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Here is the recap of last night’s Teen Wolf “Perishable” (4×09) by We Got This Covered

Teen Wolf left off last week with a fairly large ‘what just happened’ moment. Lydia (Holland Roden) discovered that her grandmother was responsible for the code that the benefactor uses to communicate with the assassins, and it put a giant question mark over the entire situation. To make matters even more suspicious, Scott (Tyler Posey) realized that the person responsible for confirming the supernatural deaths in order for a pay out to happen must also be a banshee – thus working remotely. But, Teen Wolf completely blew our minds tonight when they revealed who the benefactor really was, and I have to say it, I didn’t see that one coming.

In “Perishable,” the deadpool situation gets a bit out of hand. Assassins are coming out of the woodwork for a chance at scoring the excessive paydays that come along with killing any one of the show’s main characters. It’s really startling the ease at which potential killers are finding out about the bounty on the supernaturals. The list seems to be trickling down to amateurs at this point. And, even more alarming, is the elaborate means that these people are going about their murder attempts.

The Mute and the orphans may have been more authentic career killers, but these new guys are pulling out all the stops. Burning Parrish (Ryan Kelley) alive in his own squad car? Disabling Scott, Malia (Shelley Hennig), and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) with trance music? The flair for the dramatic is a nice touch, but it also makes it that much more satisfying to watch when the good guys prevail in the end – which they almost always do.

The single greatest scene in “Perishable,” however, was watching Parrish go after the guy that tried, err, did, burn him alive. Luckily, for Parrish, his unknown supernatural powers protected him from any harm. It was a nice change to see this character portrayed with a little more aggression than we’ve seen in previous episodes. Parrish generally comes across as more docile, which isn’t necessarily a bad trait, but it also doesn’t benefit the storyline quite as much.

Once again, Kira (Arden Cho) was M.I.A. for the whole episode, which leads me to think that the writers are having some trouble pinning down exactly what her role on the show is going to be. She was explicitly brought in as part of the former storyline with Stiles and the Nogitsune, but has stuck around to fill the void in the cast after Allison’s (Crystal Reed) death as both another strong female character and as Scott’s love interest. Yet, she hasn’t really played a very active role in the events of this season and has come off a little as unintentionally neurotic. It would be nice to see her serve a more independent purpose and contribute on a more regular basis.

There’s also a general subplot this season regarding the financial troubles that both Scott and Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) families are experiencing. It’s refreshing to see an actual real world connection, since these are struggles that normal people have, but it’s a little too much of a coincidence since there’s so much money involved in the deadpool. One of the big questions at this point is exactly what Scott intends on doing with the money he recovered from the orphans. It seems reasonable that he would use it for something positive, even though returning it to Derek might be more of the “right” thing, but his mother and the sheriff could really benefit from some extra cash at the moment.

Teen Wolf has let the cat out of the bag. Meredith is the mysterious antagonist. But, it looks like Lydia’s grandmother may have played a role in her underlying motivation. How do you think this will play out in the next few episodes of Teen Wolf?

Let us know in the comments section below.


August 19, 2014

The 0:55 sneak peek of Teen Wolf’s 4×10: “Monstrous”

August 19, 2014

Again, please note that Teen Wolf’s 4×10: “Monstrous” will air this SUNDAY at 7/6c on MTV, right before the MTV VMA’s!

August 19, 2014

Here is the preview of Teen Wolf’s next episode airing SUNDAY, before the MTV VMA’s at 7/6c on MTV;

August 19, 2014

You can expect next week’s Teen Wolf’s Wolf Watch to be all about villains!

I have added 700+ high quality screencaptures of Teen Wolf’s 4×08: “Time Of Death” to the photo archive

August 14, 2014

Here is the most recent episode of Teen Wolf’s Wolf Watch with host Jill Wagner, Tyler Hoechlin, Meagan Tandy and Briana Evigan (known for her role in Step Up 2: The Street, Sorority Row and most recent Step Up: All In);

August 14, 2014

Dylan O’Brien talks ‘The Maze Runner’ and more with Teen Vogue

Dylan O’Brien’s big brown eyes widen as he looks up at a massive concrete cross section of the maze, a living puzzle he’s set to conquer. A large camera zooms in on his face, coated in a thin layer of dirt, as he adjusts the collar of his blue shirt. The now 22-year-old is filming The Maze Runner—Wes Ball’s adventure thriller based on James Dashner’s best-selling YA book of the same name—on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From the highway you’d never know that inside this colossal warehouse (a former Sam’s Club), fall’s hottest flick is deep in production.

“We have eight weeks and 30 million dollars,” Dylan says to me, catching his breath between takes, nodding at the massive labyrinth set he just came from. We’re sitting in director’s chairs under a sign that reads pharmacy. He adds, “If we pull it off, people will be like, ‘How the hell did they do that?'” A tight schedule means long, exhausting days and very little sleep for the young star. But he doesn’t mind: “This will forever be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

It almost never happened, though. Dylan has said that Ball initially thought his hair was “too MTV” for the role. It’s true—Dylan’s MTV ties run deep. He’s beloved to television audiences for his best-friend role as Stiles Stilinski on the network’s hit show Teen Wolf, recently renewed for a fifth season. But he’s not confined to the small screen. “I’ve always wanted to do action movies,” Dylan says. “I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. And now I know firsthand that if a stunt coordinator offers you a pad to wear or land on, you take the pad. I throw my body around like a rag doll!”

His character, Thomas, is an ordinary teen who wakes up in a strange place, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He’s surrounded by about 30 other boys (the Gladers), who learn to survive in a self-sustaining community while attempting to find a way out of the ever-changing and fatal maze that surrounds it. “In my mind, he’s the quintessential hero,” Dylan says. “Thomas discovers he has this courage inside of him that he learns how to access—it’s really fun to watch.”

The cast—who lives together in a local, no-frills extended-stay hotel—features a bevy of Young Hollywood’s brightest, including Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Ki Hong Lee. “We have a great vibe on our set,” Dylan says. “I host rehearsals outside my hotel room every night, and we’ll all run our scenes for the next day. I have a little buddy relationship with every single one of them.” But even with his penchant for over-preparedness, the actor didn’t have time to train for his Runner role. He’d finished shooting Teen Wolf in Los Angeles and, a week later, packed up and headed to Baton Rouge. “I worked with my stunt double for only a few days in preproduction,” he says. “But I felt it suited Thomas to not be in amazing shape.”

Dylan may be a newcomer to the action-movie scene, but he’s no stranger to mazes. Growing up in Springfield Township, New Jersey, he recalls visiting the Liberty Science Center in fifth grade and going through its Touch Tunnel. “It freaked me out so much,” he says. “You have to crawl through a pitch-black tunnel, and people would have random panic attacks. Mazes are crazy beasts.” Luckily he’s found a way to cope. “As an actor, I always feel protected in our maze, interestingly enough,” he says.

After graduating from Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California (he moved to Cali at age 12), Dylan considered pursuing sports broadcasting and eventually becoming a commentator for—or the general manager of—the Mets. (His bio on Twitter solely states: “long suffering Mets fan.”) “I ended up receiving a surprise scholarship for sports broadcasting from YouTube videos I’d posted,” he says. “It’s so crazy how I ended up acting.”

On the set in front of us, the crew arranges large props and places hay and dirt on the ground for the next take. In the scene, Thomas becomes a Runner—one of the few to go out into the maze when the doors open in the morning and return before the doors close at nightand battles larger-than-life Grievers (machinelike creatures that live in the maze and have a deadly sting). “I love sprinting,” Dylan says, “but I hate long-distance running. Isn’t that funny?”

The star, who values his privacy (he keeps his relationship with actress Britt Robertson, whom he met while filming the rom-com The First Time, under wraps), says he’s hopeful for a sequel and is very passionate about the movie, which he’s been chronicling on Twitter for the past year (“and I never tweet anything”). “I’m 22 and still think I’m young as an actor. I have so much to learn,” he says. A production assistant comes over, and in a flash Dylan’s back in the maze. Next stop: the Rubik’s Cube that is superstardom. I know he’ll navigate it extraordinarily.


August 13, 2014

Here is the recap of Teen Wolf’s latest episode “Time Of Death” (4×08) by We Got This Covered;

Teen Wolf has created a general grey area when it comes to death. In “Time of Death,” fans watch for the second time as Scott (Tyler Posey) takes his turn advancing the narrative by faking his own. Last season, he was one of three characters who temporarily died to ascertain the location of the Nemeton in order to save innocent lives and take down the Darach. On tonight’s episode, the plan was more or less the same – draw out the benefactor and save all the local supernaturals who haven’t already been crossed off the deadpool list.

This episode had a lot of layers to it. Not only did viewers get to experience the present scenario, but they also got a peak into the lead-up, along with a few pressing peripheral plot points – Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) learning to adapt to a life without the benefit of his supernatural assets, Malia (Shelley Hennig) as she struggles to reconcile finding out that Peter (Ian Bohen) is her biological father, and Lydia (Holland Roden) discovering a family secret that may turn out to be a real game changer.

Most of the characters were tied up with the main event – luring out the benefactor. Scott doesn’t do much more than lay there really, but we get a little insight into his subconscious while he is dead (err, unconscious). Surprisingly, the only characters that are co-starring in his dreams were Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and The Mute. It was a little hard to tell what the underlying message of his thrice resetting experience was, but something tells me that Scott is going to have to embrace some of the finer points of being an Alpha to defeat whatever evil is looming over Beacon Hills this round.

Scott’s accomplices for this plan come with various degrees of approval, including both his mother and Kira’s (Arden Cho). Coming up with this idea seemed very much like something within the Teen Wolf wheelhouse. It isn’t the first time, and will doubtfully be the last time, that we see the characters put themselves in near death situations to either make a point or procure a certain response. In this case, even when viewers were led to believe that the plan had failed based on the lack of physical appearance by the benefactor, the potential sacrifice was able to move the story along in a big way, which also ties nicely into what Lydia discovered with a little help from her mother.

As far as Lydia knew, Meredith (Maya Eshet) was the only other banshee in Beacon Hills. Although it looks like she may have some company in Beacon Hills newest deputy, Jordan (Ryan Kelley), that isn’t something that the writers have really commented on yet, with the exception of his name being included in the deadpool list. On this episode of Teen Wolf, Lydia finds out some information that puts recent events into a different light. The possibility that her grandmother, who might still be alive unbeknownst to her family, may also be a banshee, and more suspenseful yet, the benefactor, changes everything.

Lydia played a huge role in unlocking the contents of the three deadpool lists, one of which included her name. If her grandmother is the one pulling the strings, which is still a very early and unrefined theory, it at least partially makes sense. However, the idea that the house is constructed with mountain ash conflicts with some of the existing Teen Wolf mythology. On several past occasions, mountain ash was used to keep werewolves out, yet in “The Benefactor,” we saw multiple supernaturals congregate within the lake house. It’s possible that there’s another reason to use mountain ash, specifically one that calls for sprinkling it across the lake, but viewers will have to wait for those new details to be fleshed out in a future episode.

Besides Lydia’s realization, Derek learning how to be a productive member of the team even with his werewolf powers dwindling down to non-existent doesn’t hurt matters. We’ve seen Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) contribute in his own way despite being lacking in the supernatural area, so it’s definitely not beyond Derek’s abilities. Plus, Derek has an underlying knowledge base that makes his invaluable. It also didn’t hurt to see him moving on after his unfortunate dating faux paz with Miss Blake (Haley Webb). Braeden may be a mercenary for hire, but she may be the most honest relationship (or, fling) Derek’s had since his teenage years.

That same sentiment may also apply to Peter and Malia’s mother. Even though Peter is a character who tends to work against the greater good whenever it strikes his fancy, there’s something intriguing about his interactions with his daughter. This episode was the first encounter they’ve had where both parties were aware of their status as father-daughter. Malia was understandably guarded whereas Peter seemed more at ease than normal. Who knows, maybe Malia is the one person that Peter would sacrifice his ego for – but that’s probably wishful thinking at best.

Teen Wolf offered up an exciting episode this week that moved everyone one step closer to finding out the truth behind the illusive benefactor. Let us know if you think the plan worked or if they’re just grasping at straws in the comment section below!


August 13, 2014

Here is the latest episode of Teen Wolf’s Wolf Watch with Melissa Ponzio (Mama McCall) – who, by the way, kicked ass on the latest episode “Time Of Death”. Meagan Tandy (Braeden) answers questions from fans of Twitter.

August 12, 2014

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