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  • Season 3 Character Spoilers:

    What I like about Scott is that he was kind of a misfit teenager who makes a lot of clueless bad choices in the first season, and we’ve gradually grown him up and he’s becoming a man and a leader,” says Davis. “That’s the great thing about writing for television — you can see characters grow in vast ways and much more complete ways than in movies sometimes. So it’s interesting to see him as a character grow ,and he’s going to be a leader. The idea is going to be whether or not Scott is going to become an Alpha in his own right some day.”

    “We’re going to see Stiles basically branch out and move on from his crush with Lydia,” says Davis. “He’s decided it’s over and he’s going to be a man now and move on and not pine after a girl who will barely give him the time of day.” Good for him! Except…”let’s just say that romance isn’t easy for him this season,” teases Davis.

    One word: redemption. “In a way she’s going to try to get back to being a normal teenager but when mergers and disasters and dark dark things start to happen in Beacon Hills again, she can’t keep away from it,” teases Davis. Also? There might be a romance…”but not necessarily with Scott.”

    There are a lot of changes in store for Derek — and we’re not just talking about his new bachelor pad! “His character changes quite a bit this season, becomes a different person. You might see a kinder, gentler Derek coming about and that has a lot to do with Scott’s influence,” says Davis. “So it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up at the end of the season.”

    “Her character is growing and she’s finding her power this season,” says Davis. “She’s becoming more confident.” And also moving on from Jackson, he teases, adding “she still likes to date the bad boys.”

    Ethan and Aiden; the alpha twins:
    As you may have heard, these twins are going to have their eyes on two people we know well – Lydia and Danny. But aside from their love lives, “they become quite important by the end of the season,” says Davis.

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

    April 1, 2013

    Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below

    April 1, 2013

  • Jeff Davis talks about Teen Wolf so far; he’s excited for the new season, and he’s excited to see that the audience has grown since the start
  • Tyler misses Jill (Aunt Kate), he says after watching some season 2 footage
  • The DVD of the second season will come out May, 21st
  • Jeff Davis talks about the extra scenes on the DVD; a gag reel, commentary, and behind the scenes stuff will be on the DVD
  • Dylan looks back towards the other seasons; he’s grown, he says, and Jeff Davis adds that Dylan reminds him of Johnny Depp ’cause he always finds something to critize on himself
  • Dylan finds it weird to hear his voice
  • Fans still wonder what Stiles his real name actually is; Jeff doesn’t answer the question, but teases a lot
  • Season 3 will have 24 episodes; there are two seperate stories ahead of us. Jeff splits the season up in two parts; 3A and 3B
  • When season 3 starts, there will be a time jump; it’ll be like four months after all the events of season 2
  • They are shooting episode 10 next week; Jeff Davis almost finished writing the episode
  • Allison will be redeemed; they will make her again
  • We will find out what happened to Colton’s character Jackson in the first episode
  • Season 3 will be a lot darker, filled with more death; Jeff calls it the “Horror Season”
  • Episode 6 will be one of the darkest episodes, but also filled with fun
  • Tyler says playing Scott is a lot easier now
  • Tyler and Dylan have more input on their characters now
  • Stiles will still have feelings for Lydia, but will move on and focus on himself
  • There was a long debate/discussion about Dylan/Stiles and his hair
  • Scott and Allison will be spending some time apart, and will do his own thing but the drama in Beacon Hills will bring them closer together again
  • Jeff says that there will be some relationship changes
  • We are going to see some new interesting characters; some of them are alphas
  • Danny will have some romance this season; there is some partial nudity in store for us
  • Stiles will be more involved says Dylan after answering the question whether Stiles will be badass or not. Jeff Davis likes to see Stiles growing up to be a bad ass FBI agent/cop
  • Lydia will be more important; and will try to help her friends
  • Will we find out about Scott’s father? a fan asked this, and Jeff says we WILL meet Scott’s father. Tyler said he just asked Jeff that very same question
  • A fan asked how the music gets picked; Jeff answers: “Laura is an awesome music supervisor, she picks songs that has to do with the scenes
  • Jeff says that Stiles will probably not end up as a werewolf
  • A fan asked what Dylan and Tyler hope for the future of their characters; Tyler answers that it would be cool if Scott dies in the very last episode. The crowd yells “Nooooooooo!” and Tyler says “Well, there’d be no more hope then, it’s got to be over, right?” “I hope Scott would be coming back as a zombie” Tyler says. Dylan would love to see Stiles ending up with the same job as his dad; a sherrif
  • The alpha pack will have a purpose
  • Don’t forget: Season 3 starts June 3rd!

    April 1, 2013

    Click here to watch Tyler’s interview or click here to watch the interview with Dylan O’Brien or watch the embeds below

    Also, again, be aware of SPOILERS

    Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below. Also, be aware of SPOILERS

    Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, and Dylan O’Brien talk about Season 3.

    Source: Tifanny Chien

    We’ve just returned from a Teen Wolf press room at this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, California, with the Teen Wolf panel moderated by Jim Halterman coming later today. We’ll have some interviews (with video!) up this weekend, but for those hungry for some news from the show, here’s a treat… Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) talks about what interaction he will or won’t have with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), the character fans often “ship” him with on places like Tumblr, as well as the interaction he will or won’t have with Lydia (Holland Roden).

    More specifically, with the character Danny getting a love interest, might that appease the “slash shippers” who want some male-male action on the show?

    “You know, they’re not Facebook official,” Dylan teases, before telling us what we can or can’t expect with “Sterek.”

    “Yeah. It’s kind of like we’ve fulfilled everyone’s, like, void that apparently the show has [with Danny]. Derek and Stiles are on a little bit of a break. No, I don’t know. We’re not in that many scenes together, for some reason. Our characters still have that rapport, and just because it’s not touched on as much… everything’s so much bigger. Derek’s world grows, Stiles’ world grows, hence they don’t have [as much] time. Even me and Posey don’t have as many scenes as we did together. It’s kind of the case with everybody on the show,” he explains.

    Stiles will, however, have a lot of scenes with Lydia.”I’d say, yeah. I’ve been with Holland the most. Not romantically. Stiles kind of shelves that. Obviously he still has feelings for Lydia. It’s not going to go away overnight, or ever. That’s still the underlying thing of the season, but more of the focus is them becoming a team,” he says.

    Source: KSiteTV

    April 1, 2013

    MTV’s Teen Wolf has proven to be not only one of the biggest summer shows, but a blooming pop culture phenomenon that has spawned many ships (Sterek, Scisaac, Scallison to name a few) and fan fiction for days. Sound on Sight got the opportunity to speak with the executive producer Jeff Davis and cast members Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) and Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) who shed light on the upcoming season. Check it out!

    1. Derek is becoming more of a hero. Jeff Davis remarked on how Derek is often the Greek tragedy character of the show but that this season will see a new side of him. Derek’s trajectory will lead him from making borderline sociopathic decisions most of the time to becoming more of a hero, taking time to make his decisions and actively trying to be a better alpha. He’s also going to be relying more on Scott and Stiles this season, and Jeff made sure to pinpoint episode 3 as one where Scott and Derek will be working together.

    2. Though the season is 24 episodes the alpha pack arc will (for now) only be in the first 12. Jeff seemed really excited about the alpha pack coming to Beacon Hills, highlighting alpha twins played by Max and Charlie Carver and Gideon Emory as Deucalion, but he let slip that for now the alpha arc will only be in the first 12 episodes. On a show where no character is truly safe (Tyler joked later on that even he might be on the chopping block), it should come as no surprise that the alphas or main characters might not be around for long. But I’m interested to see how this will play out since there won’t be any course correction given the 12 episodes will be locked in before the June 3 premiere.

    3. Stiles might be separated from the action, but not from helping out. Dylan told us that this season feels like all of the characters are on a different show and that Stiles in particular is on his own journey, becoming more detective like. He said that due to Stiles being a part of Team Human that he’ll be relied more upon to tackle the investigative portion, often teaming up with Lydia to get thins done. But fear not, he will have interactions with the wolves, remarking that he shares a really deep scene with Tyler Posey where he “talks him off the ledge.”

    4. Many of the background characters will be getting fleshed out. Dylan let slip that we will be learning more about everyone’s favorite Dr. Deaton and dig not just into his character, but his family’s history as well. Also on the docket for exploration: the Argent family history. Apparently there is a big storyline regarding the the war between the Argents and the werewolves that started it all, as well as a treaty that has been broken that has sent everything to hell. With Gerard having trample over the code in the last episode of season 2 and Chris Argent reeling, it’ll be nice to get more on the family and see how they are dealing with the challenges the alpha pack brings.

    5. Tyler Posey is excited for the heavy acting as well as the heavy action. Posey, who plays teen wolf Scott McCall got really excited speaking about the emotional and heavy nature of the new season. His character is undergoing some major changes and with the alpha pack in town things get pretty deep. ALso his relationship with Allison is maturing into a place where they both realize that though they might be first loves, that they have to work on themselves and deal with the craziness before being together. Also, Scott will have more action scenes and a new ride (a motorcycle)!

    Source: Sound on Sight

    April 1, 2013

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    April 1, 2013

    Here is an interview with Jeff Davis, executive producer for the MTV series “Teen Wolf” during WonderCon 2013. Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below

    April 1, 2013

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