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4×01: “The Dark Moon” (June 23, 2014)

Deorro – “Dechorro”
Stiles and Lydia walk up to the door of the underground club.

Emika – “3 Hours (Klion Tek Rework)”
Araya talks with Lydia and Stiles.

Deorro – “Cayendo”
Malia and Kira dance as a decoy.

Deorro – “Elevation”
Severo talks to DJ and unleashes wolves bane into the crowd.

Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors – “Jungle”
Braeden enters the Mexican town on her motorcycle.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “(Aftermath)”
In the desert with Malia, Lydia, Stiles, Scott & Braeden.

4×02: “117” (June 30, 2014)

Holychild – “Happy With Me”
Scott and Stiles walk and talk while conversing about Malia

Meg Myers – “Make a Shadow”
Lydia and Kira pull into gas station and talk about Scott

4×03: “Muted” (July 7, 2014)

DJ Fresh vs Jay feat. Ms. Dynamite – “Dibby Dibby Sound”
Liam shows off his lacrosse skills

Deniz Koyu – “Ruby (Original Mix)”
Kira & Malia discuss boys on the bleachers during lacrosse tryouts

NOONE – “No Defense Remix”
Liam dominates the field during lacrosse tryouts

Savant – “Stargate”
Scott & Stiles play very poorly at lacrosse tryouts

Jetfire – “Work”
Stiles & Scott most improved players during lacrosse tryouts.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Stakes”
Scott & Kira kiss in the hallway

The Miracals – “I Could Love You More”
Malia & Stiles studying together

4×04: “The Benefactor” (July 14, 2014)

Magic Man – “Every Day”
Freshmen get off of bus and make weekend plans

Deeds Plus Thoughts – “The World’s Made Up of This and That (Fatboy Slim Mix)”
Kira walks down the stairs while the Freshmen watch

Matt Young – “This Party”
Kira and Liam ride in the car to the Lake House Party

Tiësto & Showtek – “Hell Yeah!”
The hordes of freshman pour inside the Martin lakehouse

Nifty Trick – “Dub Drop”
A keg gets delivered to the lake house party

Megha Maan presents The Trap feat. Trophyy – “#Turn Down For What”
Violet re-enters party

Moon & Pollution – “Alter Eagle”
Mason looks for Liam

Movement – “Us”
Scott and Kira slow dance

Lizi Kay – “Do You Like What You See”
Kira looks for Lydia

4×05: “I.E.D” (July 21, 2014)

Gary Numan – “Love Hurt Bleed (Radio Edit)”
Violet and Garrett in hallway

JETFIRE feat. Maya Simantov – “Baby Back”
Liam lifting weights

Zella Day – “Mustang Kids”
Lydia and Malia in the art room

Douster – “Pop That Bubble”
Mason checking out Brett on field

Headhunterz & Audiofreq – “Breakout”
Devonford Prep school scores the first point

Diplo – “Express Yourself”
Stiles mocking prep student for having facial hair on field

4×06: “Orphaned” (July 28, 2014)

Hayden Calnin – “Coward”
Mellisa worried about money, Scott and Stiles worried about having blood money

4×07: “Weaponized” (August 4, 2014)

I Break Horses – “Weigh True Words”
The students prepare to take the PSAT’s

Joywave – “Somebody New”
The students prepare to take the PSAT’s

of Verona – “Breathe”
Lydia & Natalie reunite and Malia leaves

4×08: “Time Of Death” (August 11, 2014)

Jerome Holloway – “Who Will Love Me”
Stiles and Malia in bed trying to get comfortable

Chet Faker – “Gold”
Derek and Braeden play with guns, each other, etc

I Break Horses – “Heart to Know”
Kira dreams about her and Scott talking about first date

Justin Nozuka – “Sweet Lover”
Stiles and Malia talk about Peter and family bonds

4×09: “Perishable” (August 18, 2014)

Justin Nozuka – “Iulius”
Stiles and Stilinski discuss medical bills at the hospital

Magic Man – “Paris”
Coach talking about bonfire

Deorro – “Bootie in Your Face”
Bonfire party starts

New World Sound & Timmy Trumpet – “The Buzz”
Bonfire party – Mason wants Liam drunk

Matt Andersen – “I Work Hard For the Luxury”
Brunski plays his tape in his office

Damon – “Don’t You Feel Me”
Brunski plays another tape in his office

KENSHIN – “Starlight”
Bonfire party – Malia is drunk

Hyper – “Controllin Me”
Bonfire party – Scott figures out that the music is making them drunk

Heroes X Villians – “Twerk”
Bonfire party – Scott takes Malia away

Savant – “Rave Life”
Bonfire party – Scott tries to stop music

4×10: “Monstrous” (August 24, 2014)

Eliza Hull – “Echoes”
Stiles & Malia catch up on things at the hospital.

4×11: “A Promise to the Dead” (September 1, 2014)

Little May – “Hide”
Stiles and Malia attempt to make it to school on time

The Glitch Mob – “I Need My Memory Back”
Liam and Mason lift weights in the gym

The Kite String Tangle – “Given the Chance”
Kira and Scott go on a date

FMLYBND – “Gold”
The lacrosse game gets underway

Afrojack – “Faded”
Stiles and Liam sit on a bench at the lacrosse game

Gesaffelstein – “Belgium”
Brett and Liam talk on the field at the lacrosse game

Cousin Marnie – “Cain”
Scott undergoes a transformation

4×12: “Smoke and Mirrors” (September 8, 2014)

Death From Above 1979 – “Trainwreck 1979″
Everyone drives through the desert to Mexico

Seinabo Sey – “Hard Time”
Peter and Malia talk while driving through the desert

Hozier – “Arsonist’s Lullabye”
Montage of characters in the aftermath of conflict

Panama – “Destroyer”
Kira talks to mom. Scott, Liam and Stiles explain to coach where they have been