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I have added the screencaps of 3×02 Chaos Rising to the Image Archive

  • June 12, 2013

    Bombs and Bottles ‘The Game, Pt. 2‘
    Skyler Stonestreet ‘A Little Taste‘
    Reset! ‘Wind Up (Radio Edit)‘
    Black Box Revelation ‘High On A Wire‘
    Elaine ‘Faye X’s & O’s‘
    Little & Ashley ‘Modern Life‘

    June 11, 2013

    Scott tries to keep Isaac from confronting the twins in school; Stiles tries to prove his theory about the killings.

    The episode carries the name Unleashed and airs June, 24th

    June 11, 2013

    Click here to watch the 3×02 Chaos Rising recap by Reviews for Humans on Youtube or watch the embed below

    June 11, 2013

    Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below

    Boyd and Cora are under the influence of the new full moon. Scott and Derek seek help from an unexpected ally.

    Teen Wolf returns with the new episode “Fireflies” next Monday!

    June 11, 2013

    I have added the episode stills of last night’s 3×02 Chaos Rising to the Image Archive

  • June 11, 2013

    Crystal Reed talks about the Scott-Allison-Isaac love triangle, new romance, and how she prefers to train for action scenes. Click here to watch the interview with Hollywoodlife on Youtube or watch the embed below

    June 10, 2013

    Cambio.com sat down with Holland Roden to talk about acting and how she fell in love with it;

    “I wanted to be an astronaut!,” she quipped.

    But, when she took a random acting class as a teenager she eventually fell in love with the arts.

    “I loved acting…I never thought I would do it for a living,” Holland, who plays Lydia Martin on the show, told us. “I went to this adult acting class at 16 and loved it, and the acting coach said ‘you should try this professionally,’ and that’s sort of where I got the bug a little bit.”

    Source: Cambio

    June 10, 2013

    Young Hollywood sat down with Teen Wolf‘s Orny Adams (Coach Finstock) to talk about what’s in store for us this season;

    YH: You must be hilarious to work with; what is the dynamic like on the “Teen Wolf” set?
    OA: Ah thanks. I do like to keep it fun on the set. Sometimes I get scolded. It’s fun, like being in school again. It’s part-acting, part-entertaining the cast and crew. It also helps to keep my energy and focus up. We do laugh a lot on the set. Mostly I’m just trying to get the extras to follow me on Twitter and Vine. Now, I could’ve been more sensitive and said “background actors”, but that wouldn’t sound as funny.

    YH: What can fans expect in the upcoming season of “Teen Wolf”?
    OA: I have no idea; I haven’t read a script since the pilot. Kidding. Or am I? Listen, I’m on the show, so I’m biased, but from what I’ve seen, I think the fans will be thrilled. There are so many new cool characters and stor lines adding more life to an already great show.

    And also a fun fact: Orny was in the original movie!

    YH: How does it feel to be playing the only character on the show that was actually in the Teen Wolf movie?
    OA: Actually, Scott and Stiles were characters in the movie too. I think what you meant to ask was how does it feel to be the only cast member alive when Teen Wolf the movie came out.

    Read more: here

    June 10, 2013

    Screening an episode of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar would have given us multiple aneurysms way back when, so we can completely understand the pinch-me looks plastered on the faces of these rabid “Teen Wolf” superfans, who got to watch last night’s Season 3 premiere alongside show star Crystal Reed. The actress behind Allison Argent made her way to New Jersey to cozy up with the winners of the Teen Wolf Ultimate Premiere Party contest — who all happen to be classmates — at teenager Olivia Malesco’s house. Then: utter and complete magic.

    Throughout the night, Crystal answered a ton of burning questions, including whether or not she thinks Scott and Allison should get back together (for the record, she gives the idea a thumb’s down… at least for now), but the real fun came when the episode started. Killer twins! Killer birds! KILLER TATTOO, SCOTT! And while everyone swooned when Stiles made his first appearance, they gasped when Deucalion revealed his blind eyes. Observation: There is a pretty clear divide between good and evil this season, wouldn’t ya say?

    Source: MTV’s Remote Control

    June 10, 2013

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