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I have upload the episode stills (promotional pictures) of the season’s finale 2×12: Masterplan to the gallery;

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  • August 14, 2012

    The cast of Teen Wolf teases the season finale; black blood, multiple cliffhangers, and a lot of Lydia

    August 14, 2012

    Monday night is Wolfnight, and tonight is the season finale of Teen Wolf. Wetpaint spoke with Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes and Holland Roden about its crazy ending;

    Will we learn more about the werewolf mythology?
    Tyler: Oh, yeah. Especially at the very end of the season. [It’s a] crazy ending… The stuff that’s going on in Beacon Hills, it’s not the only place that it’s going on.

    Will the characters turn on each other?
    Colton Haynes: No one should be trusted this season. Especially the main characters.

    Holland Roden: You’d be surprised to see who doesn’t help each other.
    Tyler: There’s a lot of double crosses.

    Who’s in the final scene?
    Colton: “[Holland and I.] We got to shoot the last — we were the last two people in a scene of Season 2. Holland fell over the track of the camera on my last take.”

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    August 13, 2012

    CraveOnline: How is Derek different in season two than he was last year?

    Tyler Hoechlin: Derek in season two is no longer hunting an alpha. He is the alpha. Derek has this new swagger. He’s kind of a confident guy now. He’s enjoying his power a little bit which is I guess well deserved after a season of hunting one down. He’s building an army. He’s trying to keep up with the hunters that are building in number as well. It’s a lot. It’s a lot going on with Derek.

    CraveOnline: Do you feel they paid off that powerful moment in the season one finale where Derek realizes he’s the alpha?

    Tyler Hoechlin: It does. We don’t find out exactly why that’s what he wanted, but we do get a little bit of why that was such an important thing to him and why he wanted to be in control and be ready to face the hunters and finally be able to build a new pack and build a new family.

    CraveOnline: How much action were you able to do this season?

    Tyler Hoechlin: A lot. Actually they’ve finally allowed me this year to do a lot of my own stunts which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I did gymnastics as a kid and I was always into baseball until a couple years ago. So I was always into sports and athletics and stunt work is something that was always very interesting and I think very fun to do. So playing Derek this year, I wanted to try to do as much as I could and they finally allowed me to do that. By the [season] finale I think I did the whole final fight scene on my own. Hopefully next year I can do more of the same.”

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    August 8, 2012

    After a full season of one major event after another in a great, long story arc (and little room to breathe), “Battlefield” finally allows TEEN WOLF to put some space between the major Kanima storyline and last week’s death of Matt (Stephen Lunsford) who went pretty crazy after he bonded with the Kanima.

    He wanted revenge, and the Kanima offered that. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. Then Gerard (Michael Hogan) showed up, drowned Matt and then took control of the Kanima for his own purposes.

    As “Battlefield” begins, we’re treated to a really strongly scripted (and expertly directed) sequence where Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) talks to the school counselor about everything that happened since last weekend. It’s the first major time jump the series has done all season.

    We see Stiles is starting to feel like he’s helpless, unlike his more super-powered friends. It’s grating on him, but the school counselor quotes Winston Churchill and says, “when you’re going into hell, keep going.”

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    August 8, 2012

    Blue Stahli ’Jet Set’
    The Datsuns ’Brain Tonic’
    Heavy Young Heathens ’Fly Curious’
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    DJ Kentaro ’Kikkake (Quemists Remix) [feat. DJ Krush]’
    Woodkid ’Run boy run’

    August 7, 2012

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  • August 7, 2012

    August 7, 2012

    Executive Producer Jeff Davis sat down with After Elton to talk about the season finale that’s coming up;

    AE: Shifting to Jackson, is he conscious of what he’s doing at this point? He seems to come in and out of it, but I’m just curious if he’s aware?
    JD: Only at certain moments like Peter says to Derek that Jackson’s humanity is slowly disappearing underneath the reptilian skin. It is almost like there is a struggle going on inside for his humanity. It is something that comes out of comic book mythology as well, like Bruce Banner constantly trying to retain his intellect and his humanity against becoming the Hulk. It is those kinds of character paragons that I enjoy. I think it is him fighting the monster inside. He is aware sometimes but there is a point [in episode 11] where he tells Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), ‘If you see me on the field, stay away.’ He does know.

    AE: Lydia (Holland Roden) was not in the ‘Fury’ episode. What can we expect from her story? It seems like maybe that has cooled off a little bit but what can you tell me about Lydia?
    JD: Lydia is crucial to the finale. We’ve been building this story all along and you will see how. She is there briefly in episode eleven. We’re learning a lot about Lydia this season and how crucial she is to the finale and Jackson’s story. It is a really big plot point. It was something that was kind of funny because the actors don’t know very much about the story until they get the script. They know almost as much as the fans do so they experience the story the same way pretty much. Holland came up to me and was like, ‘Why am I not in episode ten?’ I said, ‘Don’t worry, you are very important in the plot, so be patient.’ Holland had the same questions.

    Watch the sneak preview below;

    I’m still searching for a non-MTV link!

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    August 7, 2012


    Teen Wolf‘s second season finale is coming up around the corner, and who better to tap for some teases than the show’s stars! So see below for some choice information from Tyler Posey and Linden Ashby, who plays Mr. Stilinski.

    The new baddie (…or baddies?)
    Executive producer Jeff Davis already let the cat out of the bag about introducing a new baddie, but the real scoop? “There might be more than one,” says Ashby. Elsewhere, Tyler Posey teases: “This new threat is scarier, and more evil than those that came before….Scott and Stiles are in danger but they don’t know it yet. It’s the end of the season. The audience knows that the new baddie has shown up but they do not. Not yet.”

    The death
    We know one’s coming. But who is it? They won’t say, of course! But “it’s good,” promises Ashby. “This train that has been barreling down the tracks is coming to the station. I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed.”

    A sweet father-son moment?
    Stiles and his dad have always had a bit of a contentious relationship (filled with love, mind you), but will the elder Stilinski ever learn the truth about what’s going on in town, like Scott’s mom? Probably not this season, “but there’s some really nice stuff between [Stiles and his dad]” says Ashby. And Ashby also shared some other good news: “I might get my job back!” he says. “And there might be a little bit of romance brewing.”


    August 7, 2012

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