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Dylan O’Brien sat down with ET Online to talk about TONIGHT‘s premiere of the third season;

ETonline: Season three picks up four months later, where do we find Stiles?
Dylan O’Brien: Things are not crazy different for Stiles. He and Scott are still tight and they both had a break from the girls to get their stuff together. Stiles and Lydia are kind of working together as detectives. His room is filled with pinboards and all these crazy crime pictures. He’s trying to take care of his friends and family in a new way.

ETonline: What are they teaming up to investigate?
O’Brien: That’s a good question because I don’t technically know … I’m still detectiv-ing [laughs]. But we do learn that there’s a bigger world of Alphas out there and they’re all converging on Beacon Hills but we don’t know why. Murders start happening again, so we’re figuring out what’s going on, who is doing it and why.

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June 3, 2013

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