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MTV has the first photo of Dylan O’Brien in his upcoming movie ‘American Assassin’;

Stiles Stilinski loooooooooves to track down a Teen Wolf villain — and now Dylan O’Brien’s newest film role will feature the actor partaking in the same type of activity.

The 25-year-old — who’s returning to the long-running series on November 15 — is starring in the action-thriller American Assassin. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for a trailer to get a peek at the New York native in action: The motion picture’s Twitter account just teased the inaugural glimpse of O’Brien as Mitch Rapp, the protagonist in Vince Flynn’s fictional novels.

Yep, you do not want to f*ck with this guy (and damn, DOB looks good).

Now, a bit more background about the thespian’s part. Rapp is a CIA black-ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton). From there, the duo is enlisted by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy (Sanaa Lathan) to investigate what appears to be a series of random attacks on military and civilian targets. However, they discover a pattern in the violence that leads them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent (Shiva Negar) to stop a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch) intent on starting a world war in the Middle East. THE SUSPENSE.

Be sure to check MTV News for any and all DOB updates, and don’t forget Teen Wolf returns for the final installment on November 15 at 9/8c.




Tyler Hoechlin landed the role of Superman on Supergirl in the second season and EW.com has some interesting spoilers;

Superman (Tyler Hoechlin)
After both Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Clark show up to the same crisis, the duo finally spend some quality time together. “Both of them have a bit of sadness about them, they both have that sense of feeling alone, they both have that sense of feeling different, and both of them remark that that loneliness, that alienation, that isolation goes away when they are together,” Kreisberg says, noting that Alex (Chyler Leigh) will struggle over the duo bonding. More on Superman here, here and here.



Do you have anything on Peter’s return to Teen Wolf? — Cynthia
As you can see in the trailer, Peter finds himself in some sort of other dimension with Stiles after Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders. But when asked if the Ghost Riders were the reason Peter escaped from Valack’s cell, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis says, “You’ll see. We definitely do a bit of a flashback to show exactly what happened to Peter.” Even better? Davis says it’s possible to see more familiar faces in this mystery place. Hit the comments with the character you’d most like to see return!




Teen Wolf has dealt with all kinds of supernatural villains. From werejaguars to the Nogitsune, there isn’t a villain out there that Scott and his pack can’t fight. But what if the villain isn’t looking for a fight? What if they’re just… stuck? EW has some interesting season 6 details, including a script page of Teen Wolf’s 6×01;

Teen Wolf's 6x01 Script Page. Credit: EW.com

Teen Wolf’s 6×01 Script Page. Credit: EW.com

That’s what showrunner Jeff Davis wanted to explore in the show’s final season, which introduces the Ghost Riders, a mysterious group of supernatural henchmen who wield a surprising power and are unable to leave Beacon Hills. “We’ve had seasons where there’s just bodies dropping everywhere, and we wanted to do something frightening but different,” Davis says. “What’s scarier than death? Being forgotten. Being completely erased.”

All it takes is for someone to see the Ghost Riders and they’re not only taken, but their entire existence is obliterated. (Not coincidentally, that plot device helped Davis write around Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner: The Death Cure shooting schedule.) Here, Davis shares a script page from the season 6 premiere, which reveals one of Stiles’ last moments before he’s abducted.

As for what Beacon Hills will look like without Stiles, Davis says: “Almost immediately people will notice something missing, because Stiles is such an indelible part of Beacon Hills.” However, as early as episode 2, Davis says Scott, Malia, and Lydia will come together to realize something’s off. “They each realize that something huge is missing in their life and they come to this eventual conclusion it might be a person.”



KLZ Events brings the second edition of the convention for fans of MTV’s TV series Teen Wolf in Belgium: WereWolfCon will be held on October 29th and 30th 2016 in The Egg Gallery in Brussels! Confirmed guests are Holland Roden (attending Saturday), Cody Saintgnue, Ryan Kelley, Arden Cho, Ian Bohen, Charlie and Max Carver and Daniel Sharman. More details here!



Fancy a sneak peek at Dylan O’Brien in his new movie, Deepwater Horizon? It’s out in cinemas September 29th! Dylan O’Brien plays Caleb Holloway.



Once Teen Wolf alum Tyler Hoechlin mastered the art of suiting up as Superman, his next heroic act in transforming into the Man of Steel this fall on Supergirl was just as trying: learning how to fly.

Spoiler alert: Hoechlin doesn’t actually possess the power of flight. Nor does Melissa Benoist, who portrays the titular heroine on The CW’s super series. To achieve that feat, there’s a bit of TV magic involving wires and green screen needed. So, just how difficult is it to fly? Continue reading to find out;

“I wouldn’t use the word difficult,” Hoechlin tells EW. “I would use the word painful after hour seven or eight. It’s a harness that’s not necessarily the most comfortable thing to wear. It really only holds you up with two straps and they go from the back part of your waist, through the legs, up to the front part of the waist, and so it’s just not the most comfortable way to be supporting your entire body weight for that amount of time.”

Fortunately for the newbie superhero, Hoechlin suffered no major mishaps during his first time in the rig. “No falling upside down, none of that yet,” he says. “I’ve spared myself embarrassment for the moment. So far I’m one for one, so we’ll see if day two brings any problems.”

Hoechlin concedes, “At the end of the day, you’re flying around in a Superman costume — it’s really hard to complain.”

Hoechlin will make his Supergirl debut in the Monday, Oct. 10 premiere on The CW. Read about his experience suiting up here, and find out how he landed the role here.

For more from Tyler Hoechlin’s interview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands now.




Teen Wolf’s Charlie and Max Carver participated in the remake of The Black Eyed Peas’ Where is the love? They can be seen in the video below together with The Black Eyed Peas, Jamie Foxx, Jessie J, Nikki Reed, The Game, Jaden Smith, Mary J. Blige and Usher to name a few;

Celebrities that took part in this version:
The Black Eyed Peas
Justin Timberlake
Jamie Foxx
The Game
Mary J. Blige
Jessie J
Nicole Scherzinger
DJ Khaled
Andra Day
Tori Kelly
Wiz Khalifa
Ty Dolla $ign
Jaden Smith
ASAP Rocky
Charlie Carver
Max Carver
Daniel Sharman

Vanessa Hudgens



Meet your new Superman!

Teen Wolf alum Tyler Hoechlin ditches his fangs (and facial hair) to reach new heights on The CW’s Supergirl this fall as Clark Kent, a.k.a. The Man of Steel. EW sat down with Tyler Hoechlin to talk about his role as Superman on Supergirl and how he landed the role;

“Honestly, it was the strangest thing — there wasn’t an audition,” Hoechlin tells EW. “I had a great meeting with [executive producers] Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg [in June]. I had been told that the meeting would have something to do with Supergirl, but nothing really specific. Halfway through, they brought up the idea of introducing Superman to the show and asked if I’d be interested. I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely. I’m obviously a fan.’ I believe that was on a Monday. On Friday, we got a call with the offer, so it was very quick. It was very flattering, and I wish every job came about that way.”

[Read more here…]



Tyler Hoechlin may have landed the role of Superman faster than a speeding bullet (more on that soon!), but the real trouble came when the Teen Wolf star had to suit up for the first time in the iconic red and blue spandex for his upcoming turn as the Man of Steel on Supergirl.

“The first couple of times it definitely took longer to get into,” Hoechlin tells EW of trying on the super suit. “I started to think that Superman’s greatest power was actually being able to just jump into [the suit] as quickly as he does, because it’s not quite as smooth the first couple of times you do it.” The interview continues;

Though the actor is only slated to appear in the first two episodes of the season as Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) cousin Clark Kent, Hoechlin now has suiting up down to a science. “It’s kind of like putting on a wetsuit,” he says. “I’ve introduced an old surfing trick, so if put a plastic bag over my feet and hands when I put it on, that seems to cut down a little bit of time, so that’s been helpful in the process.”

Actually wearing the Man of Steel’s costume, however, is a different beast altogether, with Hoechlin calling the experience very surreal. “It’s one of those things where you put it on, and it’s the nicest Halloween costume you’ve ever worn,” he says. “Then, once you step on set, it becomes something different because people actually start addressing you as Superman. You’re in the scenes, and people are playing along that you are Superman, so that’s when it really hits you for a second. You have to then believe that you are this person, and just really own it and roll with it. That was really the moment that it hit closest to home.”

Stay tuned for more scoop from Tyler Hoechlin on joining Supergirl, which returns Monday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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