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CraveOnline: Is Allison on the hunt this year?

Crystal Reed: She’s on the hunt. She’s on the hunt at the beginning of the season for this creature. She’s trying to help Stiles and Scott find it. It’s cool because they have this threesome dynamic. It reminds me of Harry Potter, and then towards the end of this season she’s on the hunt for a lot more. Something really bad happens to her family and she pulls a complete 180. It’s really interesting.

CraveOnline: Does that involve a lot more action for you?

Crystal Reed: Yeah. It involves a lot of action. She’s been learning the tricks of the trade from her dad. He’s been teaching her and training her and she gets to put them to good use. I got to do my own stunts which I’m really, really grateful for. I think there’s something to be said for being physical in acting. I got to use a few new weapons. I had this incredible stunt coordinator who is really kind and was patient with us. It’s really interesting.

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June 26, 2012

Peter: I’m absolutely loving Teen Wolf this season! Give me any scoop you’ve got!
How about three teases for the rest of the season? Yes, we’re just that generous. 1. Someone new will learn about the existence of werewolves by season’s end. 2. Allison and Erica will soon get some one-on-one time. (Awkward alert?) 3. We can confirm one person who isn’t dying this season: Newbie wolf Isaac.


Jacqui: Got any information on Teen Wolf?
Two words: bottle episode! “We’ve just started editing episode 10, which is something of a bottle episode as it takes place mostly inside the Sheriff’s Station,” creator Jeff Davis tells us. “It’s tense and dramatic and I’m quite excited to see how the cut turns out.”


Jenna in Costa Mesa, Calif: I’m obsessed with Teen Wolf! Any scoop?
So a werewolf walks into a gay bar. No, that’s not the opening of a joke, it’s an awesome scene coming up later this season. Yes, viewers will see Scott and Stiles hit up a gay bar with Danny in a future episode, and we’re hearing it’s epic, funny, entertaining, etc. Basically, it’s going to take over your Tumblr dashboard for approximately two weeks.


June 26, 2012

As I posted on twitter earlier, Dylan is set to join the cast of FOX in The Internship starring Vince Vaungh and Owen Wilson;

“Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’Brien is set to join the cast of the Fox pic “The Internship” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
Shawn Levy is directing and will produce through his 21 Laps Entertainment along with Vaughn through his Wild West Picture Show Prods. shingle.

Story follows two salesmen who find themselves suddenly unemployed and uschooled in the digital world. They try to reinvent themselves by becoming interns at a major tech company. O’Brien will play one of the interns that in the program with them.

Production is set to start on the pic next week.

Besides his TV show, O’Brien has been generating a lot of heat on the feature side including his pic “The First Time” being picked up by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquistions with plans to release it this fall.

Source: Variety

June 26, 2012

JR Bourne, who plays the Argent daddy on Teen Wolf, sat down with TV Fanatic to talk about family, on screen AND off screen;

“The group that we’ve got, we’re like a family,” JR Bourne told me of the crew making MTV’s hit series, Teen Wolf.
The veteran actor – who plays the mostly antagonizing Chris Argent – went on to say that “you realize how grateful you are for not just loving the job, and the character, but also loving everyone involved.”
It comes off exactly like that on screen. Teen Wolf has been an extremely fun series to watch, and a lot of that can be credited to what seems to be a very enjoyable atmosphere among those creating it. Bourne reiterated a number of times during the interview: “I have fun with [Tyler Posey].”

The characters might not all get along on screen, but it’s apparent that the actors, writers and everyone else involved with the show are like a family. Teen Wolf gives off that vibe every week, as we watch Scott, Stiles and the gang traverse this crazy world they’re inhabiting.
It’s not all champagne and strawberries for Bourne, though. He gets to portray one of the most complicated characters on the series in Argent, but he takes pride in that fact.
“Chris always struggles with the duality of what he feels he’s doing for mankind in saving them from werewolves, and then taking care of his family,” Bourne said. “[Creator] Jeff [Davis] has done this great thing in making Chris like this lone wolf, who seems to be the only one who wants to deal with the code.”
That will only become more difficult for Bourne’s character now that his father Gerard is in town.
“I think he struggled and fought against his father growing up, because of [Gerard’s] leniency with the code.”
From what we’ve seen of Old Man Argent, I would suspect that struggle to continue.
Expect Gerard’s style of parenting, and his appearance, to have a major affect on both Chris and Allison in the near future. Bourne says that “[Chris] wants to be the father that [he] wanted growing up” and he wants to instill the code in Allison, while getting across the importance of what they’re doing in protecting the world from werewolves.

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June 26, 2012

While season one built toward the big reveal of the Alpha in the finale, the identity of the Kanima will be unmasked tonight. (Davis also teases that hard-core fans “definitely won’t want to miss [episode] nine.”) Still, fans should expect “a big climax” at the end of season two. “Without giving anything away, episode 12 is titled ‘Master Plan,’ so that should give fans a hint that all of the characters and their stories are definitely going to come crashing into each other,” he says.

As for the two deaths set to rock Beacon Hills, Davis tells us, “Not everyone survives this season, that much I can say. Whether it’s one of our young six series regulars will have to remain a mystery. What I can say is that just as we started the season off bloody, we end it bloody. Very bloody.”

As for fan favorite Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), whom Davis once told us would never play lacrosse, turn into a werewolf or kiss anyone during the series? Well, things are about to change for Scott’s BFF. “One of those rules is broken in episode 11,” Davis teases.

And yes, he confirms what we reported last week: Some of the wolves are heading to a gay bar! “The opening of episode six does indeed take place in and around a gay club involving several of the main characters. It’s almost nonstop action with a big Derek-Kanima fight sequence,” Davis explains. “It’s something you don’t see often in shows like ours. I think it turned out quite well. Let’s just say this episode nearly broke our special effects budget, which isn’t very big to begin with!”


June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

Scott and Stiles race to protect their friends after receiving startling new information about the shape-shifter. Meanwhile, Allison is given an investigative task by her family.

June 26, 2012

or click here to watch it on Youtube. You can also check the short promo here

June 26, 2012

Wetpaint had a little chat with Executive Producer Jeff Davis and he talks about what’s in store for Derek and hints at deaths;

“Derek definitely comes into more confidence. He’s got a bit of swagger. He’s got his new red eyes, and he’s got an agenda of building his pack and building his strength. He’s like a general who knows that he needs to build his army,” says Jeff. He’s already lined up some recruits, but it won’t be easy keeping them in line. In fact, Derek’s going to have a whole abandoned shack’s worth of problems. Jeff says, “he’s going to stumble, along the way, because he’s not quite ready for it. He’s not quite the leader yet that he thinks he is. It’s all about hubris for Derek, and seeing him make mistakes. He may end the season up somewhat humbled.” Expect poor Derek to be sobbing, shirtless on the floor.

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June 21, 2012

Datsik & Infected Mushroom ‘Evilution’
Jordan Klassen ‘Sweet Chariot’
Jordan Klassen ‘A Thousand Parasailors’
Katie Costello ‘A Beautiful Mystery’
Wolfgang Gartner ‘There and Back’
Hannah Georgas ‘Chit Chat’
Barbouze ‘There Will Be Blood’
Gold Fields ‘Moves’
The Filthy Pillows ‘Bass Go’

June 19, 2012

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