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Executive Producer Jeff Davis took over the official twitter acount for Teen Wolf and answered all of our questions. Be sure to tune in tonight for a new episode of Teen Wolf!

– Stiles and Lydia will be re-united soon.
– Lydia’s afraid of losing Stiles again.
– Stiles will be pissed that no one has told him about recent events in Beacon Hills.
– Derek will be back before the last episode.
– Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and JR Bourne (Argent) have some great scenes together.
– One of Jeff Davis’ favorite scenes is when Scott’s pushing through the mountain-ash in 3×12.
– Jeff would rewrite 3×20 so the subplot with Stiles’s mom worked – they had to cut it out.
– Deaton’s back in tonight’s episode (August 20th episode).
– Derek and Peter will have a bit of a family reunion.
– Dylan is taking Roscoe (the jeep) home.
– We’ll see Brett (Cody Saintgnue) one more time.
– If Jeff Davis could be any Teen Wolf character, it’d be Isaac.
– There will be a soundtrack released.
– Theo and Liam will team up again.
– Jackson has had a lot of personal growth.
– Malia begins to feel the effects of the fear tonight.

August 20, 2017

Executive Producer Jeff Davis had a little Teen Wolf Q&A a few days ago where he answered a bunch of fan-burning questions. Here’s a list of actors and characters who are NOT returning for the final fight:

Arden Cho as Kira: “I loved Kira, but unfortunately we weren’t able to have her back in 6B.”
Adelaide Kane as Cora: “I would love to see Cora show up in some future form of the show.”
Daniel Sharman as Isaac: “Daniel is fearing of The Walking Dead. But we love Isaac and Daniel Sharman. Wish we could have brought him back.”
Seth Gilliam as Dr. Deaton: “Seth is fighting zombies. But he will be back in a few episodes because I love Seth Gilliam.”

Within the first five minutes of Sunday’s Teen Wolf premiere, it was clear that Scott & Co. were ready to get the heck out of Beacon Hills — if only their beloved hometown was ready to let them go.

“So much of 6A was about Stiles, so with these last 10, we really wanted to tell the story of the teen wolf — of Scott and his final battle,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine.

And with Scott, Lydia and Malia finally starting to forge their own paths in the world, Davis the universe could not have picked a less convenient time to drop a new end-of-the-world crisis — complete with a heap of mythology — in their laps. I think I’m most disappointed for Malia, to be honest; those “mysterious French men” she had planned for herself sounded really fun.

In less fun news, the episode also introduced a few new troublemakers, including a hellhound named Halwyn (played by Eye Candy‘s Casey Deidrick), whose fiery, shirtless existence was cut tragically short by an Argent bullet shot by Beacon Hills High School’s new guidance counselor. Of that character, Davis says there’s a “very good reason for her ending up in the situation she’s in,” one which will be revealed in Episode 615.

Besides the eye candy of it all, Halwyn’s death was also a bummer because he was basically the key to solving Lydia’s latest bonkers premonition — and what would a Teen Wolf premiere be without one of those? This particular vision found Lydia traipsing through the halls of BHHS, which were almost completely covered in spiderwebs. Naturally, those spiderwebs spoke to Lydia, warning of gunshots and screams and other pleasant things. Then came the kicker: “You let it out! You were supposed to ride with the hunt forever!” And with Halwyn unable to solve this final riddle for them, the pack will have to do some old-fashioned detective work.

Not participating in the mystery, at least not full-time, will be Stiles, whose voicemail to Scott made the pack question whether they should even get him involved. Besides, he has enough to worry about with his classes at Quantico — especially after the episode’s final moments, in which he discovered that Derek Hale is on the FBI’s radar for “mass murder.” (Bonus scoop: Davis says that the next time we see Tyler Hoechlin’s character, he’ll be in South America. As for Stiles, you can expect to see him pop up in “several episodes.”)

If you’re looking for more concrete answers, particularly related to the “price” that Lydia mentioned in the episode, Davis isn’t saying much — only that the mystery will “unfold over the course of the season.” So buckle up.

July 31, 2017

Teen Wolf’s final season isn’t holding anything back. Whether we’re talking about character returns or scary villains, fans are in for an action-packed final trip to Beacon Hills.

Before the last 10 episodes premiere, EW chatted with showrunner Jeff Davis about what to expect from the supernatural this season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There seem to be a lot of bad guys this year, from Gerard’s army of hunters to something supernatural that’s using fear as a weapon. Are all of these various villains connected?
Yes, they all come together. It’s one of those situations where Gerard and Monroe use the fear being generated by this creature to their own advantage, and it’s a dangerous game to play because fear is exactly what this creature wants and what it feeds off of. So as they’re turning the town of Beacon Hills against our heroes, they’re also making it a much more dangerous place. They’re making this creature much more powerful.

Is Gerard immune to this fear?
No but I’d say he’s someone who’s pretty fearless actually. He’s taking full advantage of it.

This season feels scarier to me than seasons past.
Yeah we were really going for it. Our inspiration was a little bit H.P. Lovecraft. We wanted things that felt creepy and scary and like they were getting under your skin, whether it’s spiders or fear itself. There’s a lot of spiders in this season.

From the trailers, we’ve seen so many great character returns, from Derek to Kate. What is it that’s prompting these returns?
It is that fear. This creature that the audience will learn more about is digging up old fears, we can say. For us, it was an excuse to bring back old friends.

With Scott, Lydia, and Malia ready to leave Beacon Hills at the beginning of the season, how is the pack dynamic different this season?
They were all ready to go their separate ways, so it was a different feeling this season [with] new people and having Stiles gone. We knew that we were going to get Dylan O’Brien for only a couple episodes, and we wanted to make his character still linger in the minds of people and also to bring him and others back in big, satisfying ways. It’s definitely a different dynamic.

Liam seems to be struggling a bit with controlling his anger this season.
He’s a little frightened of Scott leaving. It’s like having your big brother move out and he certainly leans on Scott, so we wanted to give Sprayberry something fun to play and we wanted to go back to his Achilles heel of anger and also knowing that the emotion of fear is definitely connected to anger.

Talking relationships, are Stiles and Lydia doing the long-distance thing?
Yeah, exactly.

Are Melissa and Argent happening?
You’ll have to wait and see. There’s definitely some awkwardness at the beginning of the season.

And we know Scott and Malia are happening, but how might that relationship affect pack dynamics?
It’s hard for them. There’s a moment of questions like: Would Stiles be okay with this? Are they okay with this? Is this something that’s coming out of just the emotion of the moment or is it real? We had fun with it. A lot of that develops over the season.

Teen Wolf premieres its final season Sunday, July 30 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

July 28, 2017

The cast of Teen Wolf accepted the very first Fandom Icon Award at FanFest yesterday.

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. Here are the photos of the cast at the IMDb Yacht

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. The cast celebrated the final season backstage.

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. Here are the panel photos.

The cast of Teen Wolf sit down for a live session on Facebook with MTV about the final 10 episodes.

Scott (Tyler Posey) and Malia’s (Shelley Hennig) steamy shower hookup was one of the biggest surprises in the nostalgia-heavy trailer for Teen Wolf‘s final season. Well, it sounds like there’s more where that came from: When the cast dropped by the Entertainment Weekly studio at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, Posey and Hennig teased that they share multiple naked scenes together this season;

“The last scene that I shot, I keep saying that I’m naked in it… it’s next to this guy,” said Hennig, and Posey quickly added, “Naked!”
She continued, “We do it more than once.”

Although Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis prevented Hennig from sharing any more details, he did explain why the writers decided to put Scott and Malia together. “It was a lot about where we wanted to see the characters end up. It was our last 10 episodes and we were like, ‘Look, what story lines, what relationships, what paths haven’t we gone down yet and why not, and let’s just see where it goes,” he said. “Sometimes with romances, we do a few test-out scenes where we see how the chemistry works, and it just really worked with them.”

Before the interview ended, Davis also revealed that he’s currently in post-production on the series finale and offered one tease. “The last scene is really good. It makes me choke up,” he said. “It feels like a series ending.”

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