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Teen Wolf’s After After Show host Morgan sits down with JR Bourne to find out what he would change about Argent’s character arc.

In this episode of the Teen Wolf After After Show Melissa Ponzio sat down with host Morgan Evans to talk about how much she loves the fans and gives them some motherly advice.

Teen Wolf’s Dylan Sprayberry, Melissa Ponzio, Khylin Rhambo, Linden Ashby, Ian Bohen, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley share their thoughts on Teen Wolf’s final season;

The cast of Teen Wolf accepted the very first Fandom Icon Award at FanFest yesterday.

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. Here are the photos of the cast at the IMDb Yacht

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. The cast celebrated the final season backstage.

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. Here are the panel photos.

The cast of Teen Wolf sit down for a live session on Facebook with MTV about the final 10 episodes.

Here is the full panel of Teen Wolf’s final appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con, with credit to Clevver.com.

Teen Wolf’s EP Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Shelley Hennig, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Charlie Carver, Melissa Ponzio, Linden Ashby and surprise guest Dylan O’Brien (!!!) are in San Diego for one last Comic-Con. I will type in the highlights as soon as I have the time do so. In the mean time… Get ready for one last fight! Teen Wolf’s final 10 episodes begin on July 30th.

  • “It was his cake to cut” – Executive Producer Jeff Davis on Tyler Posey being in all 100 episodes
  • “Seven years later. We’re 25. We just finished. I’ll always miss this character and the show” – Dylan O’Brien
  • “We’re friends and we’re family. We pick up right where we left off” – Melissa Ponzio
  • We’ll definitely see the heart of Theo, says Cody Christian
  • “It wouldn’t be just a job for me. It would be finding my purpose” – Tyler Posey on getting his start on the show
  • “I couldn’t wait to come home. Couldn’t wait to suit up as Stiles again” – Dylan O’Brien
  • “I learned how to be serious while working but not take anything too seriously” -Dylan Sprayberry on having fun on set
  • “We were 18 when we got started on the show. We’re grown ass men!” says Tyler Posey
  • It feels like it’s been seconds, says Melissa Ponzio
  • “I think that when you know a show’s going to end, you give it your all and everybody’s all in” – Charlie Carver
  • Malia’s biggest challenge is to fit into the pack” says Shelley Hennig
  • When I met Dylan and everything we were talking about before the show, we were talking about moving in together and it just felt really right and it felt really cool, says Tyler Posey while getting emotional
  • “It was never a job, especially from the beginning. I was a kid out of high school who had never acted before and I tried at auditioning and got this part and met Tyler. It was all so new to me, being on a set. I was just winging it, too,” Dylon O’Brien says
  • “We never settled. Okay was never good enough” – Linden Ashby
  • “I’m grateful for the experience and how much time we all got to spend with each other — the hours, my god! I couldn’t ask for a more special role ever … I’ll always look back at Stiles as being my ultimate character. He’s just the best character a guy could ask for. It’s the best first thing I could ever ask for,” Dylan O’Brien says
  • Both Tyler and Linden are directors this season
  • “We genuinely love the fans and our interactions with them. I’m going to miss everybody so much, so I’m going to come to Comic-Con every year as a fan.” – Tyler Posey on what he will miss the most about the end of the series
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much in my life” – Shelley Hennig about her experience on Teen Wolf
  • Linden could not be more proud of the cast as he saw them grow up
  • Khylin Rhambo: “Every experience has been a ride”
  • When another fan revealed that Teen Wolf helped her get through her darkest period, Tyler Posey was visibly touched, wiping away tears as he thanked the female fan for opening up in such a public forum and said:

    “I go through a lot of gnarly, dark stuff too. What helps me is my friends, my family — a lot of times when I get down to a dark point, I don’t want to see anything. I can’t even say how many times Dyl has helped me see the better of things. This truly doesn’t happen a lot, this dynamic we have here,” Posey credited. “Just reach out. Talk to people, therapy’s always great. Just talk, like you’re doing right now. I just recently started coming out about all this stuff I’ve got going on. Life isn’t always supposed to be happy,” he noted. “l think learning to deal with the good and bad, I think that’s what people are searching for, is looking to be whole.”

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