out of all the characters Ian Bohen would like to aspire to be like Scott who is virtuous and purely good. (Source)
  • Arden Cho accidentally kneed Nathan Fillion in the balls on Castle during her first acting experience. (Source)
  • Teen Wolf Season 5: Arden Cho hints at really funny Scott and Stiles scene where they are being dorks over Kira and Malia. (Source)
  • Arden Cho loves all the pack scenes and wishes for more. (Source)
  • Little boy asks “do you like acting with Scott?” Arden Cho says yes; she loves all the Scott/Kira scenes, expect more relationship development. (Source)
  • Arden Cho would love a Kira spinoff, ordinary girl by day and superhero by night. (Source)
  • Arden Cho has a scar from filming Teen Wolf Season 5 where she took a werewolf claw to her palm. (Source)
  • “There are so many more inspiring women, and I try not to compare myself to other ppl but be the best I can be” Arden Cho speaking on insecurity. (Source)
  • Arden Cho is happy though because she feels like playing Kira is a great role with action and emotion. (Source)
  • Arden says she and Tyler Posey do their best to learn all the stunts. Teen Wolf S5 has fight scenes in the rain. (Source)
  • Orny Adams once saw a fan in a Stiles hoodie at a mall and yelled STILINSKI SHUT IT and she screamed and ran. Mall cops chased down Orny. (Source)
  • “if we all had amazing legs like Shelley Hennig we would all wear short shorts” Arden on Teen Wolf wardrobe. (Source)
  • There will be more girl scenes. More scenes with Malia, Lydia and Kira which Arden loves. (Source)
  • We will see Lydia in action in Teen Wolf’s season 5. Holland Roden is excited to do her first stunt. (Source)
  • Teen Wolf Season 5: Arden hopes for more lacrosse scenes because she loves them; Teen Wolf crew are trying to get Orny Adams back for an episode if it works with his schedule. (Source)
  • Teen Wolf Season 5: Arden has seen a whole lot of wolf Derek on set. (Source)
  • Each cast member had an individual chat with the crew of Teen Wolf; they all got a say in what happens with their characters. (Source)
  • Ian Bohen did an impression of Orny Adams, not knowing Orny was watching. (Source)
  • There’s gonna be a cool scene between Scott and Stiles where they talk about girls. Arden said it’s so like real life. (Source)
  • Once Scott graduates, Tyler Posey thinks it would be cool if he followed his veterinary career. (Source)
  • Scott is very calm in Season 5, trying to be zen master. Always growing, but has really come into his powers, says Tyler Posey. (Source)
  • Ian Bohen supports Stiles and Lydia; “Big arc story! They have to be together! (Source)
  • Ian Bohen & Peter both have lots of ambition, raw want, determination. But Peter will take it much further, says Ian. (Source)
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    The cast of Teen Wolf were headed to Burbank, California for the Days Of The Wolf Convention on March 7th and March 8th 2015.
    Thanks to multiple sources on Twitter (credit included!) I can share some interesting Teen Wolf season 5 spoilers with you guys, including some fun with the actors so here goes!

  • Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) said there are talks about a season 6 of Teen Wolf! (Source)
  • The cast of Teen Wolf started filming in February this year till June. Then they’ll be on a break to return to set in September later this year. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry wants Liam to be like the muscle of the pack, because he’s the shortest and littlest and it’d be great. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry favorite episode to film was S4 finale and fave moment was Mason with the baseball bat. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry censored himself, he said “bad a” instead of badass (Source)
  • S5 Liam no longer is nervous about his place and wants to be a team player, part of the pack. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry is literally introducing himself to everyone “hi I’m Dylan, nice to meet you”. (Source(
  • Dylan Sprayberry did research on IED to portray it properly. (Source)
  • Sprayberry’s best friend is Khylin Rhambo and loves working with him on set. (Source)
  • S5 Liam has no prob concerning his anger anymore, hints at more portrayal of his friendship with Mason. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry’s very first shoot with Teen Wolf was the rooftop bite scene, considers it his initation. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby says Lydia spends a lot of time in the Sheriff’s office with Parrish.. she’s in the Sheriff’s office this week. (Source)
  • There will be a new female character in Teen Wolf’s season 5 named Victoria (but that could also be the name of the actress) and is a classmate of Mason and Liam. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry walked off the stage to shake hands of fans asking questions. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby thinks Claudia would approve of Sheriff/Melissa now. (Source)
  • Lidnden Ashby is definitely shipping Sheriff/Melissa; “who is sheriffs love interest?” Linden shouts MELISSA!!! (Source)
  • Linden Ashby jokes about Sheriff’s ways to party; “what does sheriff do to party?” Linden says “its norcal. We grow weed! Just kidding. Mabe drink a little, dance naked”. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby will direct and choreograph a few fight scenes S5. (Source)
  • Orny Adams says his favorite prank on set involved Hoechlin coming at him with a chainsaw. (Source)
  • S5 Sheriff Stillinski will appreciate Stiles’ deductive ability more and use his skills. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby is proud of the men Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey have turned into; “to see them now, the men they have turned into from the boys they were, I am so proud of them”. (Source)
  • Coach Finstock will not be in S5 due to scheduling conflicts with Orny Adams’ comedy tour schedule. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry characterizes Scott & Stiles as having a “Scooby Do thing”. (Source)
  • When asked about potential love interests for Liam, Sprayberry says there’s a new female in their grade, so maybe. (Source)
  • Dylan Sprayberry likes Liam’s relationship with Stiles, characterizes it as Stiles likes Liam, but covers it up by insulting him. (Source)
  • Seriously guys, Dylan Sprayberry is running back and forth between microphones on the floor. They had to turn on the house lights. (Source)
  • Dylan Spray is already breaking the rules, walking offstage to stand by the microphones. (Source)
  • If Linden Ashby wants to take one thing home from set, it’d be Stiles’ jeep. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby confesses that’s he’s the dad of the Teen Wolf cast, cautions them not to do things, but was way worse when he was their age. (Source)
  • Even though we don’t see much of the Sheriff and Scott’s relationship onscreen, Linden Ashby says Scott is like a second son. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby doesn’t see anything bad about being a werewolf, wouldn’t mind if Stiles is one, wants to be one himself. (Source)
  • “I want stiles to end up with whoever he wants to end up with” says Linden Ashby. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby and Dylan O’Brien wrote the stilinski backstory. (Source)
  • Linden Ashby knows what Deputy Parrish is! (Source)
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