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Teen Wolf‘s synopsis of the fourth season has been released;

Still healing from tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia, integrate back into society. But Kate Argent’s surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor.

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April 28, 2014

A descriptive teaser for Teen Wolf‘s fourth season was also released, which revealed the name of Scott and his pack’s new enemy; brace yourselves for the arrival of “the Benefactor.”

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April 25, 2014

I can’t remember posting this one, so here goes; Executive Producer Jeff Davis discusses Teen Wolf‘s season four; mourning Allison, the time-jump, Mexico and more;

We think a character fans know and love, like Stiles, always make for the best villains. Are you at all nervous about trying to top that in season four? Do you feel pressure because Void Stiles worked so well?
Absolutely we feel pressure. I guess we’re not so concerned about topping ourselves as doing something different. That’s the best thing we can do, is to just tell an entertaining story again. We have a new central mystery this season and this season we’re doing something different in we’re not introducing a whole new mythology. We’re basing this mystery in something very personal actually, something that hits at the heart of all our main characters, Scott, Stiles and Lydia, and Derek, especially. This is going to be a big season for Derek. I think people are going to be surprised.

And season four is starting off international, with the gang in Mexico. Sadly, we assume it’s not for Spring Break.
I will tell you who they’re in search of though. It’s a mission to find and save Derek.

We knew the Carvers were leaving the show as their HBO pilot, The Leftovers, was picked up to series. But can you talk about the decision to kill Aiden, and not kill Ethan, but have him leave at the end of the finale?
Well, it was a creative decision, really, in the writers’ room. We felt like it shook things up for the show. We played with the redemption arc of the twins and for me, the twins have always been on the borderline of can they be redeemed or are theses bad guys? And to do one noble act as your dying gesture, to fight for what’s right, it felt like a good end for his character. And we had to keep Ethan around for the scene with Danny, of course. [Laughs.]

Obviously, the finale jumped right into the action following Allison’s death. What impact will her death have in the beginning of season four? Will there be a time jump to give the characters some time to mourn?
There’s a two-month time jump and you definitely see the repercussion it has on all the characters. The big issue we talk about in the writers’ room is how much we can really see of that. You write a TV show and you want it to be entertaining, but if you show too much of them mourning a death, the show gets less entertaining. You have to stick with the genre conventions and we set out to do a fun, horror show.
I don’t know if an audience wants to see the characters moping around for six episodes, you know? It gets a little tough. You want to mourn a character, but on TV, there’s only so much time you’re allowed to do that before an audience gets impatient. There are always going to be the people who say, ‘You didn’t give the character their due,’ and there are going to be other ones who say, ‘Can we get over this now and get back to the fun Teen Wolf?’
One of the things we’re trying to do is inject quite a bit of humor into the first few episodes, but the first episode does deal specifically with grief and with moving on. And it’s titled “The Dark Moon,” which in the lunar cycle is often considered the time period where people deal with grief and introspection.

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The death of Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) and the departure of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) decreased the True Alpha’s pack by two, and the exit/death of Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Aidan (Max Carver) has diminished Scott’s (Tyler Posey) recruiting options.

When season 4 returns this June after a two-month time jump, Scott will be ready to pick up the pieces.

“It’s definitely tough for him at the beginning of the season, but we’re going to see him solidifying a new kind of pack,” series creator Jeff Davis explained to E!.

Although Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) was the center of attention throughout season 3B, Scott resurfaced as the main character during “The Divine Move,” and he will remain in that position as the next season beings.

“We brought him back to the forefront in the last episode, so we’re going to be concentrating again on Scott and his role as an Alpha and his desire to form and maintain this unusual pack,” Davis told E!. “I can tease that his pack will start to grow.”

It sounds like viewers will be meeting several new characters this summer, many of whom will probably be of the supernatural persuasion.

Find out more when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 23.

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April 23, 2014

Arden Cho @ BiteCon 2014

Teen Wolf fans howled all weekend! BiteCon, the first fan-operated convention for the show, wrapped Sunday night after three days of panels, photo ops, and autograph opportunities with the cast. Even though many of us are still mourning the loss of Allison Argent, we’ve highlighted the top five most inspiring moments of BiteCon, which will surely help you cope with your grief until the Season 4 premiere on June 23rd.

Tyler Posey told us directly that the most inspiring part of this whole convention is the fact “the fans made this happen!” The con was held in Los Angeles, but die-hard “Teen Wolf” fans saw this as no obstacle. Many traveled from as far as Australia for a chance to mix and mingle with the cast, crew and other fans. “At the time of our conception, no one had done this,” said Vanessa Issa, one of the producers of the convention. “We’re looking to do this on an annual basis because we love it when fans with like-minded interests come together.”
Throughout the weekend, fans displayed their personal artwork, danced the night away at the Howl at the Moon Prom and flexed their ‘Teen Wolf’ trivia muscles. One fan managed to stump Tyler by asking him which SAT word is written in Scott’s room! “I”m really impressed by how much the fans know. They are so detailed, and they really care about what we do,” Arden Cho said.

Jeff Davis and the writing team are trying to break a few rules in Hollywood! They admitted they think about how media affects culture all the time, therefore they make it their mission to not look at race or gender when developing characters. “We’re always looking to diversify the staff. We’re always looking to do better,” Jeff Davis said. “[Danny] was modeled after the gay characters I haven’t seen.” It’s safe to say fans will see more characters and relationships develop in Beacon Hills High that aren’t normally seen in Hollywood.

After casually being asked, “who wants to see a wolf?” We expected Tyler Posey to appear from behind the curtain in full make-up during the Wolves vs. Werewolves panel. However to our surprise, Frankie, a 110-pound wolf, ran on stage! Frankie was accompanied by David Mizejewski, a naturalist from the National Wildlife Federation, and was at BiteCon to spread the word about wildlife conservation. “Wolves are an important species to have on this planet that we need to protect,” Mizejewski said. “We demonize wolves because they’re predators. There is a long history of wiping out wolves which is absurd. The animal has nothing to do with what we associate with it.” So join the cause guys! Save Frankie and the other wolves on the endangered species list!

We especially loved learning about the personal philanthropy of some of the cast members. Sinqua Walls tries to give back to his community by volunteering at homeless shelters and working with kids. Max and Charlie Carver have raised awareness for cystic fibrosis. Lastly, Arden Cho is a huge advocate for the anti-bullying campaign. She believes “bullying is a topic people brush off. Whether it’s cyber or real life, be confident and know your worth. Don’t let what people think of you define you.”


April 22, 2014

Elizabeth M.: I’m in a serious slump in between Teen Wolf seasons. I will literally take any scoop you have on season 4.
Any scoop? OK, you asked for it… Get ready to meet a new hired gun, named Fahey. He’s in his late 30’s and he’s described as “frightened, yet masculine.” As for who hired him as a gun, we don’t know yet. However, we do know that apparently Fahey has got some explaining to do, Lucy-style, and you’ll meet him in episode six!

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April 21, 2014

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Holland attended the MTV Movie Awards 2014 last night on April 13th;

April 14, 2014

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey attended the MTV Movie Awards 2014 last night on April 13th;

April 14, 2014

Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho attended the MTV Movie Awards 2014 last night on April 13th;

April 14, 2014

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey attended the MTV Movie Awards 2014 last night on April 13th;

April 14, 2014

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