Here is a list of songs that played during Teen Wolf’s most recent episode “The Last Chimera”. Teen Wolf’s 5×12: “Damnatio Memoriae” airs January 12th on MTV!

Jill Andrews – “Lost It All”
After being resurrected, Scott showers, but he fails to trigger his healing ability, causing him to lash out in anger and fear. He then bandages himself up and gets dressed then faints in the hall.

Delta Spirit – “The Wreck”
Scott, Malia & Chris arrive at the hospital. Melissa informs them that Sheriff Stilinski is fine with a head nod. Stilinski wakes to find Stiles sleeping at his side & tells Stiles he’s still got him.

Alex Clare – “Blow Up The Outside World”
Theo & the Chimera Pack enter Eichen House’s lower level in search of Lydia. Valack questions why they came when Jordan, in his flaming Hellhound form, melts the door and roars furiously at them.




Ever since Allison Argent died heroically at the end of Teen Wolf’s third season, fans have been clamoring for the actor who played her, Crystal Reed, to return.
And finally, the wait is over.

BuzzFeed News can exclusively reveal that Reed will guest star on the Feb. 23 episode of Teen Wolf, titled “The Maid of Gévaudan.” But there’s a twist: She won’t be playing Allison Argent. Instead, she’ll breathe life into the progenitor of the Argent family line, Marie-Jeanne Valet, in the flashback-heavy episode, written by executive producer Jeff Davis.

Before talk of this episode emerged, Reed had been reluctant to return to Teen Wolf. “Allison had such an amazing end to her life, I feel like bringing her back in any way might tarnish that beautiful story,” she told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview.

But when Davis called her to talk about the seedlings of what would become “The Maid of Gévaudan,” she couldn’t resist.

“Basically, Jeff just said, ‘France in the 1700s,’ and I was in,” Reed said of the call that reeled her back. “He was definitely playing into my emotions. He knows that I have been dying to do a period piece and I love getting my head around different accents and different cultures. He didn’t even have much of a character worked out other than it was based on the Maid of Gévaudan. And I knew the legend, so before really knowing anything further, I said yes.”

Davis created a storyline that not only allowed Reed to return to Teen Wolf, but also informed the present-day plot: Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), Malia (Shelley Hennig), and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) are trying to figure out how to defeat the Beast of Gévaudan, a supernatural creature that’s been resurrected in Beacon Hills that the Maid of Gévaudan, Marie-Jeanne Valet, faced in 1765.

“She was a peasant girl who had fashioned a bayonet onto a spear and was supposedly one of the first to survive an attack by the beast,” Davis told BuzzFeed News over the phone. Allison’s grandfather, Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan), recounts Valet’s story to Scott’s pack in hopes they can deduce the creature’s weaknesses.

“Valet is another female warrior, and I think one of the great things Crystal does is she gives our viewers, especially our young female viewers, someone to look up to,” Davis said. Plus, he noted, “we also get to see her wielding a crossbow again!”

Though Reed has long maintained that she had no interest in playing Allison again, out of respect for how nobly the character died, Valet’s choice of weapon is hardly where the similarities between the two characters end. “There are little things I got to do with the character that Allison might have done — a little look or a gesture or the way she walks; I sort of made sure they were a little bit the same because they’re family after all,” Reed said, adding that Valet’s driving force is also the same as Allison’s. “She shares that basic, intrinsic quality Allison had that was just pure kindness. She’s fighting for justice and for what’s right, and that’s something I think they have in common that people will love. It’s the hero and the bravery that gets us at the end of the day.”

And that’s also why Reed is open to the idea of exploring other ways she could bring the Argent family’s long lineage back to television. “There have been some little chats about that,” she said of a potential spin-off. “That would be amazing. I would be so stoked to do that.” Davis said if that’s something MTV and the fans wanted, he’d be on board as well, because there’s plenty more Argent history to unveil. “If I had all the time in the world, this would have been a two-parter and we would have delved even deeper,” he said. “It almost feels like we didn’t get to tell enough of her story.”

Whether this episode marks the start of a new chapter for Reed on MTV or simply a brief homecoming, one thing is for certain: The fans are the ones who made it possible.
“They definitely were a deciding factor,” Reed said of returning to Teen Wolf. “When Jeff was going through the character and ended by saying, ‘And that’s where the Argents begin,’ my heart sank. Allison was so close to me and a big bone of contention was that she never had a funeral. It’s almost like the closing of a casket would be the end of her story and I wanted to be able to give that to fans. Sometimes I read comments on my social media and the passion is still so strong … it feels like a whole lot of love all the time in the best way possible. It never ceases to amaze me, really.”





It’s official! HUGE NEWS: Crystal Reed is returning to Teen Wolf, EW.com exclusively learned.

EW has confirmed that Crystal Reed will appear in the show’s Feb. 23 episode, though she won’t be playing the late Allison Argent. As was first reported by BuzzFeed, Reed is set to play Marie-Jeanne Valet, an Argent ancestor.

As Davis recently told EW, the flashback-heavy episode will give fans some background on The Beast. Specifically, episode 518 will take fans back to 18th Century France, where, Davis said, “We definitely learn more about [The Beast]. There’s plenty of research and literature out there about the myth of The Beast and what it actually was. Was it a prehistoric animal that somehow survived? Was it actually a pack of wolves? We delve into that and we try to tell the true story, and our Argents intersect with that.”

Specifically, Marie-Jeanne Valet intersects with that story, and it seems she might have a few things in common with Allison. As Reed told BuzzFeed, “There are little things I got to do with the character that Allison might have done — a little look or a gesture or the way she walks; I sort of made sure they were a little bit the same because they’re family after all.”

And like Allison, Reed says that Valet is “fighting for justice and for what’s right.” (And yes, she has a bow and arrow.)

As for what this means for Reed, she told BuzzFeed that there have been “some little chats” about a possible Argent family spin-off. In other words, if things were to work out, there could be many more Argents coming our way.

For a first look at Reed as Valet, head to BuzzFeed.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.




We Got This Covered is back with a new review of Teen Wolf’s recent episode “The Last Chimera” which aired January 5th on MTV;

One episode was reviewed.

Fans take a walk on the dark side in the second half of season 5, as Teen Wolf continues to push the envelope – one freakishly dangerous Chimera at a time. Relying on momentum as per usual, tonight’s premiere episode was only the beginning of a rough-and-tumble climb out of the current divided state that Scott (Tyler Posey) finds his pack in after being infiltrated by an enemy who sported a convincing smile and a few smooth lines. Season 5B will keep you on your toes as the writers lead you swiftly through the shift in power taking place as all the pieces of this bizarre supernatural puzzle start to fall clumsily into place.

Although this half of the season is undeniably tied to the first 10 episodes with an overarching storyline, MTV is more than justified in creating the distinction between the two parts. Whereas the initial episodes were all about tearing down the pack, the latter 10 episodes seem set to focus on recreating the bond that has been an essential part of Teen Wolf all along. As the season winds down, marked by the lack of high school dances remaining, the core characters are headed to the end of the road in more ways than one. The real question hanging in the air is who will survive until graduation day. With characters falling victim to new threats right and left, it seems that the only way to defeat the most recent antagonists, and to answer the beacon that is Beacon Hills, is the Musketeer approach – one for all, and all for one.

Teen Wolf has always boasted an impressive ensemble cast, but with the back half of season 5 primed and ready to go, that fact is more apparent than ever. The increasingly maturing performances have become a driving force behind the show. Coupled with witty dialogue and a winning shot list, they’ve served as the difference between Teen Wolf finding its own niche success and it becoming just another title in the oversaturated wasteland of teen dramas. Although the premiere (appropriately, given its dramatic heft) lacked any of the usual quirky one-liners from Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), which have become a staple in dissolving awkward scenes, their absence created its own sense of tension as Stiles sets the tone for an uneasy road to recovery for all the characters over the next nine weeks.

It’s no secret that creator Jeff Davis had originally intended to wrap Teen Wolf up in a five-season story arc. However, with season 6 already in the works, the exit of one or more core character is almost an inevitability. Despite Lydia (Holland Roden) hovering between catatonic and barely conscious so often lately, the most obvious suspect is O’Brien, who has received some much overdue notoriety with his recent film roles. Unfortunately, that means creating an exit scenario worthy of his character and with the added pressure of not letting throngs of loyal fans down. Stiles has been the backbone of the show since Teen Wolf premiered in 2011 – his claim to fame being his lack of supernatural abilities.

In order to smoothly transition to a post-Stiles reality, it seems that an on-screen audition of sorts is taking place over the remainder of this season. It’s hard not to notice the influx of younger cast members being paraded around these days – all of which could easily have more utility with the right storyline. It’s unlikely that Theo (Cody Christian) will make it past the season five finale, given his ties to evil and all that – yet there are plenty of other newcomers with potential to steal the spotlight.

And potential is really what this season boils down to. Teen Wolf has all the tools at its disposal to shock and awe, and tonight’s premiere was dressed to impress. The tone is more urgent, the look is a bit darker, and the characters are poised to come back strong. With the return of J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent giving Scott and his friends a much needed boost in morale, everything is finally falling into place for a resurrection of the True Alpha.




Teen Wolf’s Allison Argent, played by our lovely Crystal Reed, made the list of ‘Most Shocking TV Deaths’;


Allison and Scott (Tyler Posey) were the couple at the center of Teen Wolf. Theirs was the love story that viewers were watching, even when the two weren’t together. So when the couple—and their friends—went to save Lydia (Holland Roden) in season 3’s penultimate episode, there was no reason for fans to fear for either of their lives. In fact, fans were more worried about Isaac (Daniel Sharman), who was being beaten by the Oni when Allison figured out a way to kill them. But her moment of victory was quickly ruined by another Oni putting a sword through her. It happened in a split second, but it was a split second that fans will never forget. As Allison fell, Scott caught her—and she got to die in the arms of her first love. —Samantha Highfill




Teen Wolf started with Season 5B last night on MTV. Here’s a video of what else to expect of this season. Teen Wolf’s 5×12: “Damnatio Memoriae” airs January 12th on MTV;

You thought the season premiere was intense? Just wait.

Geplaatst door Teen Wolf op dinsdag 5 januari 2016


Dylan Sprayberry auditions for the role of Scott McCall on Teen Wolf!


Morgan Evans will be back! Back with all new episodes of the Teen Wolf After After Show! Watch the trailer here;

Teen Wolf Season 5B starts January 5th on MTV at 9pm!



The Teen Wolf hiatus is almost over, and season 5B is shaping up to be a doozy. The premiere alone appears to be so chock full of reveals that our head is already spinning.

The last time we saw the Teen Wolf crew, Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) pack was in shambles, Theo (Cody Christian) had resurrected his own pack of failed science experiments, the Dread Doctors were still running amok in Beacon Hills, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashyby) was fighting for his life, and the Beast had been released from his cage. Titled “The Last Chimera,” episode 11 will pick up just hours after the devastating events of “Status Asthmaticus.”

Drawing from MTV’s deadly fresco, recent promos, and Spoiler TV‘s premiere preview, we’ve compiled the five biggest teasers for the Jan. 5 return.


Poor Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), senior year has just been one nightmare after another for you. First, your best friend doesn’t believe you when you tell him his new pal is up to no good. Second, you accidently kill one of the Dread Doctor’s chimeras only to have the body disappear while Theo holds the bloody deed over your head. Third, you loose your lifelong BFF. Fourth, the Beast mauls your Dad. Hell of a fall semester.

When season 5 resumes, viewers can expect plenty of tears from the teen as he takes his anger out on Scott. What you won’t see coming, however, is a flashback, which Spoiler TV promises will “break your heart.”

Stiles’ first impression of the werewolf/werecyote chimera was dead on – this boy is trouble. Christian’s character is a world class sociopath, and an Lydia’s (Holland Roden) time in Eichen House will reveal exactly where Mr. Raeken got his start. Promos have promised that the banshee will uncover the truth about Theo’s involvement in his sister’s death, but fans will be more than a little pleased to find out that the reveal will come during the midseason premiere.

Unfortunately, a little more info won’t necessarily bring the killer’s tale completely into focus.

The Symbol
This is the most cryptic of Spoiler TV’s “Last Chimera” teases. While it is impossible to know for sure, it appears the site might be referencing the septagram that was first featured amongst a pile of corpses in Teen Wolf’s nerve-wracking fresco. Just as with Theo’s past, it appears the septagram question will be answered sooner rather than later.

Eichen House
Lydia opened season 5 with an attempted escape from the insane asylum’s supernatural wing, and we don’t blame her. From the looks of it, the orderly who attempted to stab her in the neck will be the least of the teen’s worries. Dr. Valack (Steven Brand) is back, and Spoiler TV has confirmed that the three-eyed doc won’t waste anytime taking a drill to Lydia’s scull.

Return of the Argents
Alison’s (Crystal Reed) dad made one kickass return in Teen Wolf’s New York Comic Con teaser, and Mr. Argent (JR Bourne) will be back in time for “The Last Chimera.”

Teen Wolf will move to a new night (Tuesdays) and time starting Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.




“To hell and back.” That’s not only the Teen Wolf season 5 motto, but it describes how some fans have been feeling as well. The show has always generated strong reactions but 5A was particularly rough as Jeff Davis broke our favorite characters down, severing the pack. In essence, he took us all to hell and now the characters need to claw their way back. They have a long way to go since almost every relationship on the show was shattered. When we last left off, Theo killed Scott but Mama McCall revived him by the sheer power of her awesomeness. (It’s a superpower, folks. In fact, it’s the only superpower on the show that works 100% of the time.) Scott and Stiles broke up in one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the series yet while Malia and Stiles broke up in such a backwards way that some fans weren’t sure if they had or not. To clarify, they did. Instead Malia partnered up with Braeden to take down her mom, who in all fairness, tried to kill Malia first. Kira left to find her inner peace, or at least temper her inner fire fox while Lydia and Sheriff were both left bleeding on the cold, hard ground. After beating the will out of Scott, Liam cradled Hayden’s corpse. Audiences didn’t get to grieve with him as Hayden was dead for about 2.2 seconds before Theo resurrected her and three other useless newbies to create his own pack. Breaking tradition, the steampunk scientists also survived to wreak bug-voiced havoc in 5B.

So where does that leave a hapless Teen Wolf fan? With hope. The season 5B premiere has a lot to offer. For one, there is far less filler than there has been throughout season 5. For the most part the pacing is on point and the action zips from one character to another. Better still, it doesn’t feel like they are throwing a multitude of plots at the audience all at the same time. Last season felt frenetic, almost berserker in nature. Things were going quickly but they were not necessarily going anywhere. In the midseason premiere, the goal for the good guys is focused: Save Sheriff. Save Lydia. Period. To do so, the pack (read: Scott, Stiles, and Malia) also has to work together despite hard feelings and it is here where most hope can be found. Although 5.11 makes clear that there is no instant cure, Scott and Stiles have more screen time together than most of 5A put together. Scott in particular is insistent that they combine their skills to find a solution just like they have in the past. For those who have been missing the bromance that is the foundation of Teen Wolf, it’s a real start. There’s plenty of Mason and Liam bromance too and Mason gives one of the better speeches to talk Liam through his own hard time. All in all, the midseason premiere gives me hope that our heroes will indeed get back from the hell Jeff Davis left them in and maybe come out of it stronger people, stronger leaders, and stronger friends.

Mama McCall and Stiles scenes
Scott refuses to move
Hellhounds are this season’s favorite pet
Hot Doc is smarter than most people at Beacon Hills Memorial
Mason is the new Giles
Science Mom (Mrs. Martin) is just done with this whole supernatural thing
Stiles tears will break your heart as will the flashback
The symbol
Theo doesn’t care about your rules, silly man

Do the steampunk scientists have a plan and will that plan pay off?
Does Hayden remember what’s going on or not?
Exactly how many concussions can one group get in one episode?
How can more back story on Theo possibly make less sense than what we already know?
Is Valack going to end up being the good guy?
When will ALL of Team Good Guys be united and back to pre-5A madness?
Who is the last chimera?
Will Beacon Hills ever see the last of its insurance woes?


Teen Wolf’s Season 5B starts January 5th on MTV at 9pm!


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