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Relationships always play a key role between characters on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and those of season 3A were no exception to the rule.

While Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) once again made the mistake of dating a murderer, Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) overcame loyalties to find romance and Kali (Felisha Terrell) and Jennifer Blake (Haley Webb) presented an uncertain coupling.

Hoechlin recently admitted that Derek’s his feelings for Jennifer may have detracted him from realizing that she was the Darach.

“I guess he was blinded by it. I don’t know if he would have picked up on it had he not been with her, but I definitely think that, you know, those feelings, you know, love is blind, and that can happen to you,” Hoechlin said, according to The Backlot.
While Derek sorted out his feelings for Jennifer, there were hints dropped that Kali and her former Emissary had more than just a working relationship before Kali attempted to kill her.

How Will Scott Deal With His New Alpha Role on Teen Wolf?
“That was written into it. We wanted to keep it a little bit ambiguous and allow some things. I don’t like answering all the questions and I like keeping some ambiguity to it,” said series creator Jeff Davis, according to The Backlot. “It’s interesting to play with those things. Jennifer is certainly deeply in love with Derek but she could just as easily have been in love with Kali, as well.”

At the end of the finale, Ethan and Danny are seen together, happily walking hand-in-hand through the halls of Beacon Hills High. As Ethan and his twin rebuild their lives in the wake of the Alpha Pack dissolution, can the brothers manage normal relationships?

Will Aiden Continue His Relationship With Teen Wolf’s Lydia?
“We have some very interesting stuff [in 3B]. Their relationship definitely evolves and you begin to see some dramatic conflict grow out of it, yes,” Davis told The Backlot. “I would not give up on that. I’m very happy with that scene in the motel [in Motel California] and the way it came out. I thought they had real chemistry, a spark.” {Source}

I have added the screencaps of 3×12 Lunar Eclipse to the Image Archive.

  • August 22, 2013

    Keegan: Any romance scoop on Teen Wolf?
    Anyone else shipping Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski? ‘Cause we are! And yes, executive producer Jeff Davis is aware that fans want to see BFF Scott’s and Stiles’ parents get together. “We have talked about that. We’ve talked about it a lot in the writers’ room,” he tells us. “We’re not sure yet. though. I can say maybe, maybe not. If the chemistry builds and it’s there, who are we to stop it?” What’s that sound? It’s the sound of the wind hitting that ship’s sail, hey-o!


    August 22, 2013

    Do NOT continue reading if you haven’t seen 3×12: Lunar Eclipse! Jeff Davis sat down with ET Online to discuss the mid-season finale. Teen Wolf will be back with new episodes January, 6 2014!

    ETonline: The episode ended with Peter declaring his Alpha status. Has he been one all along?
    Jeff Davis: Actually, it’s in his own mind. What he’s doing is claiming his rightful place at the throne. He’s declaring his intent to get that power back, so he’s kind of a master manipulator — the Iago to Derek’s Othello, which is how we plotted this whole season. We wanted to take Derek to a dark place, keep hammering him down, so Peter could rise up on his back and you’d see his machinations come to play. It’s fun to play that drama, and to play that Machiavellian maneuvering. Peter is mostly intent on gaining his pride and status back.

    ETonline: So will Peter be the winter season’s big bad?
    Davis: I wouldn’t call him the big bad, but he is certainly an antagonist.

    ETonline: Speaking of Lydia, now that we know she’s a banshee, what’s next?
    Davis: You’ll see her learn how to control it, find out what it means to actually be a banshee and how the scream plays into it. It’s a little bit of X-Men/superhero stuff, but we’re going to keep it grounded within the context of our world.


    August 22, 2013

    On Derek’s departure:
    JEFF DAVIS: “He’s gone for a specific reason and he’s gone to a specific place. The reasons why come out in the first three episodes [of the second half of the season]. It’s a fun story. So he’s got some secrets that he needs to deal with and some questions as well. Derek’s story…I like to talk about Derek’s arc in 3A as one of endurance. Derek is the kind of guy who can endure. He will always endure. He can take any kind of pain punishment and torture and survive. And that’s kind of his biggest superpower. And now that he has, has he learned how to become a hero. I’ve said before, Scott needs to learn how to become a true Alpha and Derek has to learn how to become a true hero.”

    On the Peter Hale twist:
    “It’s funny because whenever we start a season we always seem to know what the final scene is going to be. From all three seasons, I knew what the last scene was going to be for a long time. In fact, the last scene of the first season was suppose to be Derek opening his teeth wide to give Jackson a bite, but we liked Allison and Scott sitting up on the roof so much that we put that as the last scene instead. But in the script it was different. And we knew this particular scene was coming for a long time because we always saw Peter as the kind of Iago to Derek’s Othello. He’s kind of a master manipulator and very Machiavellian. He wants to reclaim the throne. He wants to get his power back. He wants his dignity and his pride back. So we’re going to see how he works his mind games in the next half of season 3….I think he’s got a good plan ahead. But he’s not necessarily the big bad in the [second half] of the season. He’s someone who’s always there to take advantage of the situation. So he’s definitely an antagonist but we’re going to have some other villains next season who are quite different from villains we’ve seen before.

    On Beacon Hills becoming a beacon for evil:
    “We walked a little bit about the new creature and new mythology at Comic-Con — the Kitsune myth from Japanese mythology. So that’s going to become a big issue, especially revolving around a new character, Kira, played by Arden Cho. So I think there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff this season.”

    On Scott becoming an Alpha:
    “I go back to movies I loved as a kid. And to me, he’s kind of like the boxer who just won the championship belt. Can he keep it? Are there other contenders our there? Does he lose the Eye of the Tiger like Rocky did at a certain point? You know, he’s going to have a crisis of confidence, and he’s also going to learn that this is a power and level of responsibility that’s not easy for a high school teenager, specifically. So he’s going to have to trust, say, the twins and allow them to help — or push them away. He’s going to have to figure out the roles of his friends and his pack — people like Isaac, Allison and Stiles and Lydia. In a way, we’ve build a pack that is both human and supernatural. So I think it’s kind of a cool story to tell, especially in high school where everyone is essentially looking for their group. An this is one that’s very all-inclusive.”

    On Aiden and Lydia:
    “Aiden and Lydia are definitely going to find their relationship to be complicated as well because she understands that he was essentially one of the bad guys. And he wants to be with her and wants to be one of the good guys, and she has to learn that he needs to earn that place. Meanwhile, Lydia is becoming a hero in her own right, with the capacity to save people’s lives. All Aiden has ever done is damage. He’s death and destruction. So he’s going to have to redeem himself before he earns anything more than a physical relationship from her.”

    On the first episode back — and poor Stiles
    “The first episode deals with the repercussions of what they’ve done in essentially bringing power back to Beacon Hills. And they’re all dealing with it in their different ways. What you’re going to see with Stiles is that he’s having a lot of trouble sleeping. He becomes a bit of a tortured soul in the first part of [season 3B]. They’re all feeling the effects and none of them are good. It’s going to be a difficult road for some of our characters.”

    On Scott’s dad sticking around:
    “His dad will definitely cause a lot of trouble. His dad is, actually, in a way, one of the biggest antagonists this season. It’s his search for the truth and his search for why there are so many murders and terrible things happening in this town. So he’s going to get in the way quite a bit.”

    Source: InsideTV

    August 20, 2013

    We Got This Covered did a recap of last night’s mid-season finale. Yes, we all need to breathe in and breathe out easily, without stressing out and getting too many withdrawals. Teen Wolf returns with an all new episode January, 6 2013 – yes, it’s going to be a long, long winter… Anyways, here is the recap of We Got This Covered

    With half the season still left, I can only guess that in the next episode, unlike what we’ve come to expect, the story won’t wrap itself up quite so nicely – thus, giving us another twelve episodes to appreciate Teen Wolf for the dynamic show we’ve become intent on swooning over.

    We’ve seen a few overlapping storylines over the course of the season, and they all appear to be coming to a head. The sacrifices being committed by the Darach – who we recently learned was Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) girlfriend, former-emissary to Kali (Felisha Terrell), and the new English teacher, Miss Blake a.k.a Julia – has started to run its course. There is only one more trio needed to complete her supernatural foothold and destroy the Alpha-pack (or, at least to give it a try).

    The Alpha-pack is trying to hedge their bets by eliminating any threats to Deucalion (Gideon Emery) and his master plan, which is slowly being unveiled. They are dancing around Jennifer, and her very strategic plan to take them out during the lunar eclipse, while still trying to convince Scott (Tyler Posey) to join their pack – with, or without, Derek in tow.

    How exactly killing Ms. Morrell (Bianca Lawson) is going to aid their cause is a mystery to me. Unfortunately for her, hiding the truth found itself elevated to the top of Deucalion’s priority list. Do you think we’ve seen the last of our timely guidance counselor, or will she somehow (unrealistically) survive a spear through the heart? It’s always hard to tell on Teen Wolf where reality is often up for debate.

    Ms. Morrell isn’t the only one doing her druid duty this evening. In addition to Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) dad and Scott’s mom, Mr. Argent (J.R. Bourne) has now willingly offered himself up in a misguided attempt to save the day. He might not be able to succeed considering he is now quite unarmed, but Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) is definitely picking up the slack. He came up with a way to take the missing parents out of the equation without anyone actually losing their lives. Sound confusing? It is.

    Read more: here

    The Recap of Reviews for Humans will be up as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

    August 20, 2013

    I can’t believe we already are through the first half of the third season! Time flies! Anyways, here’s the preview of 3×13. Teen Wolf returns with a new episode January, 6 2014. Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below

    August 20, 2013

    Sabrina: While I loved the Teen Wolf finale I was kind of let down by the lack of Stiles and Lydia goodness! Any hope for more of them in season 3?
    While executive producer Jeff Davis told us “there’s always hope” for Stiles and Lydia, fans can expect to see a lot happen between our favorite Banshee and a well-muscled Alpha when the MTV hit returns in January. “Things definitely get complicated between Aiden and Lydia because we’ve taken the twins from bad guys to good guys and that’s a lot to live up to for them. They’ve got a lot to prove.”

    http://uk.eonline.com/news/450362/spoiler-chat-scoop-on-teen-wolf-scandal-the-following-grey-s-anatomy-and-more”>E! Online

    August 20, 2013

    Paleisnewblack: Does it wrap up enough of 3a to allow 3b to start fresh(ish)? Is it believable?
    Wait, are you seriously asking if a show about werewolves is believable? Um, as believable as it can be? And yes, it feels like the closing of a chapter and the start of a new one…with the potential for this to be the end of the story for one of our characters who decides to leave town by episode’s end.

    jennnnn92: will we find out more details about Scott’s dad?
    While Scott’s dad is in the finale, he doesn’t play a major part. Scott and his father will come face-to-face though and Scott is not picking up anything that he’s putting down. But Papa McCall will definitely be sticking around Beacon Hills for a while.

    Source: E! Online

    August 19, 2013

    Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below

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