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On August 13th this year the 2017 Teen Choice Awards were held and the Teen Wolf cast won – BIG! Here is the complete list of winners related to Teen Wolf.

Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf)
Choice Summer TV Show: Teen Wolf
Choice Summer TV Actor: Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf)
Choice Summer TV Actress: Holland Roden (Teen Wolf)

What was Tyler Posey like as a director in this week’s episode? The cast spills all in the After After Show.

Hollywood Outbreak interviewed Dylan O’Brien about his role in his upcoming movie “American Assassin”;

“Part of the arc of this character that I always loved was that kind of learning curve,” said O’Brien. “He always thinks the revenge factor – the vengeance – will always be the answer and that will ultimately be what heals him . . . he has, at some point, learn about himself too – this thing he went through, it’s never going to leave him.”


August 9, 2017

EW.com has released their set of episode stills for Teen Wolf’s season 6B premiere, airing this Sunday, July 30th.

July 28, 2017

This could be the end of Stiles.

With MTV possibly reviving Teen Wolf after the end of the current series, the potential was there for stars of the show to pay a visit. But there’s one star who likely won’t be dropping by: Don’t count on Dylan O’Brien, who plays fan favorite Stiles, to be part of the pack if a revival was to come to fruition. In fact, it was ET’s Leanne Aguilera who broke the potential revival news to O’Brien at the American Assassin junket.

“I haven’t heard anything about this, but I can guarantee you I probably won’t be in it,” the 25-year-old actor told ET on Monday. Bummer!

Even so, O’Brien revealed his anticipated return in the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf wasn’t meant to happen originally. Instead, O’Brien wanted to pay one last tribute to his beloved character.

“[It was] really important to me,” he said of his return. “That was not the plan, either. I wasn’t originally able to be a part of the last 10 [episodes] at all, nor was I contracted to be.”

“It was cool that we were able to find space of a couple weeks where I was home and I could go be a part of a few episodes, so I was glad to be able to do it ‘cause I’ve been with the show since the beginning obviously,” O’Brien continued. “For me, it was my first role ever, so it would’ve been hard to eventually just not be a part of something that was still ongoing.”

O’Brien emphasized again that the decision to return for the final episodes was something he wanted to do: “Fully voluntary. It was all heart.”When O’Brien’s Teen Wolf co-stars paid a visit to ET’s Comic-Con suite last Thursday, several of them revealed that they would be down to make cameos in the possible reboot.

“I want to be a regular!” Tyler Posey exclaimed, admitting he’s not ready to let the show go just yet. “I love Teen Wolf!”

July 25, 2017

The cast of Teen Wolf accepted the very first Fandom Icon Award at FanFest yesterday.

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. Here are the photos of the cast at the IMDb Yacht

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. The cast celebrated the final season backstage.

The cast of Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con one last time this weekend. Here are the panel photos.

Here is the full panel of Teen Wolf’s final appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con, with credit to Clevver.com.

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