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Hypable gave us thirty reasons to love Teen Wolf‘s season 3;

30. Epic Scott and Isaac bromance.
In season 3, Scott and Isaac will be getting closer than ever, truly cementing the friendship that started to bloom at the end of season 2. Scott finally has someone he can talk to about being a werewolf that really knows what it’s like, and Isaac may have found the friend he was probably hoping for in Derek.

It’ll be nice to see the softer side of Isaac that we’ve only gotten glimpses of in the previous season, and even though we all love Scott’s relationship with Stiles, it’ll be nice to see Stiles not having to bear the pressure of being Scott’s confidant all by himself.

29. More mythology.
Teen Wolf has always done a great job throwing in bits of mythology and not turning the show into a research-fest (which can be overwhelming and, frankly, a bit boring). A little mountain ash here. A triskele there. And, hey, look out for that wolfsbane! But fans want more answers, and the writers have obliged. In season 3 we’ll be learning more about everything is seems like — werewolf eye colors, the transformation process, and even a bit about what started the war between the Argents and the werewolves.

We say, bring it on!

28. Twins.
One word, that’s all you need. Twins. Because, seriously. They’re going to be twice as scary and twice as badass. Ethan and Aiden are pretty cool all on their own. Ethan is the brainy, manipulative one, and quick as lightning. Aiden is the muscle, and someone you probably don’t want to meet down a dark alley on the full moon. But together? Supposedly they think and fight like one, making them truly formidable opponents.

And let’s not forget they’ve got their sights set on some of our Beacon Hills favorites. Who knows what could happen.

27. Sassy Uncle Peter.
Considering he was the Big Bad of season 1, it’s kind of ironic that the majority of the fanbase is kind of totally in love with Uncle Peter.

And how could we not be? Okay, so he did kill Laura. And he bit Scott. And he did threaten the lives of all of Scott’s friends on more than one occasion. But he’s back from the dead and slightly less crazy and he honestly doesn’t want to be Alpha right now. And, okay, okay. Maybe he probably has an endgame. But with his dignified mannerisms and his snarky one-liners, we can over look that for now.

Either way, we can expect more of him in season 3.

26. Badass Kali.
Intelligent and fierce females have always had a strong presence on Teen Wolf, but we have a feeling Kali is going to have no problem taking the lead in that category in season 3. She’s beautiful and deadly, likened to a Bond villain, and will prove to be another serious opponent for Scott & Co.

If the video shown at Wondercon is anything to go by, we’re sure she’s going to be dishing out pain in equal measure all around. But will she go one step further and end the life of a beloved character? We wouldn’t put it past her — or the writers — to play with our heartstrings like that.

Read more: @ Hypable

May 8, 2013

Teen Wolf Online got contacted a few months ago by Dino Meneghin and his management and we are granted with the opportunity to interview Dino Meneghin. Dino Meneghin is Teen Wolf‘s music composer and now that season 3 is coming closer to its premiere date, June 3rd, it would be a good time to do some Q&A. I thought this would be a great time for you, the visitor, to ask some questions, so send me your questions and who knows, they might be answered!

Email or Tweet your questions. I’ll do my best and send as many questions in as possible.

May 4, 2013

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