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Shannon Grimes is the first Teen Wolf Fan Correspondent winner and she got to visit the set and hang out with Tyler, Crystal and Dylan. She also got to ask both Tyler and Crystal some questions about the upcoming season. So, I think we all are jealous of Shannon!

April 14, 2012

Again, Desiree has made an awesome layout featuring the cast of Teen Wolf. Even though it’s not summer yet, I wanted to do a summer theme since in summer, Teen Wolf will premiere it’s second season! I hope you guys like it! ^^

April 5, 2012

The season 2 promo’s of Teen Wolf will air April, 23 on MTV! Viacom’s Blog shares;

Alright, so the scene wasn’t all that sinister, but the cast and crew of MTV’s Teen Wolf, who returned to the show’s suburban Atlanta set location earlier this year, were out in the woods again this weekend, dressed and ready for action. The MTV promo and creative teams fired up the lights and coffeemaker for two all-nighter shoots to develop promotional materials for the show’s second season, premiering in June.

When last we saw the Teen Wolf gang, Scott and Derek had just finished their climactic showdown with the Alpha, bringing to a close the arc of the show’s debut season while leaving a number of loose ends untied. With fans asking “What’s next?” the new promos tease the thematic overtones of the coming season with the tagline “Trust the Instinct.”

According to Tina Exarhos, head of Marketing and Multiplatform Creative for MTV, season two will explore the idea of instinct, and what makes one person rise to the occasion as a hero when another person might walk away.

“In season two, each cast member is tested in different ways, and each becomes a hero in his or her own way,” Exarhos said. “Someone who needs to be rescued one day may become a hero to someone else the next.”

Look for the Teen Wolf season two promos when they hit MTV on April 23.

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April 5, 2012

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