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Zap2it had a chance to talk about the upcoming episodes with Colton Haynes. There are deaths coming our way;

The tension will only build in tonight’s (Monday, July 23) episode, as Colton Haynes shared with us on the Teen Choice red carpet. “Tomorrow night, I think a very prominent death happens,” he teases. “You gotta hide your kids, and hide your wives.”

Scott (Tyler Posey) has gone to great lengths to protect Jackson (Haynes) this season, even as Jackson has transformed into a murderous creature called the Kanima. Don’t expect Jackson to express too much gratitude to Scott for his efforts, though. “I think Jackson is just going to continue to get on Scott McCall’s case, because he knows Scott will always be better than him, because Scott was a werewolf first,” Colton says.

He does tease a change in the relationship at the end of the season. “I think there is a really good moment at the end, in the finale,” he says. “A really nice, kind of sentimental moment between Jackson and Scott before someone dies.”

Click here to a video interview with Colton Haynes at the TCA’s.

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July 25, 2012

St Lucia ’All Eyes On You’
Stepdad ’Will I Ever Dance Again’
Mustard Pimp ’Money Shot’
Adrian Lux ’Angels’
Make The Girl Dance ’Baby Baby Baby’
Martin Solveig ’Ready 2 Go’
Sebastian Ingrosso ft Ryan Tedder ’Calling (Lose my mind)’
Creep ’Animals’
Mustard Pimp ’Radio Techno Allah’
Photek ’Sleepwalking ft Lynche’
Swedish House Maffia vs Knife Party ’Antidote’

July 25, 2012

  • Tyler Posey wins in the category Choice Summer TV Star (Male)
  • Colton Haynes is interviewed by ClevverTV about the awardshow, the Kanima and what’s in store for his character. I love Colton in this interview, he’s hilarious!
  • Tyler Posey is interviewed by ClevverTV and talks about why he’s so excited and nervous; he talks about presenting an award. He also talks about the third season that’s gonna be shot in LA. He also talks about ‘White Frog‘, and who’s in control of the Kanima
  • InsideTV has some interesting scoop about the cliffhanger for this season
  • I’m so happy Teen Wolf got a third season, and I’m so excited about the season finale. Any good tease for the cliffhanger? — Maya
    Executive producer Jeff Davis is more than happy to help. And his reveal is big! “At the end of the finale, you will meet Season 3′s new bad guys, whose sudden arrival is the real reason Derek has been so persistent in building a pack of his own.”

    July 23, 2012

    Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below;

    July 18, 2012

    Martin Solveig ’The Night Out (Madeon Remix)’
    Amtrac ’In Love’
    Duologue ’Crave’
    Bombs and Bottles ’Bad Intentions (Reprise)’
    Marianas Trench ’Toy Soldiers’
    Morgan Page ’Addicted (feat. Greg Laswell)’
    The Cinematic Orchestra ’That Home’
    Junkie XL ’Drunk Spelunking’
    Armin van Buuren & Orjan Nilsen ’Belter (Original Mix Edit)’
    Chris Lake ’Build Up’
    N3XTST3P ’Man Vs. Machine’
    Mikky Ekko ’We Must Be Killers’

    July 18, 2012

    Zap2it shares some interesting highlights concerning the development for this season;

    1. Does Stiles have magical powers now? Nope. When he made the circle outside the concert, Stiles appeared to be shocked by how quickly it went, and some fans speculated that he’d done it with his mind. That’s not the case. “It was just a funny Stiles scene,” Dylan O’Brien says. “He’s left alone to complete this task, he’s got no idea what he’s doing, but he does it, and he’s coming up short, he’s got no help — I just looked at it as being really funny. He’s like ‘Oh, wow, okay.’ I actually think of it more of like, he just misjudged the distance, because there’s definitely no supernatural abilities going on with Stiles, ever.”

    2. Are Jackson’s biological parents somehow linked to the Kanima? When it comes to the question of why Jackson became a Kanima instead of a werewolf, it’s not so much about his genetic history as it is about his mental state. “The reason why he turned into this instead of a werewolf has to do with more of a personality trait as opposed to a biological trait,” Colton Haynes tells us — but he does hint that the puppeteer, or the Master, may have some ties to Jackson’s history.

    3. Will Allison and Scott be torn apart now that her mother has been bitten? That’s an understatement, Crystal Reed tells us. “One of you messed with one of me, and that’s it,” she says. “She’s going to seek vengeance in a physical way, and it’s going to get really bloody. She goes so deep into the darkness that Scott’s not even going to be able to recognize who she is anymore.”

    Read full article here!

    July 17, 2012

    Paigerzz22: Teen Wolf, when will we find out more about Lydia’s immunity?
    Holland Roden would only tell us that episode nine is a big one for Lydia, but Colton Haynes let a bit more spill when we asked who the bigger threat was, Jackson or Lydia: I think Lydia is a huge threat because in the show we make you think Lydia is fully unaware of what’s happening and is kind of off in space, but I think it could be otherwise,” he says. “Jackson is a huge threat, but I think one character in the show will find a way to possibly cure something in all of us. Someone could have a cure.” Can Lydia cure lycanthropy? Things that make you go hmmm…

    Source: E! Online

    There’s a moment in tonight’s (awesome!) episode when you might think that Stiles has developed some sort of magical power — but Dylan O’Brien assures us that’s not the case. Stiles is still just a regular kid. He does get to have a fun heroic moment, though it’s nothing compared to Derek’s actions in a moment of truth.

    Source: Zap2it

    July 17, 2012

    Click here to watch it on Youtube or watch the embed below;

    July 17, 2012

    Scott and Stiles attend Lydia’s birthday party, while Derek locks his new wolves up on their first full moon together.

    This episode 2×09: Party Guessed will air July, 23

    July 15, 2012

    YAY! Teen Wolf Online is celebrating it’s first birthday! I’m working on some new stuff and I hope to put it online soon. This week I launched the Teen Wolf Online forums and I know it’s a bit empty, but I promise, that is about to change soon!

    You can expect some new online interactive stuff in the near future, to make it more fun for you guys, ’cause without you, the whole website wouldn’t exsist, at all.

    Thank you very much for visiting the past year, and I hope you’ll continue to do so. If you have friends who are watching Teen Wolf, send them over here, introduce them to the forums!

    I hoped to have a new layout online by now, but the designer, Desiree has been very busy, but I hope to have a new one online soon!

    xo Manuela

    July 14, 2012

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