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MCM Buzz wrote an article about the MCM Expo of Teen Wolf and revealed some secrets!

Today was the first panel at MCM Expo of Teen Wolf, the hit teen horror- comedy television hit series and the first original drama from MTV, which concluded the first season in the UK only weeks ago. The stars of the show were here to give us some behind the scenes information and some exciting hints at the new series which will air in 2012.
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), ‘Stiles’ Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) and Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) entered the packed MCM Theatre to take their seats amidst screams and applause. Immediately, we got the sense that this was a trio of close friends, hanging out and having fun with the fans. During the panel, there is always someone in hysterics. There is an easy chemistry between them, full of banter and they interact with the audience happily.
Dylan O’Brien: ”We just met and fell in love. In all seriousness we all hit it off really quick.”
He later pleased fan-girls and joked (?) about a deleted scene where Scott and Stiles make out…
The fan-base for Teen Wolf has already reached obsessive levels, with Jill Wagner revealing that fans had gone so far as to shape their teeth in to fangs! It was this level of excitement for the show at this year’s Comic- Con in San Diego where Tyler says he realised they were a hit. You get the feeling this is something they have become accustomed to however and they don’t seem fazed by it at all.
You also get the feeling that minus the fur and teeth, there’s not much difference between who we see on screen and off. Perfect casting then but the job didn’t come without its challenges. The endless prosthetics was a new experience for Tyler and the new feeling of wearing contact lenses was particularly weird at first. The actor, who has been putting hard time in at the gym to bulk up for the role, is clearly enjoying the part and is looking forward to being “more mature” in his lupin form in Season 2, with the possibility of using his powers for the forces of good. He added that although Scott will definitely be enjoying his powers this time around, he is still searching for a cure after the only one known to him at the end of Season 1 was killed in the final episode.

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October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011

No, seriously. Holland fills us in on the girls’ intense new training sessions!
Teen Wolf fans, are you sick and tired of all the guys on the show taking their shirts off for no reason? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But you might be surprised to learn that the guys won’t be the only ones showing skin when the show returns for its second season! “The guys were objectified last season, and I’d say it’s now the girls’ turn to take the clothes off!” Holland Roden told HollywoodLife.com on Oct. 15 at Spike TV’s Scream Awards.

And it sounds like stripping is serious business for Holland and co-star Crystal Reed:

“We’re in all the training sessions everyday!” she revealed to us. “We have to eat brown rice and chicken breast with no seasoning.”

So besides stripping, what’s next for Holland’s character, Lydia? When we last saw her, she was in rough shape in the hospital — and we weren’t totally sure if she’d wake up human. Holland still doesn’t know if Lydia is anything otherworldly, but it sounds like she’s definitely open to the possibility.

“I would love to have some stage combat, that would be cool,” she told us. “I just don’t want to get killed off! I like being employed.”


October 23, 2011

The Cast of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” funded this Thirst Project fresh water well at the Bethlehem Parents School and Orphanage in Rakai, Uganda. This video was created by The Thirst Project Media Team to report back to the cast on their completed well, and shows the school’s water source before the well was built, as well as the finished project.

October 23, 2011

Click here or watch the embed below;

Getting Lost in Costco with Lost in Kostko? Hey, it could happen. But we got Tyler Posey and his equally-as-adorbs bandmates to sit down with us and chat about what store they’d really wanna get lost in and, um, PERVS! Also, we don’t think Lauren, aka Alex’s ex girlfriend will appreciate this interview very much for getting CALLED OUT ON A NATIONAL television WEBSITE but um, she deserves it, we guess?

October 23, 2011

The cast of Teen Wolf are thanking all of us for their ONE MILLION likes on Facebook! They posted a video which you can find here

October 20, 2011

Lost in KOSTKO is back at the Roxy Theather on November, 12 and they want to meet 5 of their biggest LA Fans! Here’s what you need to do;

Take a photo of your ticket to the show and tweet: “I want to meet @LostinKOSTKO @TheRoxy on 11/12 (link to your photo) #KostkoRox

Winners will be announced on November, 10. Tickets are for sale here

October 19, 2011

The Fab Life made a list of the 11 best Behind-The-Scenes Moments at the Scream Awards 2011 and Tyler Posey made the list!

I started my day at the Spike Scream Awards on a shuttle bus, which carried press past Wisteria Lane (so cool!) and the Jaws set all the way to the outdoor amphitheater which housed the show. I ended the night washing down a slider with some red wine after a bear hug from Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanna know what happened in between? Read on for my account of the 11 Best Behind-the-Scene Moments at the Spike Scream Awards. I was there. For eight hours. And I screamed a lot…in a fangirl-y sorta way.

10. Teen Wolf-ers Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes surprising their co-star (and candidate for prettiest redhead in the world) Holland Roden on the red carpet. She screamed – which was more than appropriate considering the night.

6. Tyler Posey barging in on Chloe Moretz in the middle of an interview just to say hi. “Dude, you interrupted my interview!” she teased. The pair became pals while co-starring in the Drew Barrymore directed video “Our Deal.”

October 19, 2011

Check the video above! Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes talked with The Insider about scary movies and what happens in the second season of Teen Wolf. Watch the video to the end, ’cause they appear more than once!

October 19, 2011

Click here or watch the embed below. Yay, thanks a million! Teen Wolf recieved 1 million (!!) likes on Facebook

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October 19, 2011

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