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A werewolf has to hang his fur somewhere. And Derek’s new pad is nothing short of bacheloriffic. Here’s what executive producer, Jeff Davis, has to say about the new wolf homestead:

“The loft will not only be the location for numerous werewolf confrontations, but will also provide for a far more romantic side to Derek. When a character grows and takes on a new attitude and lets in new feelings, it helps to have the setting change as well.”

Ooh la la, romantic side, you say? Any ladies that get taken back here are in for a treat!

Derek's Loft

Source: MTV’s Remote Control

January 30, 2013

January 29, 2013

Holly: Any scoop on what’s coming up for Derek on Teen Wolf?
When the MTV hit series returns for its third season Derek will be getting…a love interest! And no Sterek fans, it’s not Stiles. And it’s also not Erica, whom Teen Wolf fans will not be seeing at all in season three, but a new lady in Beacon Hills.

Source: E! Online

January 23, 2013

Remote Control has a new teaser for us, and this time it’s for all the Dylan O’Brien fans; he’s writing for season 3!

Dylan O’Brien fans, this one’s for you! Jeff Davis gave us the scoop on how bringing Stiles to life won’t be Dylan’s only job on set this season:

“I have long been trying to get Dylan O’Brien to sit down and write with me. Sometimes I’ll harass him to help me come up with a funnier line. And most people know he gets in an ad-lib or two. But tonight, after he wrapped his acting work for the day, we actually sat down and wrote a scene together. We’ll see if fans can guess which one as it will show up in episode 306.”

Episode 306, eh? Enjoy the hunt for Dylan’s first “Teen Wolf” scene from the writers’ table!

Source: MTV’s Remote Control

January 20, 2013

Reviews for Humans got the chance to check out the set of Teen Wolf and this time they sit down with Teen Wolf‘s season three’s Production Designer Rusty Smith. Check out part one HERE and watch part two HERE or watch the part two embed below;

January 12, 2013

Confession time…. Tyler Posey and Holland Roden took a break from filming “Teen Wolf” season 3. I know, I know — I was all like, “WTF! I want new episodes already,” too. Besides the fact that they are indeed back on set, we’re happy to report it was all for one helluva howlin’ good time: volunteering with Wolf Connection in California!

Wolf Connection is not your regular animal rescue facility. Located in Acton, California, WC is a youth education and empowerment program that uses their rescued wolfdogs to help young women and men “reconnect with nature, learn to be of service by responsibly caring for another being, and work towards becoming the kind of person they want to be.”

Before getting their faces almost completely licked off by one of the most precious wolfdogs since, oh I dunno, Scott McCall, Tyler and Holland got to hang with some of the youth. “For one thing, we’re giving [wolfdogs] a sanctuary and a really safe home because people who get them usually either mistreat them in some what or really don’t know what they’re doing,” Alex, a teen volunteer who benefits from WC’s services, told Tyler. “We have to come in and rescue them and rehabilitate them to get them into the pack mentality.”

Watch as Tyler, Holland, and the volunteers of Wolf Connection spend time with the wolves. From the echoing howls — an experience Tyler described as “little spooky, a little spiritual, and very cool” — to sloppy seconds, it was a trip well worth some time away from costumes and show cameras.

Tyler Posey and Holland Roden took a break from filming Teen Wolf‘s third season and spent their time with wolves! Check the video below;

Source: MTV Act Blog

January 10, 2013

Awwww, look! Baby’s first teeth! Well… werewolf teeth, anyway. Earlier today, the “Teen Wolf” Tumblr page posted this gem of newcomer, Charlie Carver, getting comfortable with a look we have a feeling we’ll be seeing quiiiiite a lot next season.

Charlie, who’ll be playing one of the new Alpha twins, is looking mighty ferocious in the above pic. Perhaps he took advantage of the real, live wolf that was on set the other day, and got some lessons on how to bare your teeth for optimum intimidation. Either way, we wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark Beacon Hills alley. We’ll leave that job to Tyler Posey.

+ So, what do you think of Charlie’s werewolf look? Tell us in the comments, and for more on the new season of “Teen Wolf” keep checking Remote Control for teasers!

Real Wolves on the set of Teen Wolf || Spoilers || Season 3

Charlie Carver Bares His New Werewolf Chompers On The 'Teen Wolf' Set! || Teen Wolf Season 3 || Spoilers

Source: MTV’s Remote Control

January 10, 2013

I, personally, am very happy that I found this, because yes, Stephen Lunsford, who played Matt Daehler on Teen Wolf landed a recurring role as Teo on Switched at Birth;

TVLINE | When I interviewed [creator] Lizzy Weiss, she mentioned a new character in Bay and Daphne’s world.
There’s a character named Teo [played by Stephen Lunsford], and there’s a character named Noah [Max Lloyd-Jones]. They’re both hearing kids at the deaf school. They’re both boys, so… Bay and Daphne love their boys. [Laughs]

Source: TV Line

Stephen, you better not die on me this time!

January 10, 2013

After Colton leaving Teen Wolf, also Gage Golightly, who plays the female wolf Erica Reyes, will not be returning for the third season of Teen Wolf. I am so sad to share this with you, ’cause this sure doesn’t do any good for Teen Wolf in my opinion. I just hope everything will turn out okay, and that we can enjoy Teen Wolf and its cast for a long time!

Fans of MTV’s breakout supernatural scripted series Teen Wolf have another character that won’t be returning for Season 3 when it airs this summer. In addition to the hunky Colton Haynes departing (SEASON 2 SPOILER ALERT) after his character Jackson Whittemore was killed off in last season’s finale, the show will also be diminished in babeness because Gage Golightly (who plays sexy blonde Erica) will not be back either.
There were rumors swirling about Golightly’s departure for some time, and Teen Wolf Wikia admin Paul.rea had had enough. He contacted Golightly’s agent asking for an interview and received this response from her manager:

“Hi Paul –
Kim Callahan here, Gage’s manager.
Gage isn’t doing any press right now and is no longer on TEEN WOLF series either so not doing any press or interviews for the show.
Thanks for reaching out though!
That sounds pretty definitive! Seemingly confirming the news was Golightly’s (former?) co-star Stephen Lunsford, who was asked this question on his Tumblr blog: “you wouldn’t happen to know anything about Gage not coming back for TW this season, would you? bc wow I’m sad.” To which Lunsford responded by writing, “I know she isn’t, but I thought that was old news.”

A commenter with the user name TheUnknownVoiceWithReason seemed to sum up male Teen Wolf fan perspective perfectly:
This is freakin crazy man! I’m losing all the characters I just got interested in. Every big speculation is totally blown now. Those speculations were “What’s going to happen to Boyd and Erica” and “What’s next for Jackson now that he’s a werewolf?” Both question are GONE as in GONE GONE. And she was sooooo hot! I mean we still have Lydia, but Erica was some hot stuff I’m just saying! SMH.

Source: Starcasm
Thanks for the heads up Teen Wolf Daily

January 10, 2013

“I went to prom with my boyfriend, but after the dance he left me at a party all by myself. It was awful!”

Source: Seventeen Magazine

January 6, 2013