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June 4, 2012

Both TVGuide and KSiteTV spoke with Executive Producer Jeff Davis about Season 2;

Viewers can also expect to meet new characters and learn more about returning ones. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), who Davis calls the real hero of the series, will be more involved in the action this season and have more struggles with his father, the town cop. “He’s the loyal one; you never question any of his trust, but he’s going to make a lot of mistakes this year,” he adds.

Daniel Sharman joins the cast as Isaac, who Davis calls the anti-Scott. “He was bitten, but makes all the wrong choices, whereas Scott kept trying to make the right choices,” Davis says. Gage Golightly joins the show as Erica, whose story Davis likens to that of Pygmalion. “She’s not exactly the prettiest girl in school; she’s also epileptic. But once she gets a bite from Derek, all that changes,” he says. Speaking of Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), the new alpha, Davis says that this season he’s got “much more swagger.”

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Next up is KsiteTV;

KSITETV: What can you tease about the new characters that we’ll be seeing in Season 2?

JEFF DAVIS: I think we have some pretty dynamic new characters coming on. We’ve got several new werewolves. We’ve got a fantastic new villain in Michael Hogan, who plays Gerard, who is Argent’s father. It’s kind of a funny thing, because I’m a huge fan of Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica, and now I can call him a really good friend. We just had lunch the other day when he was in L.A.. He’s just a tremendous guy. Great theater actor. He’s going to bring quite a bit of villainy to our new season.

What can you tell us about Daniel Sharman’s new character, Isaac?

He is what I call “the anti-Scott McCall.” He’s a bit of a loner, and he’s got a troubled history with his family. In this new season, Derek chooses his new wolves by their insecurities, and Isaac is the kind of young man who, once he gets bitten, he doesn’t exactly make all of the right choices. He’s going to be a bit of a mystery at first, and he’s going to need to learn a few things the hard way… from Scott, and from Derek.

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CraveOnline sat down with Tyler Posey about Scott’s life and what’s in store for him this season;

CraveOnline: Where does season two pick up for Scott?

Tyler Posey: Season two picks up a couple weeks after season one. He went through a lot in season one and can’t help but mature from these experiences. So Scott is in a different place in season two than he was in season one. Season one, he was dreading the fact that he was a werewolf, didn’t want anything to do with it, was mad all the time and kind of depressed.

Season two he embraces the fact that he’s a werewolf, he’s happier, he’s in a great relationship that has to be hidden, but other than that he’s feeling pretty good about himself because he gets to rescue people and that’s all he wants to do.

CraveOnline: Is he still on the lacrosse team?

Tyler Posey: He is definitely still on the lacrosse team. He is still a co-captain so he’s a big part of the lacrosse team but his grades are dropping, so he’s got to bring those grades up to stay on the team.

CraveOnline: Is the team storyline still important?

Tyler Posey: There is less lacrosse this season but it is still a huge part of the plot and it’s in a few episodes. We would not have the show without lacrosse.

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June 3, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed the cast of Teen Wolf about what’s in store for us this season;

“Season two picks up basically a few weeks after season one left off,” explained Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall. “Alison knows everything. Alison knows all the secrets of her family, of Scott, and she still is in love with him — thank god, because Scott is madly in love with Alison.”

“I throw a stone in [their relationship],” confessed newcomer Stephen Lunsford, who plays the camera-toting Matt, a student at Beacon Hills High School. “I don’t have as many abs as he does,” he joked of Posey.

“Derek definitely makes his entrance and it’s the alpha Derek, it’s the new guy,” promised Hoechlin. “He has a new mission this year, he kind of has a new swagger to him a little bit. It was a fun character to play this year.”

“There’s not a lot I can tell you!” Roden lamented before firing off a slew of hypotheticals. “She’s now escaping from the hospital, so did something take me? Did I voluntarily run away? Did I involuntarily run away?”

“It opens with Jackson getting the bite,” Haynes said. “We all know Jackson to be very cocky and very out to be the best, but there’s a lot of bumps in the road that come with him having the bite and he’s not quite a werewolf — yet.”

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June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

Fearnet previews Season 2 with the cast AND crew;

Last year’s debut of Teen Wolf – MTV’s serialized take on the 1980s Michael J. Fox comedy – surprised pretty much everyone, myself included. The general feeling was, “How the hell do you take a cheesy, dated flick that only appeals to people who grew up watching it, and turn it into something viewers today would enjoy?” Not only did MTV and series creator Jeff Davis manage to do it successfully, they did it well enough to garner a second season.

“Season one was kind of a Spiderman story,” Davis explained. “It was about Scott learning to deal with his new found ‘ability.’ Season two will be him figuring out what to do with that.” Tyler Posey, who plays Scott, the eponymous wolf, adds that he is playing the role with more maturity this season, so he can “take on that hero role.”

“It gets bloody,” Davis promises. MTV did not require they tone down any of the gore, but some of the broadcast rules fascinated Davis. “We couldn’t show the insertion of a knife, but you can see blood and guts dripping from a body.” Still, season two will focus tremendously on the werewolf mythology, most of which is derived from the European traditions. He promises that we will learn the meaning of Derek’s tattoo, we will learn more about the mysterious vet from season one, and we will see a female werewolf. He won’t say who, but said the biggest challenge was deciding on a look for the she-wolf, to find a balance between sexy and fierce. Davis also promises that he will not bring in vampires to the show (werewolves and vampires are two beasts that often go hand-in-paw), but adds this caveat: “Ask me again in five years when we run out of ideas.”

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June 3, 2012

“Teen Wolf”: Season 2 is racier and more violent, so you can look forward to plenty of gratuitous shirtlessness and lots of gore. You can also look forward to the coach ordering the entire lacrosse team to head out into the woods in search of a naked, crazy teenage girl. (Hey, if anyone can find a missing naked teenage girl, it’s a teenage boy. Right?)


June 3, 2012

Still searching for a NON-MTV link!

June 3, 2012

Still searching for a NON-MTV link!

June 3, 2012

Isaac’s father is murdered; Scott, Stiles and Derek plan a break-out.

June 3, 2012

The cast of Teen Wolf; Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, Tyler Posey talk about the excitement of Season 2;

Also Executive Producers Jeff Davis and Russel Mulcahy talk about season 2;

June 3, 2012

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