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We’ll choose to ignore your cheesy way of asking and continue on with the scoopage: Though the Alpha twins look alike, they do have very different personalities. “Ethan’s a little more not reserved, but cunning, manipulative,” Charlie Carver says of his character, whom he calls the “brains.” However, he does note, “I don’t think Aiden is that dumb, but I’d say I’m like a velociraptor.” Yikes, watch out, Danny! Also, we’re pretty sure Tumblr and Twitter might explode after they see the twins transition into wolves for the first time.

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April 30, 2013

It’s time for a new spoiler/teaser of the week by MTV’s Remote Control. Can you guess the meaning of these symbols?


Symbolism is rampant in the “Teen Wolf” universe, from the Triskele ink on Derek’s back, to the significant double arm band that Scott will inherit from Tyler Posey in Season 3. So with just a little over a month left until the premiere, Executive Producer Jeff Davis is sharing some new photos of mysterious etchings that we can expect to play a role in the episodes. He says:

“These ancient symbols held deep spiritual meaning for the cultures of their time. In the world of ‘Teen Wolf’ they also have profound meaning, both as a source of mystery and soon to be revealed motivations.”



April 24, 2013

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April 19, 2013

Tyler Posey Gets A Little Vine-Happy On The 'Teen Wolf' Set [Video]

We know many of you have wondered what it would be like to date Tyler Posey, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually be him? Between getting transformed into a werewolf every day and having the general luxury of playing around on the “Teen Wolf” set, TyPo’s got a pretty sweet gig going as Scott McCall, and now, thanks to the magic of the Internet (and Tyler’s creativity), we’re getting a deeper look behind the scenes of Beacon Hills…at six seconds a pop!

Recently, the online jokester took advantage of the newest social-media platform, Vine, which lets people share short video snippets with their followers. Posey’s been rackin’ up the footage lately, showing us a goofy glimpse into his everyday life on set. In the first video featured below, he manages to cut hours of hair and makeup time down to one concise clip detailing his boy-to-wolf transformation. In the second, Tyler skulks around what looks like an abandoned hospital, wondering where the heck everyone went! Maybe they saw the blood on his forehead and ran…

Be sure to check the VIDEO

Source: MTV’s Remote Control

April 19, 2013

Yup, Dylan once again has landed a leading role in the upcoming The Maze Runner which is a movie adaptation of the hit YA book trilogy that carries the same name. Dylan will play Thomas. Continue reading…

*Sigh* They grow up so fast! Our very own Dylan O’Brien of “Teen Wolf” is about to take Hollywood by storm, ladies and Gs. This morning, Deadline confirmed that the actor behind Stiles Stilinski (and part-time James Dean lookalike) landed the starring role of Thomas in the movie adaptation of the hit YA book trilogy, “The Maze Runner.” So much for being typecast as the best friend!

For those not familiar with the upcoming blockbuster franchise, it’s a “Hunger Games”-style dystopian sci-fi saga, in which a group of teenagers wakes up in a maze, with no recollection of how they got there, or where they came from. The film is being penned by former “Buried Life” Executive Producer Noah Oppenheim (keepin’ it in the family!) and also stars British “Skins” alum, Kayla Scodelario (kinda keepin’ it in the family!) as Thomas’ best friend and the sole girl in the maze.

We’re sorry to report that you’ll have to wait almost a year for the film’s release — Valentine’s Day 2014 — but at least you’ve got a whole season of “Teen Wolf” to chew on while you wait for Dylan’s big-screen debut! June 3: Be there.

Source: MTV’s Remote Control

April 19, 2013

Holly: Living for all your Teen Wolf spoilers! Got any more?
Danger, danger! Tyler Posey teases that someone close to Scott will be put in a lot of danger in the latter half of the new season. “There’s trouble with Scott’s mom,” he says. “Like she’s in danger and he needs to go rescue her.” Yikes.

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April 19, 2013

The first season 3 Promo:


I have found some HQ photo’s of Crystal Reed and Holland Roden at the MTV Movie Awards 2013 which was held last night April, 14th 2013

Photos courtesy of MTV.com:

  • View the rest of the photos here

    Videos and Interviews:

    Holland Roden who hosted the red carpet report, took some time to interview her Teen Wolf co-star and ‘admirer’ Dylan O’Brien;

    Holland Roden also interviewed Teen Wolf co-star Crystal Reed;

    Other Articles:

    Also, if you’re curious about how Holland get the amazing look she had, continue reading;

    The MTV Movie Awards red carpet is officially heating up (peep our live blog for all the up-to-date happenings), and our MTV.com Red Carpet Report host Holland Roden’s ensemble is certainly making us sweat. (Girl looks HOT.) She sported a plunging black Donna Karan dress with cut-out mesh detailing around the skirt and cinched-in waist. The Teen Wolf star accessorized with stacked black, gold and diamond bangles (um, is one of those a zebra head? NICE.), a geometric gold and black clutch, a cocktail ring, and killer gold and diamond earrings.

    For her beauty look, Holland opted for sleek and straight fiery red strands, a liquid-liner cat eye, nude lips and metallic gold nails. Other than her perfectly-fitted frock, our second-favorite part of this ensemble HAS to be her shoes! She sported black peep-toe Ruthie Davis pumps with a white cap toe and—get this—gold detailing on the platform and on the inside of the shoe. *dies* We can’t wait to see who Holland interviews on the red carpet, so be sure to check back here for Movie Awards updates all night long!

    Source: MTV Style

    April 15, 2013

    I have found some HQ photo’s of the first Season 3 Photoshoot and added those to the Photo Gallery

  • View the rest of the photo’s here

    April 15, 2013

    Don’t miss the MTV Movie Awards TOMORROW at 9/8c to catch the very first Teen Wolf Season 3 promo – you don’t want to miss it!

    April 13, 2013

    She’s baaack! We’re SO stoked to announce the return of Teen Wolf star Holland Roden as our MTV.com Red Carpet Report host for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on April 14. You may remember her killer hosting skills from the 2012 Video Music Awards where she interviewed everyone from Miley Cyrus to Ke$ha to bestie Colton Haynes, and this time around she’ll be even more ready for whatever fashion fodder is thrown her way. Holland said she’s “so excited to be the fashion correspondent for MTV Style again! Had a blast interviewing my music idols at the VMAs. Excited to be in my realm and interview my peers for the Movie Awards. Can’t wait to see which designers dominate the carpet.” Um, us either, girl!

    If you haven’t been studying Holland’s sartorial savviness as of late, she’s been bringing her retro-glam A-game 24/7 with fiery retro waves and a signature bold pout. And, you guys, she really does know her fashion stuff—she talked all-things style while co-hosting MTV’s Most Stylin’ Stars Of The Year runway show last year and made sure to hit up New York Fashion Week for all her sartorial research. Holland follows in the footsteps of former Movie Awards hosts Christian Siriano (for 2009, 2010 and 2011!), and, most recently, another fave style star of ours, Kat Graham. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, April 14 to watch Holland talk all-things fashion!

    Source: MTV Style

    April 13, 2013

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