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July 19, 2013

-Danny will cross paths with the supernatural more in 3B
-Kira, an Asian American student, will be joining the cast
-The mythology will be based on Japanese kitsunes which are foxes and shape shifters!

Source: LenoirAuteur

July 19, 2013

Jeff Davis let us all know during San Diego Comic-Con 2013 that the second part of the third season, or better known as season 3B, will air January, 6th 2014

July 19, 2013

LenoirAuteur recapped the Teen Wolf panel at Comic-Con, including some spoilers for the second part of the season, or as executive producer Jeff Davis calls it 3B;

The panel began with Jarett from ET spouting off some information regarding the remix of the main theme which you can listen to here. He then introduced the cast and had you never watched an episode of this show in your life you’d have thought Dylan O’Brien was the lead of this show. GOOD GOD were the screams for him loud. He then spoke a bit about the season saying that Currents is on track to become the most watched episode of all time. Jeff then led off the discussion saying that when he began envisioning who Scott would be he had to ask himself whether he’d be Neo or Frodo.

Jarett said that he likes Doomed and I have never felt so betrayed by a moderator in my life. I KNOW this to be a lie from the man’s Twitter feed. It did provide Hoechlin with one of his funnier lines, remarking that he was glad Jeff gave him new things to play with. *picks mind out of the gutter and hangs head in shame*

Regarding Stiles, Jeff said that the question of his virginity will be answered in an upcoming episode. Also getting a reveal? Lydia, who we will FINALLY find out about in episode 9.

We then moved to the fan Q&A part which had me rubbing my hands together like an evil villain but proved to be really basic. There wasn’t a single question about Doomed, Stydia, or anything really big from the latter half of the season. I am slightly upset cause I wanted to see the fandom uproar manifesting in front of me first hand. But I’m a terrible person so…Anyways the main things to take away from the Q&A:

  • Keahu is awesome and showed up in full cosplay to ask about Danny
  • Dylan said that he wants Stiles to remain human, but that the sex needs to happen
  • Jeff said it was a hard decision to move the show from Atlanta but chile you could have fooled me the way these people talked about the move earlier this year. Also, $11 million in tax credits sure can ease the pain.
  • Jeff then decided to troll us by saying his favorite comedic scene were the pool and Miguel. I WON’T FALL FOR IT JEFF!
  • Hoechlin also remarked that his favorite scene was when the kanima paralyzed him and Stiles.
  • Read more: here

    Click here to watch the preview on Youtube, or watch the embed below

    July 19, 2013

    Jeff Davis took the time to talk to Collider and shares his thoughts on the characters and more;

    Collider: How would you say the characters are different this season?
    JEFF DAVIS: I think they’ve all grown. They’re juniors now. They’re all a little bit older and a little bit wiser. They’ve all dealt with tragedy, in a way. They’ve seen people die. They’ve seen people resurrected. I think it’s left them reeling a little. It’s left them hoping to get back to normal life, which unfortunately doesn’t last very long, in our world. Relationships have been broken and new relationships are about to start. It’s very much like teenage life, in general. It’s emotion-filled.

    What can you say about the overall story arc that you’re focusing on this season? Are there any specific themes that you’re exploring?
    DAVIS: Well, the arc has to do with the temptation of power. This pack of Alphas have all gained their power through not so benevolent moves, and they’re gonna test a lot of people. We like to think about it in the writers’ room as a season about how you rise to power. A great quote from Winston Churchill is, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” It’s another way to say that great Stan Lee quite, which is, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The leader of the Alpha pack wants to turn Scott and Derek against each other.

    Was it fun to be able to really open up Lydia this season, include her more, and not have to keep coming up with ways to keep her clueless about what was happening?
    DAVIS: Absolutely! It’s a relief to be able to do that ‘cause Holland is such a good actress, as well, and we can now give her so much more material to play. I think she did a brilliant job, last season. We sometimes refer to her as the MVP of last season because she was so good and she was tortured so often. This season is very much a season of her finding her power and her discovering her place among her group of friends. She becomes a hero, which I love about her character.

    Has there been pressure, with the longer season, as far as mapping out the story for 24 episodes instead of 12, so that you don’t run out of story to tell?
    DAVIS: Not at all, actually. We plotted the season the same way we’ve always done it, with 12 episodes. Season 3 is really 24 episodes, but to me, it’s 3A and 3B. Each half has a complete story arc. It’s connected, but they’ll have their separate stories. We had a plan for 3B already, but now we’re getting to the detailed work. The only real issue with doubling the season order is that my fear is maintaining the quality with the quantity. Out of money, time and quality, you can have only two of the three things. We’ve never had much money, so we’re going for time and quality.

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    July 18, 2013

    Remember to watch the ‪#‎SDCC‬ ‪#‎TeenWolf‬ live stream at 6:30 EST to see an exclusive trailer of the next five episodes

    Click here to watch the livestream!

    July 18, 2013

    I have added the screencaps of 3×07 Currents to the Image Archive.

  • July 17, 2013

    What did you guys think of ‘Teen Wolf: Revelations‘? It was hosted by Jill Wagner (Kate Argent) and featured Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman – with a very sexy accent, Tyler Posey, Haley Webb, Charlie and Max Calver, Holland Roden and Ian Bohen. The cast of Teen Wolf answer questions asked by Jill herself but also fans from Twitter. Be sure to check the embed below in case you’ve missed it!

    Again, Reviews for Humans posted their Teen Wolf recap of 3×07: Currents. Click here to watch it on Youtube, watch the embed below

    We Got This Covered also posted their recap of the episode;

    “Sweetheart, my last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, so I think I can handle a werewolf.”

    On this episode of Teen Wolf, our heroes were forced to makes some difficult decisions that left everyone feeling butterflies in their stomach.

    Teamwork is a big part of this show and tonight we saw it in full-force when all the good guys converged in order to save both Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam). Unfortunately, the combined efforts of our favorite Beacon Hills werewolf club wasn’t enough to save everyone. Derek and Dr. Deaton managed to make it out of their respective predicaments, but not without a handsome price being paid.

    It hasn’t been long since the pack mourned the loss of Erica (Gage Golightly), who up until this point we thought was just another casualty of the bank ploy. Now the pack has lost another member. Boyd (Sinqua Walls) survived the bank vault only to become a victim of the Alpha-pack and their vendetta against Derek. A vendetta that might turn out to be more of a distraction than anything else.

    Dr. Deaton witnessed first-hand the change in Scott’s eyes (Tyler Posey) and finally gave us some sort of explanation. The idea of a ‘natural Alpha’ seems reasonable, especially given Scott’s severe moral compass, but what does that mean for his own pack. Will Derek be open to sharing the spotlight or does he like his one-man show way too much to give up the reigns? Granted he likes to keep some Beta’s around for convenience, but ultimately Derek always prefers to have the final say.

    Read more: here

    July 17, 2013

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