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Everyone wondered how Colton’s character Jackson was/is written off the show. It has finally been revealed

In a new interview with various Teen Wolf cast members, one of them let slip where Jackson may be now that he won’t be in Beacon hills for season 3.

The interview was conducted by FearNet, who talked to Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Tyler Posey (Scott), and Jeff Davis (Executive Producer).

Check out the interview below, in which the guys talk about what we can expect from season 3.

The interview is basically a rehash of what we’ve been hearing from everyone recently — that the show will get back to its horror roots, that the Alpha Pack is coming to town, and that there’s going to be quite a bit of action this time around as well.

Interestingly, however, Posey states, “There’s one line in the show, and it says that Colton’s in London.” Colton is, of course, Colton Haynes, who plays Jackson. Haynes left the show prior to season 3 and has since joined CW’s Arrow.

The departure of Jackson hit fans pretty hard when the news broke back in October, and the main question has always been how the writers will explain his absence. This is especially true after the conclusion of season 2, which saw Jackson turning into a werewolf.

In January, we learned that Lydia will be the one to mention Jackson’s absence, “thanks to a quippy explanation.”

Running to England seems fairly drastic for Jackson, especially for someone who is only in his junior year of high school, though it does provide a good excuse as to why no one will be seeing him or hearing from him any time soon. Not to mention that it will certainly leave the door open for a return.

We also have to wonder if he is running from the events he caused as the Kanima or if he is running toward possible answers as to who his real parents are. Why he’s looking in London, we don’t know. Nor may we ever know, unless Haynes decides to join Teen Wolf again.

Source: Hypable and many thanks to Colton Haynes Fans.org for the heads up!

April 11, 2013

Hi Sandra! In your last Teen Wolf article (AMAZING PICTURES!) you mentioned Allison getting a new love interest. I was wondering if it’s going to be someone Scott knows or someone new and if you know how he’s going to react. Thanks! — Cassie
I had the same questions for executive producer Jeff Davis. And while I can’t tell you WHO it is, this is what he told me about Scott’s surprising reaction. “Last season he said, ‘I’ll wait for you. I know we’re meant to be together,’ but he’s going to have to wonder if that’s the hope of a teenage boy and not the reality of a man,” he says.

Inside TV

April 11, 2013

Shiz is about to get real serious in Beacon Hills this season. How do we know this? The FBI is coming! Towards the end of the first half of season three, fans will meet the handsome and tough Jack Keller, a field agent, who comes to town on official business and we’re hearing his presence will have a profound impact on Beacon Hills.

Source: E! Online

April 10, 2013

MTV’s Remote Control sat down with composer Dino Meneghin to talk about his job as the music composer of Teen Wolf and Season 3’s music;

You’ve played music for everyone from Josh Groban to Liz Phair. How did you wind up composing for “Teen Wolf”?
I had been working as a guitar player — touring and making records — and in 2007, I started doing some library music. I was recording pieces that would be licensed to different shows on MTV or VH1. In 2009, I ended up working on “Taking The Stage” as a music producer. Laura Webb was the music supervisor, and when she got the call to do “Teen Wolf,” I was on the road with Michael Bublé. She asked me to submit some stuff, and then, like, four months later, I got the call that Jeff Davis had liked my reel and wanted to talk to me. That was the end of 2010, and I started the show in January 2011.

How was working on “Taking The Stage” different from your “Teen Wolf” job?
For “Taking The Stage,” I would do everything from helping the kids write their songs to helping them record them. I was the musical Swiss Army Knife. What I enjoy about writing for “Teen Wolf” is that it covers a lot of ground — we can go everywhere from comedy to dark stuff, and I have to say, I like doing the dark stuff. Horror movies have some of the best music, and musicians love to do it. Nobody who’s completely healthy volunteers to do this for a living.

How do you prepare for the darker tones?
I sit in a room with black candles.

What is the process of putting the music to the show?
First, the editors will work with temporary music from past seasons while cutting an episode. And when they get close to a final cut, I’ll watch it online and make notes about timing and everything through the episode. And then we go home and start to work — we usually have a week to deliver between 30 and 35 minutes of music for an episode. As soon as we get stuff done, we upload it, the editors make notes and we’ll make those changes. Then, it goes in the show.

Read more @: MTV’s Remote Control

April 10, 2013

The 9th episode of the third season carries the name “The Girl Who Knew Too Much“,’ which is a play on Hitchcock’s ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’. And with that title comes a creepy shot on set of this episode. I wonder what is in those jars!


Source: MTV’s Remote Control

April 10, 2013

Jean: I’ll take anything on Teen Wolf’s Stiles!
Stiles will kiss someone in the first half of the season. Two hints: It’s a girl (Sorry, Sterek fans!) and it’s not Lydia, who will be attracting the attention of an Alpha.

Source: E! Online

April 10, 2013

The male stars of ‘Teen Wolf’ invite cameras into the gym to see the intense physical training they undergo to get into peak wolf-shape.

April 8, 2013

I have added the screencaps of season one’s episode Pack Mentality. Check them out in the Gallery

  • View the rest of the screencaps here

    April 7, 2013

    Teen Wolf Online can now, finally, be found at Tumblr. The page is still very, very empty since I need to get used to Tumblr. Never used it before so I thought this was a good way to get involved with it. Be sure to follow!

    April 3, 2013

    TeenWolfDaily: Anything on Teen Wolf?
    “Danny is definitely, whether intentional or not, being brought more into everything going on,” Keahu Kahuanui teases. “It does somewhat have to do with his involvement in his new relationship.” Which would be with new Alpha Ethan, but is the relationship sincere? “It seems genuine,” Keahu tells us.

    Source: E! Online

    April 2, 2013

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