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Here’s another behind the scenes video of Teen Wolf’s most bad-ass girls

September 9, 2014

I haven’t seen the season finale of Teen Wolf yet – aww, poor me! – but I can already share the Teen Wolf’s After After Show. In the season finale episode of the After After Show, Host Morgan Evans breaks down everything from Dylan Sprayberry to Derek’s new groove with special guests Tyler Hoechlin and Jeff Davis.

September 9, 2014

Photo credit: Patrick Shipstad

Photo credit: Patrick Shipstad

It seems like only a few months ago we were on the edge of our seats, biting our nails, wondering if Stiles could ever survive being possessed by the evil Nogitsune, mourning the tragic death of Allison, and wondering if Isaac was going to have a good time on his trip to…. wait, where did Isaac go again? Actually that all was only a few months ago and yet here we are again, thanks to those overachievers at Teen Wolf HQ, already at the end of another season, number 4 to be exact!

And once more we Teen Wolf fans find ourselves faced with many looming questions and very few answers. Will Scott defeat the evil that is Peter, Kate, the Berserkers, the Calaveras and the burning desire to get even more tattoos? Will Derek find a way to reverse his diminishing powers, cheat death and find a place to live that gets more light? Will Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski find enough change under their couch cushions to keep the lights on and pay the creditors from the creepy loony bin? And will Liam, Beacon Hills newest Wolf Teen, have a growth spurt and stop making even Lydia look like Andre the Giant?

But the biggest question of all just might be this: What kind of supernatural creature can survive being burned alive without so much as a sunburn? Whose eyes glow a fiery red while exhibiting superior strength? Can still look incredibly dreamy while stumbling across a refrigerated room full of dangling dead bodies? So, we asked the guy who portrayed all of these abilities what he thought and here’s what he had to say:

Hey guys it’s Ryan Kelley here, otherwise known as Deputy Jordan Parrish. I can’t believe it’s already almost over, but I hope you’re all planning on watching the season 4 finale of “Teen Wolf” this Monday on MTV. I’m excited to see how it all wraps up and I’m guessing you all are too! You might think I know everything that’s going on, but I don’t! That sneaky boss of ours Jeff Davis likes to keep us in the dark almost as much as he does the audience. There have been a lot of crazy mysteries in Season 4 but the one that’s been driving me the most crazy should be obvious: what supernatural creature is my character Deputy Parrish?? We know being lit on fire doesn’t hurt me, and we know my eyes can glow an orange-ish red, but just what I am exactly nobody seems to know! I really wanna hear what you guys think I am and why. Tweet out your guesses using #whatisparrish and I’ll be sending the person with the most creative guess (not necessarily the right guess) an autographed photo suitable for framing, or throwing darts at, that part is up to you!! Hope you enjoy the finale, now send out those guesses!

So fans, tweet out your guesses with #whatisparrish and let’s see what you think!

September 6, 2014

Teen Wolf star Holland Roden has taken over OKMagazine.com! The actress is sharing new stories every single day this week in honor of the upcoming Teen Wolf finale. Today, she’s answering the Twitter questions that readers sent in last week. Get her exclusives here!

@hipsterobrien asks: What is your favorite thing about being on the Teen Wolf set?
Holland: I think it’s our location, to be honest. We film in an abandoned stereo factory in Northridge [CA], and for the amount of space that we have, it’s basically Teen Wolf city. I’m sure a very wealthy show could afford that amount of space and lot, but unless you’re Christoper Nolan making the next Inception, there’s no way we could afford that amount of space on a lot. It’s fun to drive to Northridge and have our own little world up there. It’s really low-key. You can have pets on set. We’re always racing during our lunch breaks, in the parking lot. We have all these grassy areas. We have off campus for lunch. There’s not this Hollywood pressure around you.

@dylanobrienaf and @hipsterobrien ask: Since a few cast members have left, how has the atmosphere on set changed? And @RodenItalia and @hollandsland asks if you miss Crystal [Reed].
Holland: Aww, of course I miss Crystal! I still see her from time to time in real life, when we both have a chance to catch up. Crystal is like a sister to me. She and I grew up on that show together. As far as Daniel Sharman, and Max and Charlie Carver, they’re always going to be life-long friends of mine. I know that. It was a very special time in our lives when all the stars aligned. I know that doesn’t happen often. So I don’t anticipate it happening again. It’s become more of a work environment, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was very loosey goosey, because we were all such good friends! It’s more professional, but it’s not any less fun.

@annastm and @dropsofdawn ask: Can Stydia shippers have any hope in these last two episodes of the season?
Holland: Oh, I can’t give that away! That’s a Jeff Davis question. He says, ‘You know, they’re really good friends and stay tuned.’ That’s usually the line.

Will Lydia ever fully understand her banshee powers?
Holland: I hope so. I don’t know for sure, but I would assume. Maybe. We will be delving more into that in season five.

@OBrienCuteMoles and @insatixble_ ask: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?
Holland: Probably medicine. I’ve [also] really picked up a passion for journalism. I don’t know if I hadn’t been acting at all, if I would have picked up on it as a passion. Making documentaries, that’s something I have a lot of interest in. I don’t know if that will lead to something in the future, but I hope it does. If I’m not acting now, that’s probably what I would be doing. If I wasn’t acting ever, I was a biology major in college. I wanted to go into astrophysics, and I did the pre-requisites of that major for two years before biology. I love science. I wanted to be an astronaut growing up. It was my secret wish to be an actor. Surprisingly, I thought the astronaut thing was more likely to work out!

@xhugmenaya asks: Who is your fashion icon?
Holland: Oh gosh. I like people who set the trends behind the scenes, like Grace Coddington. Anna dello Russo. Daphne Guinness. People like that.

For someone who aspires to be an actor, what advice do you have?
Holland: I think we can only speak from our experience. For me, it helped to work locally. I did commercials. Whatever the nearest, biggest hub—New Orleans, Chicago, you always have Los Angeles obviously, Dallas is even a little hub. But getting to the closest city, that you can drive to or fly to, is the best bet. St. Louis even has a bit of a community. Because of the tax credits, those cities are really blowing up. You don’t have to be in Los Angeles to start a career. I started locally, and got an agent out of Dallas, TX, where I’m from. I did buy-out commercials and got things on tape, and that was my start. And don’t be afraid to not do things with your school. Doing your own thing in the community—I usually did short films and student films that were typically Western-themed, because of where I was based. I was doing it for a meal. It was my hobby. I did it for fun outside of school. You don’t always have to be a part of the school plays to segue into acting.


September 4, 2014

I have uploaded 500+ high quality screencaptures of Teen Wolf’s 4×11: “A Promise to the Dead” to the photo archive. Clicking on the thumbnails leads you straight to the album

September 4, 2014

Here is the weekly review by We Got This Covered of Teen Wolf’s 4×11: “A Promise to the Dead”;

Teen Wolf managed to squeeze a first date into the penultimate episode between run-ins with the berserkers, which added a little teen normalcy to the pending doom, but they had a little trouble making it through the evening at that pace.

Although Scott (Tyler Posey) and Kira (Arden Cho) skipped right past dinner and a movie (Star Wars, selected personally by Stiles), and opted for a more risque activity, their intimate evening is cut short when Kate (Jill Wagner) and her supernatural bodyguard crash the party. It looks like these two aren’t cut out for a “normal” relationship after all, and somehow that shouldn’t come as any real surprise to regular viewers of the show.

Peter’s (Ian Bohen) plan to take Scott out of the equation is almost a success story, until Kate decides to insert her own agenda in the master plan. Instead of taking him out in the loft, she decided that the death of a True Alpha deserves a little more pomp and circumstance. Season four started out in Mexico, and it looks like that’s exactly where it’s going to end: “We’re going to church.”

In the season premiere, Scott and his cohorts ventured south of the border to rescue Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) who had mysteriously disappeared during the previous season finale. When they finally found him in the basement of an old Mexican church that somehow withstood a massive earthquake, he had been transformed into a younger version of himself. Although that transformation was only temporary, the side effects attached seem to be more lingering – and possibly deadly.

Returning the characters back to this previous setting brings the narrative full circle, but also wraps up the season four storyline in a convenient bow. Whether Derek is going to succumb to Kate’s voodoo or defeat it, it only makes sense for it to be at the scene of the crime. This is also the location where fans were introduced the deadly force of the berserkers, Kate’s still mostly unexplained partners-in-crime.

Along with the change in scenery, you have to love the innate supernatural ability to heal at an unprecedented speed. It keeps the plot moving without those pesky, long-winded scenes where all the characters are bed ridden following each physical conflict (for the most part), and it allows for epic fight scenes that flow into equally dramatic follow-ups to exist. It also creates this wonderful contrast between the supernatural characters and there human counterparts. Kira may have been able to stumble about the pit o’ bones, but Argent (JR Bourne) had to muster up the last ounces of adrenaline in his system to get himself out of his life or death predicament.

It looks like everyone is heading to Mexico for round two, and not just the underage supernatural types. With the help of Lydia (Holland Roden) and Dr. Deaton, there is at least a basis for understanding what’s ahead of them. Deaton played a more active role than normal on this episode of Teen Wolf when he physically exerted himself in order to uncover background into what’s motivating the current string of threats against Beacon Hill’s supernatural entities.

As if the dead pool wasn’t enough, the more overt threat of Peter and Kate still remains – and it’s about to get more complicated. Peter has never been a man of particular honor, but asking his own daughter to kill his enemy for him in exchange for the identity of her biological mother, that’s an impressive new low, even for him. Especially after Kate has went to such dramatic lengths to dress Scott up as a berserker with the intent of having his own friends take him out.

It’s a troubled web of betrayal that Peter has weaved on this season of Teen Wolf, and there’s only one episode left for our main characters to unravel it before it’s too late. Judging by the lead up, Derek’s chances of surviving his return trip to Mexico aren’t as high as fans might hope – and neither are Scott’s.

Let us know if you think Scott and Derek are going to walk away from the season four finale of Teen Wolf, along with all your other theories, in the comments section below!


September 3, 2014

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip where the cast of Teen Wolf talk about pulling off some pretty cool stunts!


We (Teen Wolf Online.org) and Insticator launched our Teen Wolf contest today! Answer our trivia question(s) to win Teen Wolf’s Season 2 (second season) on DVD! To be able to win, you must be following TeenWolfies (us) and Insticator on Twitter.

There will be a new question every day for one week!

September 2, 2014

I have added the episode stills of Teen Wolf’s 4×11: “A Promise to the Dead” to the photo archive. Clicking on the thumbnails leads you straight to the location.

September 2, 2014

Here are the songs that played during last night’s Teen Wolf 4×11: “A Promise to the Dead”

Little May – “Hide”
Stiles and Malia attempt to make it to school on time

The Glitch Mob – “I Need My Memory Back”
Liam and Mason lift weights in the gym

The Kite String Tangle – “Given the Chance”
Kira and Scott go on a date

FMLYBND – “Gold”
The lacrosse game gets underway

Afrojack – “Faded”
Stiles and Liam sit on a bench at the lacrosse game

Gesaffelstein – “Belgium”
Brett and Liam talk on the field at the lacrosse game

Cousin Marnie – “Cain”
Scott undergoes a transformation

September 2, 2014

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